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  1. Yeah, I’m with hyp. I used to always have two identical FF camera bodies, one for topside, one for u/w so I had a travel camera and a spare. But I came to realise, horses for courses, that for me DX was better for underwater and FX topside. So now it’s a D500 in a housing and a Z6 for the dry bits
  2. Nice! It's dramatic against the black background and the angle makes it interesting. A couple of thoughts: maybe you could lighten the area around the rear dorsal fin to see if it is possible to get some idea of a tail? The colour looks slightly odd to me too. Is there a slight cast to it? Maybe try a slight warming. And then, bring on the perfection, just reduce very slightly the highlights between the eyes. For me they are slightly too bright. But, like I say, nice pic. Well done.
  3. Yeah, agreed. I use their system for some of the key-wording when submitting pics to Adobe Stock - it's good. This is really useful though as once done in LR the keywords can be included in any uploads to agencies. Although not surprisingly it doesn't produce detailed underwater keywords for critters, it nevertheless does all the drudgery ones.
  4. I could be behind the curve of course but I hadn't heard before yesterday about a plug-in for LR called Wordroom. It's a download which acts as a plug-in and uses AI to produce keywords. Select a folder within LR, run the plug-in and Woodroom opens a box showing a copy of the image and offers about 30 key words. Its easy to pick and choose, add your own, delete some - whatever. Click Add to Image and all the key words chosen appear in the LR keyboarding box. Wordroom then goes into the next image and so on. I loaded it and had a play last night. For topside images it was pretty impressive. Not tried u/w yet. It was fast, suggestions sensible and helpful and beats the heck from flogging through thinking of key words. It adds emotions, movements and colours as well as the obvious features. The download is free although limits the number of images you can keyword through it a month. More info here: https://wordroom.org
  5. My experience of the 10-17 on a full frame sensor (for me the Nikon D800) was not great. They are terrific on a DX/cropped sensor but on FF not so much. Not sharp.
  6. I always had this sneaky feeling that they were the same glass.......
  7. I've put a Leak Sentinel on to various Subal housings. Really easy assuming the thread on the Sentinel is the same size as the housing. It's a 2-minute job. Barely that.
  8. I wonder if these are still around (advertised in UWP Mag) http://www.uwpmag.com/?p=underwater-photography-equipment-for-sale&show=815
  9. Hey Russ I'd suggest it's definitely worth spending a bit of money on the strobes. They (and the arms/clamps) are, generally, some of the few things that will grow with you as you move through systems - in search of nirvana. If you need to be really cost conscious, check out, say, the Inon Z240 strobes in the Classifieds. You'll see lots of WPers use them. They are reliable, light-weight, powerful enough for most situations, can be TTL'd and use AA batteries. I've been using the Inons since about 2009 and have not had the slightest glitch. The Z240 is now discontinued but you can still pick one up second hand. The successor, the Z330, is around but not too many secondhand. I can heartily recommend the Z240.
  10. I've been using whites for many years (since ?2010) and still have all of the originals ones. They've done hundreds of dives and, in Inon Z2xx strobes, usually manage 3 dives a day - unless snooting when it drops to two. Hard to fault them in any way!
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