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    canon 20d / 1 dsmkIII
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    DS 160 X2
  1. That is a totally different port, but thanks anyways Port has been found and purchased?
  2. Looking to buy a new or VERY WELL cared for and fully functional IKELITE 5503.90 port for a canon 17-85 USM lens.
  3. Looking for an Ikelite 5503.90 new/used ? Have an Ikelite 5503 for sale/trade as the wife bought the wrong port and we are not able to return due to the shop where purchased has shuttered its doors ! Let me know what you have, where you are and what condition the port is in ! Thanks
  4. Great shots Lee ! Love the colors and the deep black background !
  5. Need to replace an Ike 160 that was totally destroyed. Looking for Ike ds150 and Up WHat do you have and what do you want for it ???? tramsden@shaw.ca Thanks
  6. Just picked up a canon 100mm 2.8 usm Macro lens. Searching the Ikelite website to choose the correct port I find that there are 2 port options. 5505.45 is Auto focus only and 5508.45 Has manual focus knob. My question is such. Does the 100mm macro really need a manual focus knob when coupled to a canon 20d, or is the autofocus port good enough ? Also, does the 550.45 (manual focus knob port ) allow you to switch between manual and auto focus, or is it strictly a 100% manual only port. THanks for your input Ted
  7. WTB, a DS160 Strobe with battery and charger.. drop me an email of you have one you want to part with tramsden(at)shaw.ca
  8. Looking to buy a ikelite 5509.28 zoom clamp. Msg me if you have a spare
  9. It's the San Juan Airport ! We had the same problem, 2 times the last 3 trips to bonaire ! Cherry picked gear and cut locks. I finially decided to secure everything that travels using a 1/8" stainless steel cable 15' long and eyelets on each end. Run the cable thru absolutly everything and then padlock the whole thing together. Anything loose, goes in one of those stainless steel mesh bags and is secured the same way. This way, if they want 1 thing, they have to take the whole lot, or at least it will slow them down somewhat !!!!
  10. Port has been found. Thanks to all the replyed
  11. I have sent pm's and emails to the few individuals that have 5503.50's listed but have not heard back from any of them. If you have a 5503.50 for sale, please drop me a PM or email . THanks tramsden at shaw dot com
  12. Has anybody ever attempted to use a Canon 50mm 1.8 t1 lens mounted behind an Ike 5503 port ??? Will this work in theory ??? Any ideas or suggestion before I attempt this ?? Thanks Ted
  13. My Car Insurance company, has just now decided to close my claim/file on some of my damaged UW photo gear. They replaced my Ikelite housing and purchased me a new 20D. They did however order the wrong port. So as it stands right now. None of my current lens ( what's left from the accident ) 50mm f1.8, 17-85 USMis & 75-300 usm fit the 5503 port they sent with the housing... So, what is the board consensus. Looking for some Lens suggestions that would work equally well underwater and topside. Shooting 50% Pacific Northwest waters , %25 Caribbean and %25 South Pacific/elsewhere. I do not have any strobes as I shoot mainly ambient light. Thanks Ted
  14. I too choose to limit the size of my memory cards to the shots fired from my battery, that works out to about 8 Gb as well. But I always have a few extras 4 gb's sitting in my camera bag topside ready to quickly swap if need be !
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