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  1. Last June, the Dutch Championship Underwaterphotography was held.

    It was a shootout during two days in the Oosterschelde and Grevelingen, Netherlands.


    There were 4 categories:

    - WA without model

    - WA with model

    - Fishportret

    - Macro

    Verry limited postprocessing was allowed (levels, sharpness)


    The results were announced on last 28th September.


    Since I won 2 out of 4 categories, and got third in another, I was called overal Winner. (aka Champ.) B)


    ...........(playing the well known song of Queen).........


    My submissions were:

    WA without model (first)

    10.5 mm




    WA with model (third)

    10,5 mm



    Fishportret (first)

    60mm, +4 diopter




    60mm, +4 diopter


  2. This is the 10.5 indeed.


    With bad vis and low light, the 15mm is easier to light in landscape, because of the narrower field. With the 10.5 you definatly get hotspots in the corners (backscatter), even if you backup and point out the strobes quit a bit.


    I made some superdiffusers (plastic cups) on my strobes, so I can point them outwards as far as possible.


    When you shoot portrait, you can use the 10.5, because the horizontal field to light is narrower. It took me quit some time to discover that portait is the way to shoot in those conditions, it "ads" several meters of vis this way.


    And.. thanks for the compliment ;)

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