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  1. Maybe. Or maybe he does believe DSLR is still the way to go. As a D500 user I wouldn’t necessarily argue against that!
  2. I use the UW-Technics trigger with Retra Pros for HSS. It works a treat.
  3. Ohhh, I think you'll find that one easy....
  4. Hey John I keep a UV-type filter on all my topside lenses all the time - as protection. Assuming your lens is in an underwater housing most of the time, such protection is less necessary but they do no harm.
  5. Fabulous that the famous Scottish neoprene kilt is catching on. Presumably not a Highlands clan?
  6. Welcome to Wetpixel, Mike! LOL, this is an excellent question. I suspect a good few of us who are the ones holding the camera are diving with someone else who is muttering under his/her breath, "how much longer on this damn spot", "does he/she ever look at his/her dive computer", "I'm cold/bored/unappreciated:..... ... and that's just the underwater bit. Topside: "do I really have to share my baggage allowance", "no, I'm not carrying that f***ing 230 domeport", "no officer, they're his/her cameras, yes, I'm sorry". I suspect a lot depends on how familiar the divers are with the site. In Sint Maarten here we've dived some of the sites very many times so it's more: hop-in, swim around and then surface. When it's a new site, we do agree a lot more about who leads, who follows, who might deploy an SMB if necessary etc etc. But, yeah, at various stages my buddy will make that gesture (not in the PADI manual), " do you even know I'm on this dive with you?". Life eh? Tips for the buddy of an u/w photographer? Tempting to say "don't do it".
  7. Draq mentions Sint Maarten. Good diving for sure. Water is 80F in January. Defo 5mm wetsuits! (and a vest for me). I can recommend highly Ocean Explorers who usually do 2x 2-tank dives in the morning plus a single tank later afternoon. They are close to a number of the hotels and all the life around the Simpson Bay area. There is plenty here for the non-diver, very good eateries (especially on the French side), nice beaches, friendly folks, cheap car hire, a bit of Napoleonic history to check out, shopping in Philipsburg....
  8. Maybe I've missed something, but wouldn't the 8-15 work with the FTZ on your Z9, Craig? Got to say, having followed the threads about WACPs and edge softness, I'm glad I went back to DX!
  9. Have you thought about the Sigma 15mm, Sokrates? I used that a great deal on the Nikon D800 and it became my go-to WA lens. It doesn’t need the 230 dome like the 16-35 and is great for reef shots and shots with divers. Maybe not so good for larger fish that keep their distance. The Sigma 15mm will give you an excellent FE at much less cost and bulk - and, usually, with no EXR. Few pics attached to give you an idea. I’ve found the 8-15 to be very good, oddly, on the DX-sensored D500. I also use it on my topside FFs, but on FF it’s not really a zoom but more of an option between a 15mm FE and a relatively limited circular image FE. On a DX camera there is small amount of zoom. No experience of the Nikonos - sadly!
  10. Hi sinetwo On Robert's (troporobo) recommendation we spent a week in 2017 at Buceo in Anilao. I don't know how it would fit your budget but at the time, we thought pricing was reasonable and mid-range for the area. Rooms and service were good. Given the fairly steep slopes leading to the shore, there was a bit of a climb up and down from the restaurant/dive centre to the rooms. Food was ok. Dive boats were the local "bankas" off the resort beach which were fine for diving but slightly scary for actually boarding and disembarking down a very narrow plank. It was 3 dives a day, short trips to the dive sites. There was a good camera room, the dive operation and guides were good and I came away with loads of pics that I was very happy with! Of course that was 5 years ago and pre-COVID but if we were returning to Anilao we'd check it out again.
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