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  1. The way this is going, you might just be glad you have a pool!
  2. As Bill sets out, the only real difference is the price and the number of pixels. I've been using a Z6 above-water since shortly after they were released and really like it. Highly transportable - especially if you use the Z lenses. The FTZ adaptor works well with, eg the Nikkor 105. Images are sharp and unless you want to blow them up to mega-proportions where the Z7 may be better, the Z6 is much better value and gets the job done just fine.
  3. Hey Deb Maybe worth talking to Grays of Westminster. They run courses and certainly include wildlife. Not u/w water though. But there are plenty of those on the WP pages. https://www.graysofwestminster.co.uk I've used Grays as a supplier for years although I've not done one of their courses. The guys who runs them, Simon Stafford, is very knowledgeable.
  4. No worries. Crazy mailing price! Good luck.
  5. Pete I'd be happy to mail it to the UK for you if Fotografit will send it to me in Amsterdam for a reasonable price. Inside EU mailing for something so small is usually about €4.50. It'd be about, say, €8-€10 to mail on to the UK. I'd happily bring it to the UK to mail it for you but, Coronavirus, quarantine etc etc.... I can't get there! I've been trying since March. Only thing is, it needs to reach me before the end of the first week in July. I'm moving..... If I can help, PM me and I'll send you my address. Tim
  6. Hi! It might be worth letting potential buyers know whether they are Type 3 or Type 4 Subal ports? Good luck with the sale Tim
  7. I don't think it does anything for new ones, Matt. Just older ones. I usually run my several sets of Eneloops through the re-conditioning cycle before heading off on a trip. Using the Technoline, a recycle of 4x AA Eneloops takes about 2-3 days. I must have had some of these sets now for 10 years!
  8. Hey Matt - there are lots of battery chargers which charge and discharge rechargeable batteries a number of times which helps recondition them. I've used aTechnoline BL700 charger for my Eneloops for some years - works just fine. Ansmann also make them. No doubt others too. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Technoline-BL700N-Intelligent-battery-charger
  9. I'm now 6 months into using Wordroom and have found it very good. I've also discovered - and this is probably just me being way behind the tec curve - that's it's possible to program a shortcut key in MacOS to call up the Wordroom plug-in inside LR. So I've programmed Cmd-W which then brings up the Wordroom screen. Works a charm. I was so proud of myself .... Details are here: http://thephotogeek.com/keyboard-shortcut-lr-plugin-menu-item/
  10. I don't think so. I've got the latest version of LR (through the CC subscription) and can't see one. All the App integrations are here: https://exchange.adobe.com/creativecloud/app-integrations.html
  11. That pic framed looks terrific, Stewart. Nice work!
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