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  1. As for whether there will be another one next year. I am honestly not sure. I really enjoyed this one, but felt that two weeks in the Red Sea (one for me and one for the workshop) was too long.


    Two weeks = too long :D:) ??? It's your job, you lazy.... :D


    I am sorry for my rudeness, but beeing in an office for at least 40 weeks a year really raises my neckhairs reading your last comment.


    Really great photos though.

  2. No problem, I just repaired mine:


    Just cut the cable (this is the "DIY-section", not the "sending back-section"), unsrew the bulkhead, gently press the pins out of the connector and remove the pins from wires (with a solder-apparatus).




    Then solder the pins on the wire were it is still in good condition and reassamble the whole thing. And ready is Kees (Dutch saying for: simple job done!)


    You do have to have a litle experience with soldering, because the pins and wires are small.


    Good Luck

  3. Hoi Gerard,


    I use "old" strobes with my D70 Ikelite-housing, and it works fine. Answers to your questions:

    * I don't think the housing needs to be converted, you can come by my home with your strobe to check it with my housing (I don't know where you live in NL)

    * NO

    * Yes, as long it has the 5-pin connector

    * See first comment.




  4. Scubadru:

    Don't worry, you have to bring a lot more to knock us of. :lol:

    Too bad for you, the hot Dutch girls go for plastic housings.


    But the fact remains indeed that we did a lot of "work" in those regions. I encountered that a couple of weeks ago in Sulawesi, the people over there have still mixed feelings about the Dutch and I can't blame them.


    I really can't blame the people for dynamitefishing either, if my kids (if I had them) were hungry I would do anything. Parking a vessel on the reef for commercial reasons is a total different story.

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