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  1. No-one said life was easy, eh Larry? A new 45-degree finder AND a snoot?? You're a brave man It will get easier though for sure!
  2. TimG

    Mark All Read

    LOL, no worries! As long as you have it now.... happy reading!
  3. One extra thought: batteries Depending how much diving you do and you location, it's worth checking out whether the battery in the computer is user replaceable and what type of battery is needed. The Shearwater sounds really good from that perspective using a AA battery and user changeable. The Uwatec Luna I mentioned has a very good battery life - easily over 150 dives - and is user changeable. It does though require a battery which isn't as easy to find as a AA. But lots of computers require them to be sent back to a servicing centre for a battery change,. This can be a MAJOR pain.
  4. Hey Andrey There was someone advertising one for sale on the Classifieds a few weeks ago. Ahh, you found them! Good luck with it. They are brilliant devices.
  5. TimG

    Mark All Read

    There is indeed, BigJeff. If you look at the top right hand side of the page there should be 3 options: Latest Activity, All Activity and Mark Site Read. Pick the last one and Bingo! I find using the Latest Activity the best way to keep up to date.
  6. Hi waterpixel You're going to get tons of advice on this - everyone has their own favourite! Air integration is helpful for sure - one less gauge to travel with and one less gauge to check. You can sometimes find that underwater strobes firing can momentarily break the link between the air transmitter and the computer. At least it does sometimes with my Uwatec Luna - and did with earlier Uwatec models too. But the connection establishes quite quickly. I'd suggest screen sizes depends on your eye sight! If you like small and can read it easily, go small. If not, go big. Manufacturer: Uwatec? Suunto? You can't really go wrong. I'm sure others will suggest other things. I've had Uwatecs since the mid 1990s and have never had a problem with any of them. I ran a dive resort in the Lembeh Straits some time back and sold loads of Suuntos. Customers were always happy with them. There was a discussion on WP some months back about the pros and cons of attaching the computer to the housing rather than on your wrist.
  7. Hi Mike If you are selling/buying through the Wetpixel Classifieds, I'd suggest being guided by how long the buyer/seller has been a member - how many posts they have made. Anecdotally transactions seem to go well, certainly based on comments on the website, with few problems. I must have made over a dozen transactions over the last 10+ years and have never had a problem. As lambee01 suggests, PayPal is an option though I have found too that the fee is a a pain and the exchange rates less than competitive. If a buyer wants to pay by PayPal I usually ask that they cover the fee - although, of course, it's all part of the negotiation. I must admit I prefer a bank transfer but I can understand buyers being a bit wary. On shipping, I usually wait until the money has either arrived in my bank or until PayPal notify me that payment has been made. For non-WP sales, I'm much more wary. I've been on the receiving end of a couple of serious scam attempts after advertising sales on Underwater Photography magazine (UWP). Not the fault of the publication at all.
  8. True whether shooting above or below water.
  9. It’s like playing whack a mole!
  10. Hi P.N.N Yeah, as ewe suggests, a lot of the Wetpixel crowd use Lightroom (me included) - although there are a few that object to the cost and prefer other things. For some years now I have been using the Adobe package which bundles Lightroom (LR) and Photoshop (PS) for about £10 a month. You automatically get upgrades included. For about £120 a year I think it's pretty good. I use LR for about 95% of all the importing, indexing, cataloguing and editing - and only occasionally use PS for the serious removal of unwanted elements of an image. Generally LR can do most things - and do it well. For indexing and cataloguing I think it's terrific. I've got about 46,000 images on LR. I reckon I have been using LR since its first inception and have found the investment in time and effort to learn it well worthwhile. Compared to PS it is highly intuitive.
  11. Loupedeck have now made the promised How To videos available: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAdPB7ujOBhcx1EoMk4-i0A/videos
  12. Chaps, although everyone loves a debate, let's keep it vaguely around diving and u/w photography, eh? Happily we have managed to avoid discussion over Brexit, US Presidents, Boris Johnson, Venezuela, Iran, the inequities of poverty, Islamic State..... etc. WP is generally a haven of calm and cooperation. It's our happy place. Let's keep it that way, eh?
  13. No worries, Stefano. Not everything in this world is easy to explain, eh? I'm sure you'll find, for the most part, the WP system is very good and easy to use. And the Classified sales definitely work. I've sold loads of things without the slightest problem.
  14. TimG


    Just to add to Bill's comment, here are the Wetpixel policies for posts selling equipment:
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