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  1. I have a gently used Subal ND3 housing that will work with Nikon D3 and D3x. It will not work with the D3s however Subal makes a separate back plate that will adapt its support of the D3s. It has two Nikonos flash bulkheads and a Backscatter vacuum air lock. It has never been flooded and has no damage. It has the latest Type 4 port mount. It also has the Subal GS-180 viewfinder. It magnifies the cameras stock viewfinder and allows you to stay 3-4 inches away from the back plate of the housing which in turn gives your regulator more space and allows you to seal the viewfinder against your mask for a clearer image on the viewfinder. It also has Subal's DP FE4 Dome Port which is one of the best optics in the business. This 8" cross section is ideal for fisheye lenses, ultra-wide (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) zooms, and wide angle primes used with both full frame & cropped sensor cameras. The dome comes in its original box has s neoprene cover and no scratches. I purchased all from Ryan Canon at Reef Photo. I have an extra O ring for the housing I will throw in. Retail for this package is around $8200.00. There is a used one at one of the big retailers now for 4200 with viewfinder only. My price for the package is 4500.00 plus shipping.
  2. I recently purchased a used Subal ND800 housing for use with my D800e. I have been shooting a D3x in a Subal ND3 housing. I have the Zen 230 dome and the Subal DP-FE4. Recommendations for: Nikon 16-35 still the Zen 230 with 2+ Diopter on D800? Sigma 15mm Zen 230? Subal DP-FE4? Tokina 10-17 shot at 16mm, Zen 230? Subal DP-FE4? I appreciate the feedback, based on posts here the Sigma 15 seems to be a bit more popular than the Nikon 16.
  3. I am offering for sale a complete Amphibico setup for the Sony HDR-FX1 and Z1u cameras. The kit includes the following: 1) FXZ1 Housing 2) 94 degree wide angle lens 3) Underwater color chart and lanyard 4) Flip up macro ring and color correction filter 5) Handles and dome port cover 6) All books and original receipts 7) Amphibico custom travel/shipping case 8) Amphibico external 16:9 4.3" Color LCD monitor 9) Manual white balance bracket assembly The rig has been on 2 dive trips and is in perfect condition. Including the monitor I have over 9,000.00 invested in this top of the line setup. Asking 60% of original cost but will consider other offers. I live in Dallas.
  4. I have a Seacam Canon 1D/1Ds Mark II silver housing only with handles, port covers, S6 connectors installed and a Heinrichs/Weikamp external eTTL converter for Canon. That is the reason it has S6 connectors. I still have the Nikonos bulkheads as well that can be reinstalled. Price 1,800.00. It is in great shape.
  5. I have just done a couple of above water tests with my D3x, the Ikelite D2x TTL adapter with dual DS-125s, and my Subal ND3 housing. It appears that the Ikelite TTL adapter works works well using both A and Manual camera modes. The housing fits the D3x perfectly as you would expect.
  6. I would like to sell the following: Seacam Canon 1D Housing for 1D/1Ds Mark II with S6 bulkheads EOS IDs Mark II body , 572 total actuations Heinrichs Weikamp external e- TTL II converter for Canon, S6/Nikonos The housing and camera are in great shape, S6 connectors installed in the last 60 days for use with the external TTL converter. Included are the port covers, the 2 original Nikonos bulkhead connectors, and housing handles. I can email photos if you are interested. Gear is in Dallas. The housing was purchased and serviced by Seacam USA, aka Liz and Stephen who know me well. Email me with interest and offers: XXXeadiver@airmail.net, remove the X's. Pete
  7. I have tried it above water and it is accurate about 80 percent of the time using dual DS-125s on a Seacam housing. Iklelite tells me they should have a D2x compatible adapter available in mid to late August. Being beta tested as we speak. The DS-51s and DS-125s may need minor updates and the adapter may not work with the DS-200s.
  8. The Ikelite 8 inch dome is model 5510.80. The port is as new and has an Acquatica neoprene cover. I have the warranty card and instruction manual. I used it on a Canon 20d housing. There are several threads on Wetpixel describing the use of this Acquatica made dome, just use the search function. Price is 100.00 plus shipping. The flat ports are the 5505 which is 60.00 plus shipping and the 5502 is 50.00 plus shipping. Both units have the original Ikelite boxes, warranty cards and insert. They also have the neoprene covers and are as new. I would prefer Paypal. Check out the Ikleite site for applications. I also have 2 5509.28 zoom clamps and 1 9059.8. They are 10.00 each plus shipping. http://www.ikelite.com/web_pages/2port_canon.html http://www.ikelite.com/web_pages/2port_nikon.html
  9. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=290127706779
  10. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=290127701527
  11. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=290127698611
  12. Try the new Fuji S5 Pro. The dynamic range is a big improvement over the Nikon and Canons. Pete
  13. Gates FX1/Z1 Housing 1 FX1/Z1 Housing ( fully optioned with controls ) 1 Flat port (FP44) 1 Std Dome Port (SP44) 1 Gates EM 253 color monitor ( 2.5") Gates White Balance Slate Novus Plastic polish and cleaner kit 1 1620 Pelican case Housing has been used twice and is in perfect condition. I live in Texas and can ship anywhere. Insured freight at cost. Call me, 214-228-4496 or email your questions. peterd@bhcs.com
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