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  1. My experience of the 10-17 on a full frame sensor (for me the Nikon D800) was not great. They are terrific on a DX/cropped sensor but on FF not so much. Not sharp.
  2. I always had this sneaky feeling that they were the same glass.......
  3. I've put a Leak Sentinel on to various Subal housings. Really easy assuming the thread on the Sentinel is the same size as the housing. It's a 2-minute job. Barely that.
  4. I wonder if these are still around (advertised in UWP Mag) http://www.uwpmag.com/?p=underwater-photography-equipment-for-sale&show=815
  5. Hey Russ I'd suggest it's definitely worth spending a bit of money on the strobes. They (and the arms/clamps) are, generally, some of the few things that will grow with you as you move through systems - in search of nirvana. If you need to be really cost conscious, check out, say, the Inon Z240 strobes in the Classifieds. You'll see lots of WPers use them. They are reliable, light-weight, powerful enough for most situations, can be TTL'd and use AA batteries. I've been using the Inons since about 2009 and have not had the slightest glitch. The Z240 is now discontinued but you can still pick one up second hand. The successor, the Z330, is around but not too many secondhand. I can heartily recommend the Z240.
  6. I've been using whites for many years (since ?2010) and still have all of the originals ones. They've done hundreds of dives and, in Inon Z2xx strobes, usually manage 3 dives a day - unless snooting when it drops to two. Hard to fault them in any way!
  7. Really sorry to read about your dad. It must be a very tough time for you. Our very best wishes to you and your family. Tim
  8. Keep an eye out for the Inons, TheisK, second hand. They are great. Z240 Mk4 by preference as they will grow with you slightly better than the smaller D2000. And just to emphasise trimix125's point about the range of strobes underwater (expectation management!): you can't light up the whole reef with a strobe unlike topside. The range of the illumination is max 3m. I usually reckon 1m-2m for good coverage.
  9. Welcome back jimmyjw Non-dry suit diving near to the UK.... Red Sea! The southern part is excellent - St Johns, Furys - the northern bit crowded. Relatively easy to get too, not too expensive, lots of choice in liveaboards. Check out Emperor Divers who I've used many times and always had a great trip. Malta in the summer.
  10. Hi TheisK Sadly I think the guides and videos you have seen speak the truth: unless you're diving in really shallow water, on sunlight days with excellent viz.... you need a strobe(s). And yes, they do complicate things a bit, but hey, welcome to the world of u/w photography. You'll see lots on sale listed on the WP Classifieds and you may well be able to get a good deal
  11. I agree with KdM. I used a D800 in a Subal housing for several years and thought it excellent. The price of housings for that body will now be significantly lower - I still shudder at how little I sold mine for - so I'm sure you could get something really good for it. Yes, the D810 and D850 are probably better but I doubt you'd be disappointed with the results from the D800. Definitely worth housing it, I'd suggest. And if you decide to move on, you'd only (!) be upgrading the housing and camera body - assuming you stay with the same housing manufacturer.
  12. No problem at all discussing a subject again. It always brings out interesting new views. Sorry, a quick search and I couldn't find anything specific either. I see what you mean about loads of results searching for arms and clamps! I typed in ULCS and the number of hits speaks volumes in itself. I searched for a few minutes and couldn't find anything specific on arm quality - just lots on linking ULCS with Stix floats (an excellent combination, I've found), best length, mixed systems, combination to use etc.
  13. Hi Scotzh It'd be worth doing a search on this on WP. It's been discussed many times. I'm with Draq: I use ULCS and have had the same set since I stated with u/w photography in 2003. They still work perfectly. Looking at various Classified ads on WP, they seem to be one of the few u/w dooh-dads that keep a reasonable amount of their purchase costs. Buy cheap, buy twice. Buy ULCS, buy once
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