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  1. If you are starting off seems to me perfectly reasonable to be concentrating on getting the shot rather than, perhaps, thinking more about how you might take the shot. That will come though with time and experience. Most important thing is to enjoy the moment! Good advice from hyp though. The sooner you can get away from shooting down, the faster your images will get better and be more satisfying.
  2. Wow, not see that before. A very neat solution and those Flexarms are good indicators for a boat crew where to grab the system
  3. Just as Davide explains. Without the cutouts you can't push the strobe arms forward. It's not obvious until you find you can't do it without the cutouts! (Been there, learned that one!)
  4. Yeah, Chris is right, it does "look" bulky but when you actually handle the system, it really isn't. I tried the Inon Mega Floats in size M. Got to say I hated them. They are REALLY bulky!
  5. Yeah, I really like that dive computer set up. Like you I use the Nikkor 105mm a lot. I usually use it with a snoot on the Retra Prime. The pilot light on that is good enough not to need a focus light. However, when I was messing about trying to work out the best Stix arrangement on the cross arm, I did find that if you use 2x whole Jumbo Stix plus 2x 1/2 Jumbo Stixs (ie, cut one in half), you could position all the Stix in such a way that there was space to screw a ball mount on to the 10" arm (it has a handy screw hole fitting on it!). So the arrangement was 1.5x Stix - Space (for Focus light mount) - 1.5x Stix. You reduce the buoyancy by 1x Stix ( so -181gms) but have space for a focus light if you need it. Just to give you an idea, with the Nikon D500/Nikkor 105mm and the Subal FP-FC105VR port plus 2x Retra Prime strobes and one Retra LSD snoot, I found I needed a total of 12x Jumbo Stix and this made my system slightly positively buoyant.
  6. Hey Dan I ran into the same issue. My solution was a 10" arm across the top of the housing then using 2x triple clamps to hold that. See photo. You then attach the usual arms in the spare clamp space. The extra 4x jumbo Stix provides 726gms of extra buoyancy. I've found this works really well and its very good for handing the system up or down. It's not as bulky as it may appear and, as you can see, it provides the perfect place for the dive computer. One thing I would suggest if you go this route, get triple clamps with the cutouts.
  7. Hey Mike - sorry, too late. I've found and bought one already.
  8. Ooh right, yeah, thanks Davide - I thought it'd be that. (Having one of those days - drowning in work (ie not WP) emails!)
  9. "Stix bad experience"? What happened, Davide?
  10. “May as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb”?
  11. Hey Sal You can send a private message to any WP member by clicking on their user name. This will produce a box which offers Message as an option. Best wishes Tim
  12. Found one! Always shop local..... I could not find this lens anywhere in the UK, Europe or the US. Backordered everywhere and for months. So on a whim I took a stroll into our local town and, bingo, the shop that sells camera gear had 2 of them. And at a good price too. I was tempted to buy them both. If anyone is looking for a Nikkor AF-S 60mm let me know and I'll check if the shop has one left.
  13. Wow, annoying. Is it possible your hot shoe sync cable is faulty or not firmly plugged into the hot shoe? Or trigger?
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