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  1. Does anyone know of a housing for the GoPro cameras that is capable of depths deeper than 200'? Looking for a housing that would be adequate for trimix diving. Thanks!
  2. You are welcome, Kim! Your battery pack has a 2" nylon loop attached from Light Monkey for the purpose of sliding onto your waist strap. As seen here: If you use a weight belt buckle to hold in place on the waist strap it is easily removable if needed but stays secure otherwise without any clips. I too do a lot of technical diving with photo/video gear and prefer to carry stages on the left side leaving the right free for battery packs or a 7' hose if diving OC. Like all your camera gear, keep it clean and it will serve you well. Is your housing 3D? What camera are you using?
  3. I use the same lights. If you wear a backplate & harness style BCD, mount the battery pack on your right hip (the open end of the waist harness) and lock in place with a weight belt buckle. Battery pack on yourself does not effect the buoyancy of the housing. I have not had any problems plugging/unplugging the EO's with years of use. Below are a couple of photos of my Gates rig with this configuration.
  4. I have dual 161's on my Canon 7D housing. Not powerful enough for wide angle (Tokina 10-17mm) shots but OK for macro and closer-in video. The strobes are great for stills but if I'm going to shoot WA video I put on purpose built 50 watt HID video lights.
  5. Russ, I am using the Canon 100mm Macro and have been very happy with it's performance on my 7D. Also added a Backscatter Macro-Mate for some awesome Super-macro shots. Alan
  6. Mr Seahorse, who is watching who? One of my favorites from Roatan, Honduras, 2010. Alan Williams
  7. I have a "gently" used Ikelite housing for sale. The housing is designed to fit Canon 450-D, Kiss X2 & X3 model SLR cameras and upgradeable to fit the Canon 500-D as well. Here is a link to the Ikelite page for more info http://www.ikelite.com/web_two/can_500d.html Also included is a spare main housing o-ring, modular port base and zoom clamp/sleeves #5509.28, #9059.8 and #0073. The housing is available for $750 alone or $1100 with a Canon 450-D body, two batteries and two 8 GB SDHC cards (over $2000 retail value.)
  8. Damien, the Dive Xtras Deluxe camera mount http://www.dive-xtras.com/pages/accessorie...deluxemount.asp has worked very well for me with everything from an Ikelite Flip housing to a huge Gates FX-1 system. If you plan to remove the camera from the DPV it's important that the camera/housing/light system is neutrally buoyant. Otherwise you'll need to remove weights and trim the DPV. Backscatter offers this dream setup with a Dive Xtras Cuda! http://www.backscatter.com/HostedStore.Las...=youbetcha&
  9. The housing is the 1st gen 450D; ~2 1/2 years old. It is in excellent condition, maybe 8 salt water trips of use. The 5509.28 and 9059.8 zoom sleeves are brand new as I kept the old ones that were set up for my existing Canon lens. I am asking $1100 for housing and 450D body or $750 for housing alone. Here is the info from the Iklelite site http://www.ikelite.com/web_two/can_500d.html My e-mail address is rheas@rheasdiving.com if you have other questions.
  10. Hi, I just upgraded from the 450D to a 7D and have an Ikelite housing for sale if you're interested. Thanks, Alan
  11. Just upgraded from 450D to 7D and have the Ikelite housing for sale if you're interested. Alan
  12. Hi! I just upgraded to a Canon 7D from the 450D and will be selling the Ikelite housing. I believe the 450 and the 500 are the same housing if you're interested. Alan
  13. Will, I use the Macro Mate in conjunction with a Canon 100mm macro for stills but have never used with video. There is a paper thin focal range. I love it and would highly recommend due to the high quality build from Backscatter. Here's a sample shot face-to-face with a fireworm.
  14. Hi Griggs, I have recently used the Flip Ultra HD in an Ikelite housing. This video http://www.vimeo.com/7203626 was shot using the W20 wide angle lens and one 24 watt HID video light. Editing was done with the Flip software too. This http://www.vimeo.com/7264670 was shot w/o lights using the supplied color correcting lens in ~30' FFW. The Flip definitely won't replace my FX-1 but for the money it's a steal considering the whole system (camera, housing w/Ikelite video light) costs less than my Gate's monitor! It's so compact that I clip it off and carry along while I'm shooting with my SLR as well.-Alan
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