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  1. Hi Since I know a lot of people here have held there own uwp workshops before I would like to ask you about some tips on how to set up a workshop; what to include, how many days. I live in Roatan were I work as an Instructor. Have a lot of experience in diving and photography but have never done something like a workshop. Would appreciate all help I can get. best regards JohanN
  2. Just returned from a trip to Bohuslan in Sweden. Here are six wa shots I got. All taken with D70s, 15 FE sigma, 1x subtronic SF3000, 1x Subtronic megacolor. Would love some comments. Please help me pick a number one.
  3. Hi. I´m 19 years old and have just completed my 300 days of military sevice as a closeprotection group commader. Now I´m searching for a job far away from my country (sweden). I have been diving since age of 13 and diving is everything in my life. I´m a Rescue diver now but I will educate myself to Divemaster and Instructor very soon. I´m sure that many of you on wetpixel works at a divecenter, diveboat or know people how does, thats why I ask you to help me find a job. I have not started my DM course yet because at some divecenter they offer job during your dm education and many prefer to train their own divemaster, but if nessecary I will take it here and now in Sweden. It´s absolutley not the money I´m looking fore, it´s the thrill and experience. If you need a dm, instructor, sharkfeeder, uw modell, uw photographer or anything else just email me! I can send you my CV and jobapplication letter anytime. my email: johan.heljalt@telia.com thank you Johan N
  4. Anyone how has experience with the Subtronic SF3000? how are they? are they still good? I have just bought two on ebay serviced 2005 and not used for ages. How much did they cost then and what could they be woth today if they are in good condition, newly served and new sync cords? Anyone who have an english manual? // Johann
  5. Would like a set of two strobs for my aquatica a70 house. I prefer Subtronic, works fine with sea & sea ys-120 or better, Ikelite ss 200 or better or Hartenberger. // Johann
  6. Do strobes have the same Kelvin degrees on land and under water? Will something change? I tried different WB settings with my DS-125 strobe on land and found one setting that was good. Will that setting work the same under water? // Johann
  7. Could someone make a list of all or some UW photo competitions out there, I only know a few. // Johann
  8. Hello I was in Egypt some months ago, I took alot of picture but I had problem to get the right color. I tried many differnt ways to set the WB but I didn´t figure the best way, som turned red and some green. Is the best way to mesuare the white against a white card with strobe ligth? or is there a better way? If you mesure the white against a white card with strobe light doesn´t everything that is not light up by the strobe turn very blue because that the strobe light is more red than normal light. Also whats the best way for night dives? // Johann
  9. Here some photos I took in Egypt with my C-8080, Ikelite house and one DS-125. My first trip with my new camera setup. These are pictures fore my school project, to make a UW photography book and a UW photo guide. Going to Cuba in March in hope to get som better and more pictures now when I have the experience
  10. Have anyone been diving in Jardines de la Reina in Cuba? I´m going there in march. I booked a trip to the philipines first but then changed to Cuba, hope I did the right thing. Is it a good dive spot and do someone have pictures? // Johann
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