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    Sunlight reefs, warm seas, good food and fine wine. And Manchester City Football Club.

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About Me

A former British diplomat, I've been a PADI, BSAC and DAN Instructor for many years.

After retiring from the world of diplomacy, I spent a year as the dive manager at a resort in the Lembeh Straits. Eventually bored of eating lotuses, I went back to trying to Save the World (see Forlorn Hope: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forlorn_hope) spending almost three years in Afghanistan where, amongst other things, I taught diving to my colleagues. Interviewed once by a Canadian broadcaster about teaching scuba diving in Afghanistan, I was asked what was the biggest challenge: "a complete lack of water". How we laughed!

I'm a consultant in pre- or post-conflict stabilisation operations, have just ended a two year spell in Mali, and am based in Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.

I've been photographing underwater since 1999 and selling images for a few years.


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