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  1. Hi, Selling my DIVE&SEE, DNC5A, HDMI video monitor, with monitor shade, ball mount and charger, new price 2490 US my price: negotiable, PM me with serious offers and if you have any questions monitor comes, if desired, with a brandnew DNC 2060 full size type A HDMI M16 bulkhead (this bulkhead is compatible with Aquatica underwater housings, new price 349 USD) Monitor is in full working conditions item was purchased end 2016, the bulkhead cable this year 143 dives one speck of dust inside the monitor housing, see the green circle on the picture shipped from Europe cheers, Alex.
  2. Not during summer. Maybe fall this year globaldivemedia.com
  3. Thank you! I dont know what the pikes were doing, spawning season is over and usually there are more pikes together then. These guys were totally relaxed. After around 20 min i left them alone again globaldivemedia.com
  4. Thank very much for all your nice! comments globaldivemedia.com
  5. Hi, I would like to share a video from my last trip to the river Traun. The river Traun is the most varied dive spot i know here in Austria. Mainly you dive in a dammed area of the Traun with moderate currents. There you can find a sunken pump room, 500 year old roads from the period of salt shipping, beautiful light under driftwood and under the trees at the shoreline and much more. If the conditions are good, its possible to dive the Canyon at the Traun waterfall. The dive gear has to be roped down, the scuba divers has to jump or climb down the steep rocks to enter the water. The Canyon offers a magic scenery with its washed out rock face, cascades and the crystal clear water of a spring pot Alex globaldivemedia.com
  6. I do this since last year. You can find my short video clips on www.instagram.com/globaldivemedia See you, Alex globaldivemedia.com
  7. i have sent a payment request on 5. december. No wire transfer so far. I just wrote an urgency. Usually the pay after an urgency.
  8. It was in the back of the cam and i had to dive through a door wide gap between two icebergs [emoji45] globaldivemedia.com
  9. Hi Davide, A typical setting should be with a long exposure of a few seconds (as i did on land) though i did the underwater time lapse with only 1/10. With longer exposure the time lapse become much smoother when objects are moving. I used the internal GH5 time lapse mode. I switched off any settings which i did not need, like IBIS, to get more shots. I got more than 2 1/2 hours out of the battery. The tide time lapse interval was 20sec the iceberg 8sec. The cam almost got ran over by an iceberg, it was only half a meter away. [emoji15] I used a 4sec exposure for my latest Autumn At The White Sea video seastar time lapse. If you are interested you can watch two full length time lapse on my IG account @globaldivemedia Alex globaldivemedia.com
  10. Thank you! I wanted to do more underwater time lapse actually, but due the weather change it was not possible anymore globaldivemedia.com
  11. Thank you! You are right [emoji6] globaldivemedia.com
  12. Hi, a video from my 2nd winter stay at East Greenland. We dove in the fjord in front of Tasiilaq. My plan for this video was to capture the elemental force in this region. I wanted to show time lapses of moving ice during the tides, under- and above water, and mix impressive icebergs with macro footage. A big thank you to Sven from Northern Explorers who supported my ideas and let me do what I wanted! The video is actually in the order as i experienced the trip. As i arrived we still had some left over packice. a few days later the winds brought icebergs in the fjord. After a week hundreds of iceberg right next each other were stranded in a bay. Unfortunately the last week the climate change said hello, and we had unusual warm weather for this time of the season and rain. We canĀ“t went out on the snow mobiles anymore, because all the snow was melted away in only a few days.. And at the dive spots which were in walking distance, the viz droped to 5 meters due the melting water which were washed in the ocean. The video was shot in 7 to 8 days, on 13 dives. Enjoy watching! Alex.
  13. Simply amazing! i love blackwater pics! thanks for sharing!
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