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  1. Hi Steve, I went to Dauin (where i saw the hairy Shrimp for the first time), then Moalboal and Malapascua. I thought that Malapascua was only a place for tresher sharks, but it's a really fantastic place for macro too.
  2. Hi, First of all, sorry for my bad english. That's why i never posted (or very rarely) here, but i always have a look on your fantastic forum Here are some pics from my last trip to philippines. I was looking for the hairy shrimp that Eric Cheng talked about, and i found it 4 times in 3 dives 85 mm + Subsee 10 and a little bit croped. Helene
  3. Hi Markus, Happy to see you here I'm waiting for your lovely family and you And also waiting for your great pics !
  4. Yes, very Intriguing for sure. In winter the water temperature can be very cold : 6 degrees, and in summer, it can grow to 28 degrees sometime. So you see different kind of species depending on the period you dive there, and different species from one year to another This year is the seahorses year .. In April, i saw about 40 seahorses in one hour diving ...they were concentrated on the same place, probably for melting... amazing !!!
  5. One big difference with Lembeh is probably the 6 degrees we can have in winter ... Disadvantage, and also advantage because we see very different species at this period ! Here are some other pics ...
  6. HI Everybody There are two ways for diving there : - by your own : you have just to rent tanks, ..... It's 7 meters deep, so relax diving, but visibility is rarely good : 3-4 meters in general. - there are a few dive spots (which i call "tables" -> wide angle pics were shot there) that you only can dive with a dive club. Because they are french clubs, they only dive with CMAS levels (PADI is not recognized yet for them! ) @Damien : Heu, t'y vas pas un peu fort là ?? On verra si tu diras la même chose Samedi !
  7. Thanks for your French words. Your French is quite good ! Probably better than my English ! Thau lagune is close to Sète, so maybe have you been already diving there, Chris ??
  8. Thanks everyone @Alex : I dived with JP Trenque 2 weeks ago in Thau, and we would have really enjoyed to be with you I hope you'll come back again. There are so many things to see
  9. Hi, Here are some pics of Thau lagune in France. We can find there Seahorses, pipefishes, nudibranches, shrimps, cuttlefishs ... it's like a french lembeh ! I really enjoy this place Do you know Thau ??
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