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  1. I never open it (I use fibre optic) therefore never open it.
  2. Sounds an unusual technique but, hey, if it works for him...... I must admit I always have my strobes attached to the housing via arms for 90% of macro shots - maybe taking a strobe off to set it on the sand for eg a snoot shot. It's rare that by ones means or another I can't get to the position I want as the arms are in the way. Juggling a separate strobe is just one more bit of task loading and I'd rather not have both hands full all the time during a dive. As for a leash whether on the housing or on a strobe or both, very much a personal preference thing. A lot of people like to use a leash (I'm one of them: on the housing); some don't.
  3. With all respect to my fellow moderator, Chris, let me offer a slightly different view. I only clean strobe o-rings when I change the batteries. I had until recently Inon Z240s and found I could usually do a day's diving on one set of batteries - say 3 dives maybe 250 images. I figured if the strobe is sealed happily after one dive, why open it up unless you really need to? Once I'd removed the batteries for charging/replacing, I'd then clean the o-ring, relube it and clean the o-ring groove as Chris suggests. Pop in new batteries and then close it all up. One thing I would suggest with the Inons, is that you turn the whole strobe upside down to remove the cap and batteries - so the batteries almost fall out when you remove the cap. This helps prevent water popping into the battery chamber when you unscrew the cap and cover.
  4. Brilliant story! Having spent many years myself in some of the world's funkier places, I can sure empathise!
  5. The way this is going, you might just be glad you have a pool!
  6. As Bill sets out, the only real difference is the price and the number of pixels. I've been using a Z6 above-water since shortly after they were released and really like it. Highly transportable - especially if you use the Z lenses. The FTZ adaptor works well with, eg the Nikkor 105. Images are sharp and unless you want to blow them up to mega-proportions where the Z7 may be better, the Z6 is much better value and gets the job done just fine.
  7. Hey Deb Maybe worth talking to Grays of Westminster. They run courses and certainly include wildlife. Not u/w water though. But there are plenty of those on the WP pages. https://www.graysofwestminster.co.uk I've used Grays as a supplier for years although I've not done one of their courses. The guys who runs them, Simon Stafford, is very knowledgeable.
  8. No worries. Crazy mailing price! Good luck.
  9. Pete I'd be happy to mail it to the UK for you if Fotografit will send it to me in Amsterdam for a reasonable price. Inside EU mailing for something so small is usually about €4.50. It'd be about, say, €8-€10 to mail on to the UK. I'd happily bring it to the UK to mail it for you but, Coronavirus, quarantine etc etc.... I can't get there! I've been trying since March. Only thing is, it needs to reach me before the end of the first week in July. I'm moving..... If I can help, PM me and I'll send you my address. Tim
  10. Hi! It might be worth letting potential buyers know whether they are Type 3 or Type 4 Subal ports? Good luck with the sale Tim
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