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  1. Some really nice corals. But is it me, or this there very little marine life? A couple of blueheaded wrasse seemed about it.
  2. Wow, that's quite a story. Nice that the end came somewhere that he really wanted to be. And quick. RIP Al.
  3. It's worth a Wetpixel search on this as it has come up many times. I've been using a 45-degree one almost 14 years and think it the best u/w gear investment I have made. For macro they are ideal as they allow you to get very low and shoot upwards. For mid-water, fast-moving creatures they take some practice as the view angle isn't quite where you expect. But like all things, practice makes (almost) perfect. I guess maybe it depends to a degree on what type of photography you do. But, for macro, they are unbeatable.
  4. Sounds like an excellent Thankgiving. Good for you guys!
  5. Wow! I'm never sure whether such fabulous images inspire me.... or make me want to give-up!
  6. A little late in the day - but a very Happy Thanksgiving to all our US-based members - and anyone else who celebrates Thanksgiving! We hope the day is going well and the turkey is tasty!
  7. Hey Dog Tooth Snapper Really sorry to hear about your mishap. Sad that it ended your diving career but I hope it didn't lead to serious life-changing effects. On the sales of your camera gear, you've made 8 posts over your time with WP so no problem. Post what you have to sell and good luck with it! Best wishes
  8. Hi yazid This might also be helpful although not specifically for the D850: I found the Kenko models odd. As you wil see on this thread, some work on some camera with some lenses, others don't.
  9. Yep, I do. Works pretty well I find. Although, got to say, I tend to only use two lenses, Nikkor 60 mm and the Tokina 10-17 and between them there isn 't much need for big changes in settings. Maybe aperture, maybe shutter speed - not much else!
  10. Macclesfield?? It really is a small world. I used to live there.
  11. Really good point - thanks, Harry! Yeah sadly the D500 does not have the U1 and U2 settings.
  12. Hi juanmag As always Chris makes lots of excellent points. Having taken the APS-C to FF and back to APS-C route, I can certainly vouch from personal experience that going to FF is very tough on a budget and increases significantly the bulk and weight of the gear you have to move. Buyer beware! I have no experience of the m43 formats but lots of folks, including Chris, rate it highly. It maybe worth asking yourself one question though: why do you think your current camera body needs upgrading? Is it the AF lacks something? Do you really need more megapixels? As Chris points out, 20MB is plenty. I use a D500 with 24MB and that is loads as well. Unless you are doing really high end advertising or want massive prints, that 20-24MB range is plenty. What is the issue. Maybe it's just wearing out! I think we all get hung-up on camera body upgrades (and I'm as guilty as the next photographer) but, honestly, changing camera bodies does not make that much difference to your end product - unless as I suggest, you can identify something that is stopping you capturing the images that you want. It's having the right lens, the right lighting and, frankly, the right eye for composition that really makes the difference. I have no idea whether the Canon 7D is way past it or whether yours is grinding to a halt. As I suggest, it might be worth asking yourself first what is wrong with it; then adding that answer to the questions Chris suggests you pose: what lenses, what subjects - and then figuring out what best can deliver that for you and at what cost.
  13. As far as I know you can only assign one function to an Fn button. You can set up a whole series of settings to a Custom mode. So you could set up, say, two lots of settings to, say, Custom Setting Bank A (call it Macro) and B (Wide-Angle). You can name them anything you like. Then add those two banks (Macro and Wide-Angle whatever) into the last menu setting ("My Menu") using the Add items command. Then assign an Fn button to take you to My Menu. You then just scroll up and down between the two and hit OK. I have something like that set up to jump between AutoFP and Flash Sync Speeds. It works well enough.
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