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  1. Thank you! Really? Good to know [emoji6] globaldivemedia.com
  2. Hi, I want to share my latest video with you In winter I have been at the White Sea in Russia for ice diving and i was curious how the landscape and diving might be the rest of the year. Because i like the indian summer colors i decided to come back in autumn. My plan was to capture the autumn mood at the White Sea and create a story around a leave falling and sinking in the sea. On the spot it turned out that this story is not far-fetched, because leaves constantly flushed by the tides in the sea. So, have fun watching! globaldivemedia.com
  3. Hi, I want to share my video from an Austrian lake with you. It is called Lake Samaranger. It is an amazing dive spot with a mystic scenery and fantastic viz. Alex Servus und schöne Grüße - Kind Regards, Alex. think.go climate conscious https://www.atmosfair.de/en/ escape & watch my underwater videos on www.globaldivemedia.com or on www.vimeo.com/globaldivemedia
  4. hi, i spent 5 days at the north and 5 days at the south pass of Fakarava and dived both with Top Dive. I choosed Top Dive mainly because they offer Nitrox. I was really happy to dive with them in the south, because the divers from Tetamanu finished the dive in the channel at their ressort and missed so up to three groups of reef sharks! The Top Dive Group were swept with the current in a small lagoon. I met many other divers which did island hopping. All were pretty disappointed from Rangiroa, Mooera and some other islands. They also said Fakarava was the best on their trips. I heard good stories from Tikehau. i was happy with my decision to spent 10 days at Fakarava. You might get a better idea if you watch the two videos on my vimeo channel.
  5. Thank you for your comment and the remark! The sea lions and the schooling fish at 1:30 (the fish look really strange, indeed) are shot in variable bitrate. I think this fits the sea lions motion perfect. Everything else is at its original speed - even the Torpedo ray! It has its own variable bitrate built in, it seems
  6. Hi, Heres a short video from a 6 days livaboard tour around the Channel Islands. You can watch it on utube or on vimeo. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/IiRaKUElo5I Alex
  7. ...i know what you are talking about.I have a Manfrotto D1 aviator backpack within the weight limits (almost), + a very small shoulder bag for lenses + a so called "banana bag" (the one you strap around your hips. So i disguise 16kg. globaldivemedia.com
  8. Thank you!All the gear i used is at the end of the video. You are right, its a flathead mayfly. I did two WA with fisheye and one macro dive. The next time i will concentrate more one macro. The "fly" at the end is a water bug globaldivemedia.com
  9. Got it! Its a Flathead mayfly nymph
  10. Thank you for the links! The critter looked more like the one from the youtube link, with the gills on the end. globaldivemedia.com
  11. Hi, i spent a couple of days in Switzerland. I wanted to dive a mountain lake, but the road was still closed, so we end up in the river Maggia. If anyone has an idea of the strange critter in the video (the same critter is at the end of the video with a fly!!!) please tell me. I also posted in the Critter ID here on WP. Watch what Maggia is like: https://youtu.be/_bsIOvnkBuE Alex
  12. Hi, what is this or what is it going to transform? I have found this, about 5mm small critter, on a river dive in Switzerland. on the next day i have found another one twice as big. The pic is a screenshot from a video i took from the 5mm one. the critter in action: or here https://youtu.be/_bsIOvnkBuE Alex
  13. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing! Gesendet von meinem GT-I8200 mit Tapatalk
  14. F 5!? Wow! Lucky one! I dont even think about to set below f8/10 with the 7-14 on my setup. (blurred edges)
  15. Very interesting. thx! I wished the shots were longer and more. What was your F stop with the 7-14mm??
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