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  1. Wow, this is tricky. Buy a wide-angle or buy a strobe? The problem seems to me to be this: without a strobe most photographs are going to look flat, colourless and washed out. It's rare that you can take a pic u/w without a strobe and it looks great. You might get away with it near the surface or photographing fast moving, big fish, eg dolphins in clear water. But generally, and certainly for anything macro - nope. And then using the presumably Z 24-70 f4. Is there a port/extension port recommendation for that? You may well be able to rig up some kind of zoom ring using an existing ring with bits of tape/rubber tubing etc. I think I'd be inclined to get the strobe working and use the 24-70. Not ideal as, by experience, a 24-70 lens isn't wide enough and isn't macro enough. But better, maybe, than a strobeless 14-30. Oy. Tough call.
  2. Bit too wide I would have thought as a fish portrait lens? Unless they're big fish of course! The idea sounds fabulous, but for so much cash, I think I'd be struggling to find a use for it to justify the cost. My experience has been that it tends to be "extreme" lens which get the most use: 105mm and FE/8-15 for full frame; Maybe a rectilinear 16-35. 60/105 and 10-17/8-15 for cropped sensor (DX). REALLY nice to have that Nikonos but, apart from maybe Big Fish (dolphin pods; maybe whale sharks), not sure when you'd use it..... But maybe I'm missing something.
  3. My pleasure. I'm delighted with the D500. It's excellent to use, produces terrific image quality and, in my view, has many advantages over it's larger FX brothers and sisters. I agonised between the D500 and the D850 (after several years with a D800) and I'm very happy with my decision. Phew. If you want any more info, don't hesitate to ask. First week of December is not so far away. I'm envious. I've got no dive trips at all on the horizon. Argh.
  4. Hi Denver I've been using my D500 now for about 2 years. I tend to set focus on S and single spot - certainly for macro but usually for w/a too. I use the thumb joy stick to navigate. I've tried the 3D setting but, though it's great topside, I found it less good u/w although I've not really had a situation yet which lent itself to 3D shooting. I can imagine following, for example, a dolphin pod, it'd be amazing. ISO 100 or 200 (I'm using 2x Inon Z240 strobes). Flash sync about 125 or 200. Usually about f8 with w/a on a Nikkor 8-15 or Tokina 10-17; f11 with a Nikkor 105. All a bit vanilla really - but works for me. Maybe as Adam says in an earlier post, I've used older systems for donkeys years so although I have moved through a number of DSLR iterations, I still tend to come back to simple settings. Although, again as Adam says, the focussing systems of the D500 are amazing but, by my experience, to most advantage topside rather than underwater.
  5. Hey Nicholas Good luck! I've sold over 2500 u/w image downloads via Shutterstock and maybe another 500 or so via other stock agencies. They sell quite well - daily - but the rewards are, how can I put it, "not generous". Probably pays for a couple of lenses a year. But that's stock libraries for you. Seems to me the impact of social media is to devalue photo imagery significantly. Why pay for images when you can dig around and probably find them for free? But, by contrast, the quality and innovativeness (is there such a word?) of the images is better and better. Massive respect to the likes of a number of the guys here on WP who make a living from it: I don't think things have changed and teaching, training and workshops are the core money makers led by the terrific images that these guys create. Brand Ambassador: yeah, some nice discounts, loans of gear..... But maybe as I'm probably entering the-dinosaur-generation I'm missing a pot of gold somewhere.
  6. Sorry JD2, can't help you on the Seacam aspects. If you search around in WP for the lens itself you'll see it's very popular lens for full-frame users who are looking for extreme wide-angle/ fisheye. I used with both 8" and 9" domes and it was excellent with either. DOF is so great of course, that at, say f8 you can barely go wrong. I just can't remember if I tried it with a 4"/100m dome. Mr Grouper: apologies - I'm really not trying to hijack your sales thread!
  7. John Doe II If it's any help, the Sigma 15mm was my go-to lens for wide-angle when I was using a D800 camera. It was terrific. I'm now using a D500 so no longer use it. But I can recommend the Sigma without hesitation.
  8. I’m not sure I’d go with 2x 5” arms on each side, if I read that correctly. It seems a little limiting and perhaps better to go with 1x5” and 1x 8” on each side. But maybe I’m missing something about the Sony system.
  9. Picking up on Wolfgang's point, the arms, clamps etc are one of the areas where I think it is worth spending a bit extra to get high quality. These are some of the few bits of u/w photo gear that you are unlikely to want to change. Once you have good stuff, you tend to stick with it - and they last many, many years. My ULCS are heading to 20 years old. It's very much a case of: buy cheap, buy twice. Get good ones from the outset and you won't regret it.
  10. Dann-oh Can you just list your plan in the post?
  11. Hi Scotzh Yep, the DGX version works with the Tokina 10-17 and the D500. I usually use f8 or maybe f11. Sorry, can’t help on a Sea&sea zoom ring. You need one that that fits the circumference of the 10-17 but is 20mm longer.
  12. I hope you guys can make it happen!
  13. Will the size of the Z50 really make that much difference? Maybe if you can use the maybe more compact Z series lenses. Otherwise you still have DX-sized lenses and domeports etc. I'm not sure that will add up, in total, to an easier travelling package than the current, say, D500 system. It'd only be the camera body that would be slightly smaller and its housing. Sadly.
  14. Check out ULCS for the tray and arms. You can't got wrong with their stuff. Strobes: Inon S2000 or Z330. We all love them!
  15. There's someone on WP asking about Sony A7RII housings. Worth a quick search.....
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