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  1. I noticed a purple streak in some of my photos. A month later, all my pics turned into purple haze. Olympus was cool about fixing my camera at no charge and getting it right back to me in about 10 days from when I mailed it off. http://www.olympusamerica.com/files/C5050C730Advisory.pdf ===================================================== It has recently come to our attention that a limited number of C-5050 Zoom and C-730UZ cameras may exhibit the following symptoms: In picture taking mode, the camera will produce pictures that are of a gray or purple tone or the pictures will be completely black. If the LCD monitor (or the C-730UZ electronic viewfinder) is used to compose the picture, the preview display will also be dark. NOTE: This problem may be accelerated if the product is frequently exposed to hot and humid environments. We sincerely apologize if you experience this problem. In response, Olympus Imaging America Inc. will cover all costs involved in repair service in order to bring the product back to full working specifications. Olympus Imaging America Inc will extend the repair service coverage for this defect for up to four years from the purchase date of your product. The following facilities are equipped to service Olympus digital camera products in the United States: Olympus Imaging America Inc. 400 Rabro Drive Hauppauge, NY 11788-4258 OR Olympus Imaging America Inc. 10805 Holder Street Suite 170 Cypress, CA 90630-5145 An Olympus representative will work with you to determine if your product requires service and to provide you with complete product repair instructions if needed. Please give us a call at (888) 553-4448, Monday through Friday from 8 am to 10 pm Eastern Time. If you would like to correspond with us via e- mail, please send your message to: customersupport@olympus.com. This policy applies to products distributed in North America by Olympus Imaging America Inc. For products distributed outside of North America, please visit the Olympus homepage (www.olympus.com) to find the distributor in your area. D I G I T A L T E C H N I C A L S U P P O R T O L Y M P U S I M A G I N G A M E R I C A I N C . ( 8 8 8 ) 5 5 3- 4 4 4 8 h t t p : / / s u p p o r t . o l y m p u s a m e r i c a . c o m Olympus Imaging America Inc. Page 2 of 2 Last updated on October 13, 2005 QUESTIONS & ANSWERS Q: How will I know if my camera will experience this defect? A: Please get your model and serial number information and contact an Olympus representative. We will check to see if your camera fa lls within the range of products effected. Q: My camera is not experiencing this problem now but I’d like to have it serviced anyway. Would this be OK? A: Please first have an Olympus representative check that your camera is affected. We typically have an increase in repair volume in November and December due to the holidays. If your camera is functioning properly now, we would prefer that you hold off on repair service until after January 2006. At that time, we will repair the defect even if your product is not exhibiting the problem. Q: I previously experienced problems with my camera like described and had to pay to have my camera repaired. This doesn’t seem fair. Can you do anything for me? A: Please contact an Olympus representative to discuss your situation. ================================================== Regards, --Matt
  2. I just spent two days at home and work reading up on why my strobe wouldn't fire? My wife ordered a DS 125 kit with arm and cable from B&H. But the strobe wouldn't fire after I plugged it in. After checking my set up over and over TTL cord with blue ribbon etc.... I finally found the problem! The top of the hotshoe has a Arrow pointing forward. I was putting the hotshose on backwards. After rotating and properly installing the hotshoe, all is well. Props to Peter Schultz and his excellent website for how to set the Oly5050. http://www.splashdowndivers.com/photo_gall...mera%20Settings If you don't know how to set up the "My settings" the .pdf manual is online at http://www.olympusamerica.com/files/C-5050...nce_English.pdf Page 172. I hope this post helps someone else from feeling like a Moron! Regards, --Matt
  3. Now that the Oly C5050 is here and I'm learning a new language of icons I need to get ready to order the housing. Ikelite will most likely get my business over the Tetra, but my sticky issue is that I would like to be able to take the housing to about 250ft. As I understand it, the spring loaded buttons start to stick after a certain depth. Tetra will upgrade the springs in their buttons to a "heavy duty" version. I have a reference of the Tetra housing going to 270ft without problem. I was wondering if Ikelite had a similar option to increase the depth rating on their housings? I promise to ask nicely and would gladly pay an additional cost for the service. Has anyone pushed an Ikelite housing past the 200ft mark? Perhaps it can do 250ft as designed? Thanks, --Matt
  4. http://www.mahaenergy.com/store/Item.asp?i...cur=related#mid $50 plus shipping: cool 100 min charger & 4 2200mha batteries Energizer http://www.energizer.com/products/rechargeables.asp :idea: http://data.energizer.com/ (I hate frames) select "Product Group" "NIMH Rechargeable" For technical specs $29.95 at target for charger (AC or Auto) and 4 1700 batteries $9.99 for 4 2300 mha batteries Energizer is $10 less plus the cost of shipping at Target. Is the Maha batteries and charger worth the difference in price? What am I missing? --Matt
  5. Well, I almost answered my own question! http://www.wrotniak.net/photo/c5050/c5050-card.html What cards to buy? Most cameras don't give us much choice: you are limited to the card type which your camera accepts. However, if your camera gives you a choice, then my recommendation would be: For a fast-writing camera (like the C-5050Z) use a large-capacity xD, and a fast CF (like PNY in my small roundup); For a slow-writing camera (like the E-10 or E-20) the card speed does not matter. Use whatever is on sale. Actually, if you store your images in the JPEG format, you will not notice speed differences between most of the recent-vintage cards. I would just buy the largest capacity available at a reasonable price: for example, the 512MB CF cards are now nearing the $100 price barrier, and 256 MB ones are already well below that line. A 256 MB xD card can be bought at $100 or so; this means that at the expense of $200 you may put 750 MB of storage in your camera, which is enough for almost 700 pictures in full-size HQ storage mode (or more than 200 in SHQ). Not too shabby. Ahh its fun to be a novice again. So to refine the question in todays memory dollars. Do I want to mix and match media or get a 1gb card for $200? --Matt
  6. Great Forum! Several days ago I read a year and half's worth of posts on the Oly 5050 after it was recommended to me by a friend. I maxed at the potential of my DSC P1 in the MPK P1 housing and I'm looking forward to what new technology can do? The Oly 5050 has four storage options: XD Compact Flash Type 1 / Compact Flash Type 2 MicroDrive Smart Media Which is the best choice for a Novice shooter looking to move up a notch. My budget is for a 512/1gb card. With my previous camera I would shoot 1280x960, 215 shots on 128mb. I averaged about 80-110 shots per two tank dive. Where am I going to find the best price/performace in my memory purchase? This review seemed helpful, but now I think I'm more confused. But at least I see money does not = speed and performance. http://www.dpreview.com/articles/mediacomp...mpare/page4.asp Thanks, --Matt
  7. The angle makes it hard to find an identifing charatoristic. Where was the photo taken? Assuming its off SE Florida, I going to take a wild guess and say: Rose Blenny The pectorals are out and there are red dots on top of the head. Usually they are not as "clear" as your picture, but color variation is always present. --Matt
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