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  1. All, On a recent trip to the Red Sea my L&M 1000 LED lights were a bit too 'loud' on night dives. I've now found a cheap option for diffusing the light - I don't have any means of measuring the drop in colour temp and haven't tested them yet but its a neat solution that will hopefully work! I used the sealing part of a Douwe Egberts coffee jar and tethered it to the light head using a piece of innertube and line. This pushes into the light head and is a snug enough fit that it shouldn't pop out (time will tell!). The innertube and line combination allows me to remove the diffusers when not needed. http://www.douwe-egberts.co.uk/Products/In...ntpuregold.aspx Hope that makes sense - perhaps a few pics will help...see attachments. Dave.
  2. Solo_Nz, Yeah the Bluefin Pro does offer that but I'm not sure that the Stingray+ housing does. I looked at the Bluefin but it was just that bit more costly $$$. Dave.
  3. Hey Cheb, Very interesting to read that you have the Stingray+ housing and an XR520. I was lead to believe that this combination won't provide you with access to the manual focus controls. How do you overcome this? This is all new to me so it's a genuine question - I was originally looking at the XR520 & Stingray+ combination but due to the lack of auto / manual focus switching I opted for the CX12E and Stingray+. Keen to hear your experiences with this - Dave.
  4. Hi All, I have a Sony CX12E and L & M Stingray+ housing with Sunray 600 lights. This is a very recent purchase and my first real video setup (previous video was done using an Olympus MJU740). Anyway, I used the unit for the first time in Malaysia and got very mixed results - most of it was rubbish due to the auto focus hunting. I've since had a look online for how to setup video's for underwater and found the following article.... http://www.backscatter.com/learn/article/article.php?ID=16 All of this makes sense but I can't find some of the options on my CX12E... * Manual Gain * Shutter Speed I've looked in the manual but no joy there. If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated! Also, what sort of video quality can I expect with this setup - what's my benchmark?? I watched the video clip in this thread and was blown away - could my setup capture a similar scene? http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showt...1&hl=motion Thanks - Dave.
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