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  1. There will always be a cold one (or several) in the fridge for you. I look forward to seeing you out here - and our water is a delightful shade of blue unlike Dave's. (Green???? WTF???)
  2. Wow, safe and happy travels, Robert. And a very happy and looooong retirement. I really hope we’ll see you here from time to time.
  3. I know Sony systems are a bit odd for fisheye lenses, but if you want to use a small dome (say 100mm), a fisheye or fisheye and 1.4TC works well - and the later provides CFWA.
  4. Plastic boxes are a good way to store your system on a boat - if there is room. Often on dive trips I’ll buy a cheap laundry basket and give it away at the end to the dive centre. If space is at a premium, a cool bag works well, offers some protection, if leakproof, can be a rinse tank, can be bundled up when not in use….. and can usually be carried one-handed which is an advantage when lugging loads of dive gear.
  5. Maybe not at the start! It times time and lot of practice.... but you'll get there. If it's any consolation, my setup cost a lot more than my car
  6. Another option I’ve used is household paint containers. Empty of course!
  7. I don't know Wolfgang. I just had a quick look on the Cinebags website as I thought they had a suitable bag and I am very happy with mine: a quality product. (at a price!)
  8. This maybe, Wolfgang? https://www.cinebagsunderwater.com/product-page/cb73-port-pouch-fish- I've got the Grouper case and it’s excellent
  9. Orange Cup corals? Tubastraea coccinea
  10. Seems to have worked!
  11. Wow, these are very cool! Nice work.
  12. Hi James As Chris says, your questions are not inappropriate at all. Far from it. It's just, as Chris says, Pavel is the expert in this area and it's a board he may well have designed. No-one so far has been able to help resolve the issue for you - but Pavel may well be able to do just that. Hence our suggestion. If you aren't comfortable contacting him, that's fine. Entirely your call. It could be that at some stage someone does have the solution or a good suggestion and will respond here. Both Chris and I are just trying to help.
  13. Curious. As Chris has suggested, why not drop Pavel a message at UWT? He's terrifically helpful and may well be able to figure out what might be going and what, possibly, could be the solution.
  14. Why not take a look at second hand Inon Z-240s? They'd be ideal for both the macro and short distance wide-angle that you mention. Until the Z330 came along, for many of us the Z240 was the GoTo strobe. Relatively inexpensive, highly reliable and good light output. You'd be hard to beat them second hand if you're looking to get below $400. Second hand ones appear on the Classifieds page from time-to-time. Do bear in mind though that strobes are one of the few items that tend to stay when you move on with your system. We all go through camera bodies and housings, but choose strobes well and you have them for many years. My Z240s went for more than 15 years. You've spent a lot of money on the camera and housing. Going cheap on strobes would not, in my view, be a great way to go. You'll end up buying replacements..... Choose well, buy once.
  15. Interesting. Each time I have had this isuse I have never been able to detect any kind of abrasion on the surface of the glass. It's just that a "bloom" seems to have appeared on the surface. But you can't "feel" it. Yep, a "cloud" effect when held up to the light with dark and light patches. And, yes, not generally visible when is water. There must be someone in the WP membership who can explain what's going on........ any chemists out there? Glass experts?
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