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  1. the HDMI cable (monitor to camera housing) from the Weefine doesnt look that robust on these pics WeeFine WED-7 Pro underwater monitor (uwcamerastore.com)
  2. Do you know about the Inon focus magnet rings? INON Port [Magnet Ring / Gear] Is use an Inon port with such a magnet focus ring on my Aquatica
  3. Nicely done! Different angles and corals in the frame make it less monotonous. Maybe the whaleshark want to get rid of some remora. It also looks skinny with its gaunt stomach i guess globaldivemedia.com
  4. Really beautiful! How deep are the black corals? globaldivemedia.com
  5. Set "Continuous AF" to OFF The AF/AE Lock settings to AF ON (like you mentioned) After pressing the AF Lock and focusing, the focus is actually locked, without keeping the button pressed. Altough no "AFL" and no "green dot" are shown on the screen. This could work, i guess. globaldivemedia.com
  6. Hi guys, any new ideas or solutions in this case? I have not used AFL in the past. But today i tried it and the same problem here on the GH5 and Dive&See monitor. btw: anyone interested in a D&S monitor? FS: Dive and See monitor DNC5A - Classifieds - Wetpixel :: Underwater Photography Forums Alex
  7. Hi, Anyone wants to sell this tripod? Please PM me for details globaldivemedia.com
  8. Check your PM please globaldivemedia.com
  9. Hi, Selling my DIVE&SEE, DNC5A, HDMI video monitor, with monitor shade, ball mount and charger, new price 2490 US my price: negotiable, PM me with serious offers and if you have any questions monitor comes, if desired, with a brandnew DNC 2060 full size type A HDMI M16 bulkhead (this bulkhead is compatible with Aquatica underwater housings, new price 349 USD) Monitor is in full working conditions item was purchased end 2016, the bulkhead cable this year 143 dives one speck of dust inside the monitor housing, see the green circle on the picture shipped from Europe cheers, Alex.
  10. Not during summer. Maybe fall this year globaldivemedia.com
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