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  1. Hey Joss A good description by bill1946. It's worth doing a search on WP for the S&S lens Correction Lens. The subject has come up a few times and, from the posts I've read, the folks that use it rate it highly for FF WA use.
  2. Hey I've got the Z6 and have just set it up with the FTZ + Kenko 1.4x Teleplus Pro DGX + Nikkor 8-15. The camera does NOT register the lens - so no sign of the aperture which I couldn't change; nor would it autofocus Annoying D500 + same TC + Nikkor 8-15 is fine
  3. Well not before 31 Dec 2020. But you can always buy from the EU. Check out onderwaterhuis (see link) in the Netherlands. Subal are in Austria so no problem there either. https://www.uwcamerastore.com/?SID=flkskmgb2uk54i6ab8a34fi415&___store=default&___from_store=nl&_ga=2.1104369.1917287655.1581866917-1628411502.1581866917 I use them quite a bit
  4. No worries Diamond, not easy I appreciate, but if you can try one of the others out first, it'd be well worth it. Not sure where the UW dealers are in Ireland - if there are any though.
  5. Diarmuid Don't give up on Subal and Nauticam too quickly,. They are superb and second hand prices can be very good. Reckon on paying approx 30% of a new one for a housing which takes the "last" camera model. For example you can probably find a Nikon D800 housing for a really good price. Subal have a second hand section on their website. Check out too the Classifieds here on WP and on UWP magazine.
  6. Depends how friendly they are! Not 60mm I'd have thought unless you want shots of eyes. 16-35 should be good. 8-15 too distorting would be my view.
  7. Yeah, I think you come to a good conclusion here. If folks are content with good-enough, then fair play to them and use a system which will deal with most situations. But if you really want to try and get the best you can out of any situation, then, sadly, I came to the conclusion too that optimisation is the way to go. So, set up for macro and don't worry if there's a whale shark on the dive: just enjoy the moment rather than the moment-through-a-viewfinder which, I fear, we do maybe too much (well I do anyway!). I suspect wrecks and caves are even trickier as, I'd guess, you'd prefer not to use a fisheye as it distorts maybe too much. So rectilinear which equals a big dome with FX; not too bad with DX and probably ok with compact. But then, yes, not so easy maybe to operate with dry gloves etc. Life eh?
  8. Good call. I use the Sola and never see the impact of that light on the image when shooting with strobes.
  9. Interesting question and two very thoughtful replies from hyp and oneyellowtang. On the weight issue certainly for FX/DX, much depends, I'd suggest on the lens choice for WA and the implications for the port to house it. So much of the rest of the weight of the system: arms, strobes, connections, and cables/FO, is common to whatever format you choose. As hyp suggests, if you use fisheye the choice of a smaller dome port is easier. If you want rectilinear then the choice is more dependant on camera format: essentially the bigger sensor the bigger the dome port needs to be. My experience of moving between FF and DX as regards weight - and, frankly, image quality is that there is minimal difference other than the WA rectilinear port issue. I suspect the mirrorless evolution will not make that much difference to weight/size. Yes, the camera body is slightly smaller but the scale of the amount and weight of gear to move around is still large. Compact camera systems are generally less weighty and can indeed produce great results - perhaps within certain limits as oneyellowtang points out. They are not quite as flexible either. I do wonder if it might come down to what satisfies each individuals personal preferences. Would you be happy with having something that's good enough? Or would you always be hankering after - and regret not buying - the all-singing-all-dancing system with room for growth? I think lots of us go through that!
  10. Worth trying too a ship's chandlery store. I got a plate made in Thailand (Chon Buri) in stainless steel to go on my housing. I'm sure you can track down there what you need or get it made.
  11. Wow, that is strange. It's fine, as you say, with the D500. I'll try the combination on my Z6.
  12. A pleasure. You did! Very tempting I would have thought for a Canon user. Best of luck!
  13. Really sorry to read about the ankle problem. How frustrating and a right bummer. On the Subal, why not advertise it in the Classifieds here? Once a camera is not roughly the latest model, I reckon the housing goes down to about 30%-40% of the new price. Maybe also worth contacting Subal. They have a used housing section and might be interested.
  14. No, I've not tried the Z50 (my camera stable is full! D5, D500 and Z6) and, no, not sure I have seen or heard of a housing yet either. It was just a thought. Reading folks like Thom Hogan's views on the Nikon line-up, he seems to think that the Z series are pitched slightly below their DSLR equivalent. So Z7 slightly below D850, Z50 slightly below D500.
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