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  1. Brilliant!!!! Thanks ever so much. Ordered!
  2. Hey guys Christmas is coming and I thought I might treat my 22-year old ULCS arms to new o-rings.... They deserve it. I know they are 1" o-rings but does anyone know the exact size to use for ordering; and, maybe as important, a good place to order them from? I just took a look on Bluewater's website and a pack of 25 ULCS o-rings were $6.95 (sounds fair enough) but the $10.95 shipping to Miami didn't sound great! A pack of 25 would be perfect. Thanks
  3. Hi Christoffer I can understand your disappointment. The aim of course is for newcomers - who are very welcome - not to sign up with 3 "random" posts so that they can sell equipment. As you rightly say, that is no help to anyone. Spammers and Scammers have been and, sometimes, continue to be an issue on this website as they are for many others.. We have done our best over the years to try and protect Wetpixel members from both the annoyance of these characters - and from the potential fraud issues. By and large the 3-post rule is usually observed and generally understood. However you are right of course, one or two new members have struggled a bit with the concept. But we hope they come to appreciate that we are trying to protect and keep this community as a valuable, helpful and friendly resource. Sales on Wetpixel are largely trouble-free and we want to keep it that way. I hope you'll find Wetpixel and its members provide a wealth of knowledge that is shared freely and helpfully to the benefit of us all and without the annoyance of Scammers.
  4. Thanks, Chris. Sounds quite a trip! It certainly must count as one of the more remote locations.
  5. Hey Christof Great to have you with us. Welcome! Although we appreciate your intent, posts like these are really not the spirit of Make 3 Posts Before You Can Post A Sale. We do ask folks, please, to post 3 real posts...... So with apologies, we've suspended your Classified sale post until you've done that.
  6. Yep. And for the technical community, water temperature was 27-28 degrees Centigrade - 82 degrees Fahrenheit
  7. WOW! I've just finished the 8th dive on the same battery. No use of LiveView at all but the camera was switched on for the duration of each dive - all of which were in the 45 -55 minute range. I took 682 RAW images and the camera is still reporting the battery as having 25% charge left. The battery is an EN-EL15b. The QR code gives its date as 2018 but it isn't that old. It's either 2020 or 2021, I Can't be sure which. But a pretty good rate of return in terms of images!
  8. Yeah, I heard about this when I was using the pop-up on a D800 to activate my Z240 strobes. It persuaded me to get a (UWT) trigger as it was apparent you could not get a full dump from the strobes triggering from the D800's pop-up. And then, of course, ?most manufacturers removed the pop-ups anyway.
  9. I'm running a test at the moment. I've now done 6 dives (3 days x 2 dives - probably around 5 hours in total) and plan to do another 2 tomorrow. Still on the same battery...... The camera has been on for the duration of each dive but I never use LiveView. I'll report the total number of pics when I finish.......
  10. No! Assuming you didn’t really jam on it to get it on, it should come off with a push.
  11. I'm with Barmaglot too on not using TTL (but used too all the time with macro some years back) - usually Manual but, as he says, the HSS is very useful especially for those shots into the sunball on the reef
  12. toque Pavel Kolpakov is the man to talk to: Mr UWT. He's often on the website, a seriously helpful guy, so I'm sure he'll comment fairly soon.
  13. Yeah, that’s a fair comment, Draq. I’d say about 250-300 shots from a full charge
  14. Not what my partner usual says, but thanks, Mags Very happy to help
  15. We've just been discussing this on a post that MAGS started about the D500 in a Subal housing. I've had the D500 since 2107 and have done around 500 dives with it. I get about the same battery life as you: 3 dives for sure - I might squeeze out a 4th if I didn't take that many pics in the first 3 dives. I must admit I have always been very happy with this. A full day's shooting on one battery - works for me. I never thought that this might be less than perhaps it should be. I've got 3x batteries, two of which are starting to get slightly creaky but still can turn out 3 dives.
  16. Yeah, if I remember rightly, the D500 was the first Nikon to drop the built-in flash - other than the Dx flagships gripped bodies.
  17. Wow, thanks Dann-Oh I'd be fascinated to hear how this works out in practice.
  18. I'm not sure a dishwasher solution will do it but worth a shot if there's nothing gritty in it. As Chris says, prevention is better than cure but I think many of us have had the problem. I've found "Mothers Water Spot Remover" works fairly well. I've tried loads of other things (including Coke - not tried though the Taste of a Young Generation, ie Pepsi: I figure Coke is the Real Thing), screen/sunglass cleaner and none of them have worked. Again, as Chris explains, there is quite a long thread about this so worth doing a search. If you search on Mothers Water Spot I think you'll find it.
  19. Mags Try changing setting C2 (Standby Timer) in the Custom Settings menu and extend the default 6 seconds to whatever you want: 10s, 30s or more.......
  20. Hi Mags I'm glad it went well. Do post some pics! As Chris says, I can offer some thoughts on the D500 and Subal. Q1. I can pretty much always get 3 dives out of a D500 battery - and even then there is usually enough life left to maybe squeeze in a 4th dive. I'd suggest getting a couple of new batteries. (I never use Liveview though!) Q2. Let me check and I'll come back to you. I'm sure you can extend the time before the display switches off. Q3. I use both the 60mm and Tokina 10-17 (and the Nikkor 105mm). Are you thinking of a diopter to reduce the closest focusing distance? Or magnify the image? If so, there are a number ofd ways: a. You can screw a close-up lens to the 60m lens inside the port. b. You can attach a close up lens to the front of the 60mm flat port using a bracket which lets you swing the lens into or out of position. Check out the SubSea diopters and holders. I'm not aware of anything you can do with the Tokina other than using a 1.4 Teleconvertor which will give you a slightly reduced field of view but allow you to get incredibly close to the subject - pretty much touching the dome. Q4. With the Tokina I use either a 100mm dome port or the DP-FE4. Both work well. The 100mm allows you to get very close without risking smacking a bigger dome; and gives more room to squeeze strobes into the housing to light very close or CFWA shots. I'm sure you can use other domes (230 for example!) but it becomes a bit pointless. The 100mm dome is not very good for over/unders; but the DP-FE4 isn't bad.
  21. You could try either diluted white vinegar (50/50 with warm water); or, less effective, warm demineralised water. I'm not sure I'd leave the whole dome soaking in the white vinegar solution but if you wet, say, a cloth or towel and laid it over the glass and leave it overnight. You could leave the dome in demineralised water until cockroaches no longer inhabit the planet.......
  22. Hey DorianTsai! Well done breaking cover! Any info or advice you might need on your trip, just yell. I think between the members on this forum, they've been and dived most places! Best wishes
  23. It’d be interesting to see a pic, Craig, with a clamp on it. I’ve never seen a muck stick that wasn’t just a rod of steel with a wrist strap on it.
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