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  1. I've got this and it's extremely high quality enabling all sorts of positioning. Mind you, it should for what it cost! I bought it as a stand for a strobe with a snoot. http://www.inon.jp/products/armsystem/uwtripod.html I'd guess that this strobe/snoot combination weighs a good bit more than an SLR system essentially balanced for neutral or slightly negative buoyancy. So it should take the weight no problem. Various leg lengths - or telescopic legs - are available
  2. My pleasure, Mirko Yeah, definitely worth taking a look around before you decide. Housings and the associated ports are expensive items and can be, sadly, rather disposable as you change equipment and systems. A new housing probably drops 60%+ of its value almost immediately. I'd figure that a D3100 housing would now have almost no value. Indeed it might be worth you advertising on the Classifieds that you could be interested in buying one. You might find you could get one for a couple of hundred dollars that you could then play around with before deciding next steps. As I wrote, a strobe and the associated arms are much longer investments and, chosen well, will grow with you. So think carefully about them, I'd suggest, and buy well! You'll see a number of posts from my moderator colleague, Chris Ross, about seeing a DSLR system as a total package rather than just buying a "housing". It's wise to give it quite some thought and planning otherwise you can end up spending a lot more money than you expected - and disappointed at the same time. Not a great mix!
  3. Hi Mirko Welcome to Wetpixel! It's always very tempting to use the camera you already have and then pursue the housing etc. I think a few of us though would offer a word of caution. €1750 is an awful lot of money to spend on a housing (and lens) and bits for a camera as old as the D3100. The housing and camera will have almost no resale value if, when, you decide you might want to upgrade it. In terms of technology and key underwater elements such as autofocus, the D3100 is really old. You may well be able to put together a much better system for less money by taking a look at the Wetpixel Classified s and see what more modern systems are on offer and the price. This will give you an idea whether it's worth putting €1750 into what is, sorry, an effectively obsolete system. Bear in mind too, that a housing a lens (and its port) are only the start. If you are going to go down the DSLR route, you'll need a strobe (maybe two) and arms etc. These are long-term investments in your system which yo make have already planned. As I say, I can certainly understand you wanting to use the camera you have especially if its in good condition. But I'd be very wary of spending that sort of money without seeing what else you might be able to buy first. As I'm sure you will see my moderator colleague, Chris, has written many times, when you start on a DSLR system you are looking at a total package of expensive gear. You need to see it in terms of a total package from the outset - not just buying a housing.
  4. Hey Wetpixel buddies I'm looking for a 230 domeport for a Subal series 4 port. Zen or Subal. It's for a specific project to shoot some over/unders. If you have one you're interested in selling and it's in good condition please drop me a PM. Many thanks! Tim
  5. Is the 230 Subal dome still available?
  6. As a former long-term Inon Z220/Z240 user, I'd agree entirely with what Barmaglot has to say. And they are indeed one of the few items of u/w gear that sell for a good price and indeed quickly.
  7. Yeah, I thought the same thing. Is there not a trigger mechanism that you can get?
  8. Sint Maarten: really good diving, warm water (29 degrees), easy to reach via AMS or CDG (9-10 hours). Friendly folk, good food, excellent rum, loads of marine life. "Orange" COVID list - but because of the warmth and outdoor lifestyle, COVID doesn't have a major impact on most activities.... Yeah, could be tough for most of next year.....
  9. Hi DynamicDivers I was always a big fan of TTL with macro going back to the days of the Nikon D300 and using a Heinrich Weikamp TTL controller with Inon Z240 strobes. It worked really well. I usually used it too for wide-angle and, for the most part, that worked well too. I switched to Retra strobes 18 months ago and have found I use TTL much less. Certainly for wide angle I almost now never use TTL. A couple of test exposures at the beginning of a dive and I then have the ambient light setting about right - then using the strobes as fill-ins or to highlight a particular section of the reef. I really don't miss TTL. For portrait shooting, I think you would operate the same, get the ambient exposure levels right and then playing around with the strobe setting to get the right level of fill. It'd probably take a bit of experimentation to know what works best for your particular system but once you have worked that out, I doubt you'd miss TTL that much.
  10. Good luck on the repair. I'm using the Nikkor 8-15 as well and just switched the other day from the 10-17 to 8-15. I read an article (or maybe it was on the Wetpixel Live stream) comparing the 10-17 and the 8-15 where Alex M thought there wasn't much difference in IQ between the two when used on a DX sensor. Certainly not enough to justify the price difference. I had the 8-15 anyway so I thought I'd give it a go myself and take a look. Very early days and I've not really had chance to compare the two closely but certainly the 8-15 images with a 8" dome look pretty sharp.
  11. Doesn't the lens have its own motor which is driven and linked to the camera by the the pins on the lens? I would do that with pleasure but am not at home for the next week or so - sorry. I know though I am using whatever the latest upgrades are for the D500. You could check that on the Nikon firmware upgrade website. I was using my 10-17 only last week and it was fine.
  12. Yeah, agreed - hence my suggestion of a dodgy or dirty pin
  13. Wow, that is really annoying. No chance you can send the lens back, I guess?
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