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  1. Dawktah, I'm in saltwater. My Ikelite housing and DS-50 were manageable in saltwater - using one hand in current conditions. After adding the DS-125 I was very surprised at the increased weight. I've used the DS-125 for a photo class (pool) but haven't yet been in saltwater. Thankfully currents aren't a problem in Bonaire, but I'm quite sure I won't be able to get any one-handed shots without some added bouyancy. Thanks James - I'll try it!
  2. Thanks Anthony. How would you secure it - zip ties?
  3. After reading a post from last June about negative vs. positive preferences, I'm almost afraid to write-in. But, I am in the Beginner's Forum so take it easy on me - okay? I have an Olympus C-5060, Ikelite housing, a DS-50 and a DS-125. When I had just the DS-50 it was manageable. After adding the 125, the weight is too much for me. Perhaps for men it's not a problem, but for this woman with an elbow injury it is! Are there any quick (I leave for Bonaire in a week) & inexpensive fixes? Thanks
  4. Indeed! Pachyderms are near and dear to my heart!
  5. Probably a stupid question, but I just bought a ScanDisk Ultra II 1.0 GB compact flash. The sales person said this was high speed, but it doesn't say anywhere on the package that it is high speed. Can someone help me out here?
  6. :? I'm not new to UW photography, but still very much an amateur. I once used an MX-10 with less than desirable results, and was thinking about buying a Canon Digital S400 with WP-DC800. After reading reviews and feedback, I'm looking for something with less shutter lag, no fogging issues and white balance capability for around $1400 with strobe. Would like close-up/macro option if possible. Size and ease of use are very important. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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