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  1. Ofcourse I don't mind, Thanks...
  2. Nice greens. I like the last one best. Perhaps you can enlight the forground a bit more so that the starfish stands out a bit more.
  3. Just screw the thing open and look for yourself if there are some loose connectors or switches. The on/off switch and the M-TTL switch is not too good. I had the same problem in Indonesia and I could "repair" the switches with some kitewire.
  4. Just don't, I have a cooling bag that seves as a transportbag, after the dive I put in the camera with a wet towel and I just leave the housing wet.
  5. More rumours: 11 focuspoints, D200-style viewfinder.
  6. I realy have no words for this...absolut amazing It looks like the viz is better too.
  7. Thanks, But see my post above, I just do ctrl-C ctrl-V A Dutch guy named Remy Bergsma made it.
  8. I'll be drinking a beer myself, just to wait and see how you all did. So don't forget to take photo's of the modifications. Greetz, The CopyCat P.S. Things to consider: would there be a modification possible where both cameras would fit?
  9. It looks like the handles are a bit thight, espacially with thick gloves. The aperture looks a bit flat to handle with gloves
  10. Great clear shots, I love the fourth and last.
  11. Since you use the Sb105, you don't have TTL and you don't need all the wires (only fire and ground), so you can exchange the pins. And tell the boatworker to be gentle. You can use a little bit of silicon (LITTLE BIT) to slide in the pins. Or send it to Ike if you want to be sure.
  12. The horizon on the second small one is not straight........ THIS IS SO GREAT!!! I don't think I have ever seen pics like this P.S.: Don't blame me for hating you right now
  13. Hello Damselfish (the fishname refers to the postcount) Yep, pins go out backwards
  14. Hahaha, I was already wondering when the US section came in... But if I would have an office like you have, I wouldn't mind "working" 52.
  15. Two weeks = too long ??? It's your job, you lazy.... I am sorry for my rudeness, but beeing in an office for at least 40 weeks a year really raises my neckhairs reading your last comment. Really great photos though.
  16. No problem, I just repaired mine: Just cut the cable (this is the "DIY-section", not the "sending back-section"), unsrew the bulkhead, gently press the pins out of the connector and remove the pins from wires (with a solder-apparatus). WRITE DOWN WICH PIN/WIRE BELONGS WHERE !!!!! Then solder the pins on the wire were it is still in good condition and reassamble the whole thing. And ready is Kees (Dutch saying for: simple job done!) You do have to have a litle experience with soldering, because the pins and wires are small. Good Luck
  17. I have replaced the batteries off my SS300 and it was no problem. Just open the case, replace, solder and close.
  18. Hoi Gerard, I use "old" strobes with my D70 Ikelite-housing, and it works fine. Answers to your questions: * I don't think the housing needs to be converted, you can come by my home with your strobe to check it with my housing (I don't know where you live in NL) * NO * Yes, as long it has the 5-pin connector * See first comment. Groeten, Kees
  19. Sigma 15mm FE is the best for CFMWWA*: It will focus on the dome. Lighting is very hard, a lot of backscatter issues. One strobe only * (Close Focus Murky Water WA)
  20. Scubadru: Don't worry, you have to bring a lot more to knock us of. Too bad for you, the hot Dutch girls go for plastic housings. But the fact remains indeed that we did a lot of "work" in those regions. I encountered that a couple of weeks ago in Sulawesi, the people over there have still mixed feelings about the Dutch and I can't blame them. I really can't blame the people for dynamitefishing either, if my kids (if I had them) were hungry I would do anything. Parking a vessel on the reef for commercial reasons is a total different story.
  21. Wow, The jelly and the scools are my favouites. Maratua and Sangalaki are on my todo-list for some time (defenitely now I see your pics), if only it wasn't so hard and expensive to get there from here.
  22. Great shots, I like the murene and the last turtkeshots best.
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