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  1. Thanks Mat! Just because this shot is great, it must be perfect [emoji846] I have used NV in this shot. There wasnt much noise, only these strange color shifts. Probably i have to dive down deeper in the NV settings. Ill have to watch NV tutorials, i guess.
  2. No problem, i am aware of this color noise and have no idea how to get rid off in post. I have this noise with 10bit too. Maybe its because the higher ISO of 1600 which i use.
  3. Thank you much Roman! Im only able to use the camera IBIS, my lenses dont support extra stabilization. But yes its a great benefit and with a neutral buanced housing, steady motion and stabilization in post it looks like on a camera slider. I filmed in V-Log 25fps, only for the Mackerels i used 50fps or 60/25 VBR
  4. Thank you very much! It was my 3 edit, with the two others before i wasnt satisfied, they felt "strange" to me
  5. Thanks Matt! The dolphins were great! It was at the house reef, i had them for myself for 20min, just a few snorkelers above me. I stayed at one spot, didn´t move much, the dolphins came close to me several times and were very relaxed and interested. After more divers and snorkelers came in which chased the dolphins the show ended after 25min
  6. Hi, in November I have been on a liveaboard in the south of the Red Sea, afterwards i went diving from land for a week. With the necessary patience, I was able to film a lot of natural behavior. Enjoy watching! Alex,
  7. Thanks a lot! [emoji846]
  8. OMG, dont remind me on this... [emoji86] i have cool trips planned, plus an opportunity to join a film project globaldivemedia.com
  9. Wonderful! Met you up in the north [emoji16] globaldivemedia.com
  10. Thank you! I should have been in BC instead of NOR actually globaldivemedia.com
  11. Hi, i would like to share my recent video from Norway. It features land- and underwater timelapses. Only the scallops are slowed down to half speed, the stripped ratfish are at original speed. It was shot at the coast in the area of Utvorda and in Trondheimfjord. Several scenes in the video are shot on the Nauticam EMWL lenses Trondheimfjord is a great spot to see deepsea creatures and deep water corals in moderate dive depths, even when its dark during a day dive Enjoy!
  12. Selling my two rare used Keldan Ambient Light AF 12 Green water filter, for Keldan 4x and 8x. Shipping from Europe, worldwide Asking for 180€ globaldivemedia.com
  13. Hi, who of you uses Keldan Ambient Light Filter? I want to get some and don´t know if the 6 or the 12 or the Blue or BlueGreen (for an Egypt trip) What are your opinions? Alex.
  14. the HDMI cable (monitor to camera housing) from the Weefine doesnt look that robust on these pics WeeFine WED-7 Pro underwater monitor (uwcamerastore.com)
  15. Do you know about the Inon focus magnet rings? INON Port [Magnet Ring / Gear] Is use an Inon port with such a magnet focus ring on my Aquatica
  16. Nicely done! Different angles and corals in the frame make it less monotonous. Maybe the whaleshark want to get rid of some remora. It also looks skinny with its gaunt stomach i guess globaldivemedia.com
  17. Really beautiful! How deep are the black corals? globaldivemedia.com
  18. Set "Continuous AF" to OFF The AF/AE Lock settings to AF ON (like you mentioned) After pressing the AF Lock and focusing, the focus is actually locked, without keeping the button pressed. Altough no "AFL" and no "green dot" are shown on the screen. This could work, i guess. globaldivemedia.com
  19. Hi guys, any new ideas or solutions in this case? I have not used AFL in the past. But today i tried it and the same problem here on the GH5 and Dive&See monitor. btw: anyone interested in a D&S monitor? FS: Dive and See monitor DNC5A - Classifieds - Wetpixel :: Underwater Photography Forums Alex
  20. Hi, Anyone wants to sell this tripod? Please PM me for details globaldivemedia.com
  21. Check your PM please globaldivemedia.com
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