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  1. Hey Bill I tried denaturalised water soaking some time back - maybe after I read you writing about it? I can't honestly say I thought it made any difference though. Certainly not in the hard-to-get-to spots where salt accumulates. But worth a shot for sure.
  2. Hey! I'm not sure there is a a way to remove those spots completely. At least, I've never succeeded. Getting the housing into fresh water as quickly as possible helps of course; and not letting salt water dry on to the housing. You could try either a product like Saltex on the housing which is supposed to breakdown salt crystals; or a mild solution of white vinegar and water. I've tried all of the above on the 6 housings I have owned over the years and, as I say, never really found solution. Salt seems to gather in nooks and crannies. Generally though if you rinse the housing in fresh water quickly after the dive, it doesn't get too bad.
  3. HI Sounds like you need to cancel the pre-flash that operates on the Inon. I'm not sure exactly how the Z330 works compared to the Z240 I owned but this might help: https://reefphoto.com/blogs/lighting/selecting-the-proper-settings-for-inon-strobes-1
  4. I'm not sure who else on WP has images with Shutterstock and has followed the recent drop in their rates - I was wondering. The drop is spectacular. From .38c an image to about .10c or .11c. It was bad enough selling images at .38c a time. But .11c? Is it really worth it? Anyone have answer that is more than two letters? I used to sell enough images to pay for a couple of lenses a year. And now?
  5. LOL, brilliant! Well done! And give that cat a can of food......
  6. Hi I can't recall seeing a review of the Inon snoot set - but I used to use an Inon Z240 with the Retra LSD snoot and really liked that. Inevitably there is a huge learning curve with a snoot! You may have found these already, but perhaps useful info about snooting.... https://wetpixel.com/articles/field-review-retra-lsd-prime-snoot/P1 https://wetpixel.com/articles/mike-bartick-effective-snooting
  7. Back in the mists of time (which would be the early 2000s) I had a Coolpix 5000 in a Subal housing. The Coolpix had a screen that could be tilted to 45 degrees and the Subal housing was built to allow that. So an early 45-degree viewfinder. Brilliant for macro!
  8. Yep, totally agree, Chris. But even then, sheer traffic volumes end up damaging things: sand kicked up, increased, rapid water movement from folks finning, just lack of caution and care. We ended up not taking people to that part of the reef to try and help it recover. It was pretty depressing though to see this amazing, big Gorgonian with 5-6 Bargibantis on it... and then a few months later a slightly ragged, sad looking fan in a bashed up area. Really sad.
  9. A really interesting summary, Lewis88 and, I guess, puts some myths to bed. Anecdotally, during a year in the Lembeh Straits watching people photo-bombing one particular Gorgonian at 25m, a small group of Bargibanti cleared off. I couldn't help but feel at the time that it was the sheer volume of flashes they were experiencing that made them leave - but it could well have been touching of the fan itself. Certainly the whole area around the coral head was degraded by the sheer volume of divers who visited.
  10. No-one said life was easy, eh Larry? A new 45-degree finder AND a snoot?? You're a brave man It will get easier though for sure!
  11. TimG

    Mark All Read

    LOL, no worries! As long as you have it now.... happy reading!
  12. One extra thought: batteries Depending how much diving you do and you location, it's worth checking out whether the battery in the computer is user replaceable and what type of battery is needed. The Shearwater sounds really good from that perspective using a AA battery and user changeable. The Uwatec Luna I mentioned has a very good battery life - easily over 150 dives - and is user changeable. It does though require a battery which isn't as easy to find as a AA. But lots of computers require them to be sent back to a servicing centre for a battery change,. This can be a MAJOR pain.
  13. Hey Andrey There was someone advertising one for sale on the Classifieds a few weeks ago. Ahh, you found them! Good luck with it. They are brilliant devices.
  14. TimG

    Mark All Read

    There is indeed, BigJeff. If you look at the top right hand side of the page there should be 3 options: Latest Activity, All Activity and Mark Site Read. Pick the last one and Bingo! I find using the Latest Activity the best way to keep up to date.
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