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  1. up the cameras display has no issues now, everythings fine
  2. Thank you so much, happy you liked it!
  3. Love it! Filming wide angel is a pleasure, macro is a bit cumbersome due the bulky housing. Its a matter of habit i guess
  4. Its never to late [emoji16] Thank you!
  5. Thank you! I use two Keldan 4x, they have 9000lm with a 110 degree beam + 12G ambient light filters. For most of the wide angle shots i have set the light power from half to one step under full power
  6. Hi, minimizing my rare used underwater gear, only used it for underwater timelapses a couple of times -FANTASEA FRX100 VA for Sony RX100 III / IV / V / VA, not effecting small scratch outside the camera lense range, so its not in the frame -Sony RX100IV, with timelapse mode, dead pixels in the upper right corner, not effecting the view -INON UWL-95 C24 M67 Type 1 Wide Conversion Lens, pristine like brandnew - charger and 1 battery new price 1800€, asking for 850€+shipping Europe Alex.
  7. Thank you! You have an awesome backyard!
  8. Thank you! Well, i am not a specialist in BC dive seasons, but what i was told, spring: smaller kelp, chance of colder and unstable weather, hering spawning. Fall: the opposite of the before mentioned. Due less viz i would avoid the summer month. So my guess spring and fall month is the season to go.
  9. No matter which monitor you pick in the end, you have to live with its brand specific negatives or/and positives (weak cables, short battery life, housing size versus sealed monitor, vacuum system, useful settings, monitor size...) I have a D&S, which had its failures on the monitor and cable. I know a guy who had a leaking battery compartment on the Angler. Now i have an Atomos Shinobi in Nauticam housing. I cant see the Red exposure Traffic Lights, because the housing buttons cover them or in an other mode they are tiny small displayed, i have to check them through the camera housing instead.
  10. Thank you! [emoji4] I wanted the jellyfish to swim in the frame. After the first take i thougth that it was too fast, so i did a 2nd take, bit the fast take comes out really well in the edit Gesendet von meinem SM-A226B mit Tapatalk
  11. Hi, spent two weeks diving in British Columbia, North Vancouver Island. Because i felt a bit lazy and didnt want to became stressed i changed my lenses only once. The first week i kept the wide angle lense, the second week i only did macro with my EMWL setup. A good approach as i find. Moreover it was my second trip with my RED Komodo, but this time in a more colorful environemt compared to Greenland icebergs on my first trip. Enjoy watching!
  12. I had to put this swim scenes in the video, it needs balls to swim several times without protection in that cold water. Apart of this I think this scenes fit very well the underwater scenes. Others have scuba divers in their videos (ok...me too, sometimes, but how boooring is that)
  13. Thanks a lot for the feedback! The Skeleton shrimps are always hard to shot due the shallow depths of field on their moving habitat.
  14. Hi, i would like to share another Greenland video with you. This time i visited the Ice Camp at Sermilik fjord in East Greenland, a very remote spot. The scenery is mezmerizing and tremendous. The air is filled by sounds of thunder from the cracking icebergs or whale blows. At the beginning of the video you can see the mood at 1:30 in the morning. Enjoy watching these nature impressions! Alex.
  15. i have found and old piece of gear and want to get rid off and make some space Lens has some scratches (but not like the mount!), which didnt effect the image quality, as far i can remember Ask for 70€+shipping
  16. Hi, the title says it all. Shipping to Europe
  17. I once had a Bluefin and was able to run the CX505VE and the HC7 camcorder with this housing. All i had to do, press zoom in&out together (i guess it was these buttons) for 3 or 5 seconds to change the electronics for the appropiate camcorder i liked to use. I hope this helps!
  18. Thank you! To be honest, i sweat more then i was cold The Spectrum was always on (lens filter holder), the lights were on at the jellyfish and the close up ice shots
  19. Hi, i would like to share two of my recent Greenland videos. One is a topside -behind the scenes like- video The other is from a dive in an icefield. It was an amazing dive, with a decent swell due the narrow channel, so the icebergs were moving quite a lot Nothing special or artistic shots etc., i took it relaxed and didnt want to stress myself too much on this trip. Kindly a friend made his preparation shots available, so at least a bit of story telling was possible for this video. It was filmed on the Pana GH5 in HLG mode, with Keldan Spectrum and Ambient Light Filters. Cheery and Enjoy, Alex.
  20. Thanks Mat! Just because this shot is great, it must be perfect [emoji846] I have used NV in this shot. There wasnt much noise, only these strange color shifts. Probably i have to dive down deeper in the NV settings. Ill have to watch NV tutorials, i guess.
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