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  1. There's someone on WP asking about Sony A7RII housings. Worth a quick search.....
  2. I'm with you: longest closest to the housing, shortest closest to the strobe. I've done this since Day 1. I have no idea why, but it works and I have never felt the need to change it. Personal preferences....
  3. Hi There certainly is: Sony and Ikelite both make one. Maybe Nauticam too?
  4. Wise words, Craig. Wise words Some years ago I moved from the 8" Subal DP-FE dome to the 230mm. One inch bigger? No big deal, I thought. Ha! I had one of the biggest shocks of my life when I unpacked the box (crate?) when the 230 arrived. I've seen smaller fish tanks. A 230 dome could define the opposite of Compact for Travel.
  5. Yeah, tricky, Howard. I've always thought one of the issues of being a serious u/w photographer is having a buddy to dive with! Someone who is either talking their own pics - or is prepared to hover close-by whilst you sit for ages (I'm sure it seems to the buddy) snapping away. As you say, on a dive trip, maybe with a DM, with people you barely know, it's difficult. Maybe you could discuss this with the DM and see if he can buddy you up with someone who wants to do something similar to you. Or the DM can stop at places where you indicate you have seen something - and then show the other divers something close by. But yeah, when its one of those all-swimming-along-in-a-line dives..... oy! After that, get a bespoke buddy. I'm delighted to say mine is fabulous. And comes in VERY handy as an u/w model for those reef shots In some ways I'm not surprised that you were a bit disappointed that the pics with the additional gear were not what you were hoping for. You added a faire degree of complexity and having got used to the vanilla flavour, moving to strawberry takes a little time to get used to. You might want to have a look at one of the excellent books - if you've not already - on u/w photog and working with strobes: Martin Edge's book - or that of our very own Alex Mustard.
  6. True, but it's rare anything goes wrong with a housing that a small screw driver can't fix for, eg, a small adjustment to how an internal lever activates a camera button. Although once you have that sorted out early in ownership it very rarely needs changing.
  7. Hey Scotzh I spent a year working in Lembeh and did 400+ dives there with my Subal D300 housing. When I sold it on the housing must have done close to 800+ dives. There was never a problem - and I never had it serviced. As Chris says, unless there is something quirky about Sea&Sea housings, I don't think you need to service them very often. A good rinse after every dive and work the buttons whilst in the rinse tank - and don't leave it unwatched there!
  8. Yeah, as I said, I gave up using a Windows program on a Mac. It was ok but extra faff and another software package to manage or pay for. And so many features of the Uwatec software were buggy. As I found and Bob too, the folks at DiveLog are really helpful and very quick to respond. And the software just works. More than you could say for the Uwatec version!
  9. Hey Sarah I’d be very wary of snorkelling with a D850/16-35 combination. Its a very heavy setup and, to get decent image edges, you would need a 230 domeport which is very expensive, and very heavy - and not that easy to travel with. I’d suggest for snorkelling use, it’s just not worth it. If diving reasonably shallow, strobes might not be necessary on a sunny day in the USVI. I’m trying to think of a metaphor for snorkelling with an 850/16-35. Maybe the opposite of playing a Wimbledon tennis final with a ping pong paddle.
  10. Hey Bob No, sorry, I haven’t. i don’t use some of the functions that Elmer mentioned. What the software does well is allow the logging and cataloging of uploaded dives from the Luna/Sol not a searchable database which can the be manipulated. The interface is attractive, easy to use and flexible. It’s got a Statistics function which will tally dives by categories, time, depth etc. It’ll record equipment used, style/type of dive, temperatures, weights, wetsuit used - all sorts of details. in short it’ll manipulate any data coming off the dive computer or the sorts of things you often add on a dive log. i can’t see that you can change any of the settings through it on the dive computer. For me this is no big deal. I pretty much only change things which can be done directly on the computer itself: time zone, O2 settings etc. I’ve used it for every dive trip now since getting it in 2016 and really like it. Easy to use, reliable, Mac-like in appearance, periodic updates. nothing really not to like!
  11. I can sure understand the feeling..... argh. I'll have to leave this to Adam. I'm sure he'll do his best.
  12. Hi Chipi I used the Sigma 15mm with my D800 setup; and, as you know, now use the Nikkor 8-15 with a D500. If I had stuck with the FX sensor I would not have kept the Sigma in addition to the 8-15. I find the 8-15 excellent - although, as I have posted before, I'm not to sure about the 8mm circular setting but that's a personal preference thing and nothing to do with the optics. One of the things I do like about the 8-15 is you can widen out from the 15mm setting before getting to a full circle image. But neither topside nor underwater would I have found a use for both the Sigma and the Nikkor,. One of them is enough and the 8-15 is The One.
  13. LOL, there might be once I've gone through my 2309 images......
  14. Ouch! That does seem a lot. Mind you, 25kgs extra IS a lot!
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