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  1. I'm looking for a used Gates EM43 Monitor . please contact me at Sumanatemeya@yahoo.com
  2. Did you sold monitor EM43 Separately? I live in Bangkok Thailand .
  3. I need EM 43 Monitor did you sold it separately and ship to US?
  4. 50 mm is wide enough? I'm not sure what housing you plan to use the blue old Hassy housing with flat port or custom one with Dome port ? depend on what you shooting ? if you shooting on Digital back it should be crop to 6x4.5 I've use Gates H38 with Dome port on hassy SWC it's Ok for reef shot but for medium format DOF is very shallow! and it's not SLR you have to look through viewfinder after a few year of H38 I'm change to Aquatica 67 for Mamiya RZ it's more better with 37 mm fisheye and 50 wide on 6x7 in Dome port but it's 12 years ago with 12 shots on 120 and 24 shots on 220 for 6x6 format? today I use 5dMk2
  5. Thank you steve .I already bought 2 set of a new one .Anyone who have use Keldan will never use any kind of U/W video light (In my opinion).
  6. I've lost 2 set of Keldan Luna 8 with arms (no charger) while stay in DIVA resort in Ari Atoll in Maldives during filming documentary there in resort (not in the sea) so if anyone have a clue please contact me on email sumanatemeya@yahoo.com
  7. thank you John. I feel much better to know that were communication problem . But I feel strongly to let them know that M6-M5 adapter can not use with NF15-5 And they should inform right information to customer I think my housing doesn't need to check anything because I just come back from sipadan a week before it's work well with FP-170-6 but I need to try a new set up with 16-35 so I bought adapter M6-M5 and I don't wanna carry both FP170-5 and FP-170-6 SO I pack my housing with M6-M5 adapter and plan to shoot 15 mm on NF-15-5 (that recommend in their website) I don't think Nexus nor Canon should responsible for my camera . I will keep this housing for a while wait until camera price drop down to earth and find out a second hand one to use with this housing maybe next few year later
  8. I'm also take front bracket off too. I have talk with many friends of mine including Tony Wu he have call to his Japanese friends and they all said that M6-M5 adapter can use with small glass dome NF15-5 this information was published in catalogue and also in there website. From my point of view I think I have done nothing wrong in set up (I have use nexus for 14 years) only one thing that I 'm wrong were not leak test with empty housing. I think Nexus have Test their housing with adapter and NF15-5 in pressure tank test but not a real field test because in real world we did not let housing sleep down on the floor and take it off after an hour in same position . A small dome that not contain much air volume seem not to be effect much in lab test but in the sea is total different. For me I think nexus is the great housing by design and ergonomic that suit asian people compare to american or European housing but their marketing cannot compare with Sea&Sea and others , After sale service is not great compare to american housing that I have use before ikelite and gate are great service aquatica is not bad too. If I live in america I will use american brand for super service! i 'm e-mail to nexus but no respond at all . if there are american brand I will get e-mail back in 24 hr. ( I got 5 nexus and I think my next housing may be another brand) I'm confirm that leakage came from dome port because I see bubble came out from that . and I did not take 170 Dome port but NF15-5 a small glass dome
  9. DEAR ALL, I JUST FLOOD MY 5D MK2 Yesterday during my first dive in similans. I've use Nexus from 1996 from nexus f90 to master ,D70 and D200 in Digital era and never been lost any camera . This October Canon Thailand ask me to represent Canon and switch me from Nikon to canon 5D mk 2 So i bought Nexus 5D MK 2 for my Canon. I got almost every port in M5 but I don't know why Nexus change from M5 to M6 (only for some stupid bigger lens ) I check in their official website that adapter from M6 to M5 cannot use with Big dome port like FP230-5 FP170-5 AND FP160-5 But on the second remark they said that for NF15-5 (small dome that use with sigma 15mm can use with this adapter but can not put Dome shade in. So I have done the most stupid thing in my life I put my 5D MK2 in Nexus housing with M6-M5 Adapter and put NF15-5 Dome port on without Dome shade. It's seem to be OK in first 20 meters but when I see a small droplet on back of housing I try to get back to surface immediately after a few seconds from first droplet on the way back to surface seawater trap in my Nexus 5D MK2 i see that flash pop out and then monitor black out and soon water trap in side my 5d mk 2 . these all happen in just a few seconds . I've been minor leak a fews time in my F90 and D200 housing but this time is totally flood and I lost my 4000 USD camera before I can reach surface . I sending my camera to Canon and I think it can not fix and it's not canon fault at all. i think it's my fault because i'm not check housing before put camera inside but most of minor leak is not flood and I never lost any camera so I didn't test but I think Nexus should be wrong to put fault information in their official website too. (you can check in www.anthis.co.jp)
  10. I got Nexus D70 and need to buy D70s as my back is it fit in my old housing.?
  11. Need more info I use Nexus D70 and use sigma 15mm and 10.5 mm . Can you tell me how different between use graduate filter infront of lens during shooting and using graduated filter programme in nik filter and D-lighting technique to reduce contrast between highlight and detail I'm very interesting but still doubt how you can see in viewfinder which way is the darker side? did you have any mark? can contact me on PM or my mail sumanatemeya@yahoo.com NAt
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