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  1. Hey Peter Exciting on the Pygmy seahorses. They are very cool little guys. Little being the operative word. Figure they are about 1/2” in length. Might be worth, at home, seeing how that looks with a 60mm lens and how close you need to get for a good balance between proximity to a very shy creature and serious cropping. The classic shot is head on but, as I’m sure you’ll discover, it takes no time at all for a Pygmy to look away and turn its back to you. So the closer you get, the bigger that problem.
  2. Very cool! One for the log book eh!?
  3. A couple of times I've had to borrow a zoom gear which was slightly too big for the lens barrel. A rubber band or piece of neoprene around the lens can fill that gap nicely and give the ring enough grippage to turn the zoom.
  4. Thanks Seewolf Seems curious to me that a combination that doesn't work on the Z7 does work on the D500; and the one that works on the D7 doesn't work on the D500. We live in interesting times. "Luckily" I had no buyers for my "old" Kenko TC1.4 so I still have it. So I'm good for either the D500 or the Z6! (Not that I had any plans to house my Z6) Can any electronics ninja explain the apparent discrepancy between the Z6/7 combination and the D500? Or is it a bit like colour TV, I like it but have no clue how it works?
  5. I updated to v3.0 yesterday on my Z6 and this is what I have found: A. Z6 + FTZ + N-AF 1.4x Teleplus Pro 300 DGX (ie the new one that works with the D500) + Nikkor 8-15 does NOT work. No focus, no aperture reading. B. Z6 + FTZ + 1.4X Teleplus Pro 300 DG (ie the "older" one that does NOT work with the D500) + Nikkor 8-15 DOES now work following the firmware upgrade. Focuses and aperture read out. Go figure! How come your DGX works and mine doesn't?
  6. Yeah, Joss, you could be right - I think it was to use on FF. It's not needed so much on DX. I've not used the 10-24 but I have used the Tokina 10-17 and that didn't need anything - although, of course, its FE rather than rectilinear. I used the Nikkor 12-24 way back with the Nikon D300 and that was fine without anything too.
  7. Hey Joss A good description by bill1946. It's worth doing a search on WP for the S&S lens Correction Lens. The subject has come up a few times and, from the posts I've read, the folks that use it rate it highly for FF WA use.
  8. Terrific top pic. Nice work!
  9. Hey I've got the Z6 and have just set it up with the FTZ + Kenko 1.4x Teleplus Pro DGX + Nikkor 8-15. The camera does NOT register the lens - so no sign of the aperture which I couldn't change; nor would it autofocus Annoying D500 + same TC + Nikkor 8-15 is fine
  10. Well not before 31 Dec 2020. But you can always buy from the EU. Check out onderwaterhuis (see link) in the Netherlands. Subal are in Austria so no problem there either. https://www.uwcamerastore.com/?SID=flkskmgb2uk54i6ab8a34fi415&___store=default&___from_store=nl&_ga=2.1104369.1917287655.1581866917-1628411502.1581866917 I use them quite a bit
  11. No worries Diamond, not easy I appreciate, but if you can try one of the others out first, it'd be well worth it. Not sure where the UW dealers are in Ireland - if there are any though.
  12. Diarmuid Don't give up on Subal and Nauticam too quickly,. They are superb and second hand prices can be very good. Reckon on paying approx 30% of a new one for a housing which takes the "last" camera model. For example you can probably find a Nikon D800 housing for a really good price. Subal have a second hand section on their website. Check out too the Classifieds here on WP and on UWP magazine.
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