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  1. I have had a flood with an Ikelite and it turned out to be the aperture control knob. Check the set screws before you go down as was suggested and make sure they are tight. I had the knob come off at 80 ft and it wasn't pretty. Tony
  2. That is the lens that I exclusively use underwater, it is extremely sharp and have not had any issues with it. The only thing you need to make sure that the auto mode has to be engaged by sliding the top of the lens forward, hard to explain. I have accidentally had it slip back when I have mounted the port of my subal on there and have gone a dive without being able to autofocus. No biggie just dive without shooting. Another point that you probably need to do with any macro lens is that it helps to have a focusing light with it. I don't have anything fancy but a couple of little flashlights mounted on my ulcs arms. This really aids in focus in dim conditions and on night dives. It's a great lens, extremely sharp. Highly recommended. Tony there are several images on from our recent trip on www.carroimaging.net
  3. Well I got mine to work for awhile at least for the first dive. I did the alcohol, swabbing, hair dryer, and packed it with moisture munchers for hours and the device would stop flashing. After one dive , on the second it started flashing. Again no leakage. I emailed Ryan at Reef Photo and he thinks the board probably has a short in it caused by an errant drop of water. I will send him the housing to have the board replaced. I dove the last two days without a battery, sigh..., but had no problems. Tony
  4. Down in Grand Cayman and the same thing has happened to my housing. It's dry, have removed the battery will try cleaning the contacts although they look pretty good and they aren't touching the housing and are not bent. sigh.....
  5. Great shot Drew, I really like the grain. Did you post process this with channel mixer or some other technique. Tony
  6. I am with you Loftus, I am also coming from a D200. I don't change cameras as fast as a lot of people. It is a complete revelation as you say. 800 iso was giving a ton of noise in my D200. It's too bad that Matt hates grain
  7. Have a question about iso. I just recently aquired a D700 and iso can be set to auto on this. I have found you can shoot in low light situations without flash on the surface, not sure how applicable this would be underwater. I found this to be extremely useful when the camera chooses the iso based on lighting and the user manages shutter speed and aperture. Since most lighting is done with strobes don't know how useful this technique would be. I have noticed that iso 3200 on my D700 is very useful and the resulting grain I see is similar to film grain and not noise. Interesting to note you can set a limit on the camera to how high the iso can go if you want to keep it above 3200 and not let it dip to 6400 (which in some shots is acceptable btw). D700 is an amazing camera. Tony
  8. Ditto on the replacement from Ryan at Reef Photo. He replaced mine, apparent defect in manufacturing. It does not affect the dome itself but would get it replaced. Tony
  9. If someone forced me to go there again, id just take my $15k and go buy a bunch of blow and hang out with some strippers, it would be money well spent compared to my beaches experience. So funny, my only experiences in that area have been on the Aggressor, 3 trips. The diving was great saw a lot of life macro, wide angle, etc... One trip was memorable for a flood, fortunately it was on a reefphoto trip and I was setup on another rig (smart). Tony
  10. I just cleaned my sensor yesterday on the D200. Really its quite easy. You need to get a rubbermaid spatula and cut it to the size of the sensor with shears. Wrap a pec pad around the rubbermaid spatula and place two drops of ecclipse solution onto each end. Swab it in one direction on one side then swab it back the other way with the other side with the mirror up. Make sure the camera is fully charged. Once you do this you will figure out there is nothing to fear about doing it yourself. To make sure you got the dust bunny off take a shot of a white paper with a lens on completely stopped down. If you see any dust bunnies repeat the process again. You might google the process. Tony
  11. Thanks Sam, I don't get the feeling that Subal is offering a new back. From what I see on their website they just want to sell new housings. I measured a D90 and it is pretty close but I don't think the buttons would line up. I haven't tried one in there. I don't want to get a camera just to see if it fits then be stuck with a camera that I don't necessarily want to use on the surface. Thanks for the response. Tony
  12. Have read several posts where people have put better cameras into older housings. I was just wondering if I had any options with my ND70 Subal housing. If not I will just keep plugging away with the D70. Thanks Tony
  13. I have been getting ready to pull the trigger on a D700 but I just may wait to see what happens in the next few weeks. Full frame means having to get another lens which means additional expense. Nothing cheap about photography. Tony
  14. Guess I was too late, got a couple of pm's to the porn site. Guess its been taken care of. Tony
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