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  1. Yeah, do. I'm sure you'll like the lens. It's an ideal combination with the D500.
  2. Yep, that's the one - the newer 60mm. They were certainly (almost) impossible to find a few months back. Rather than hunting around online, I'd suggest a visit to your local camera shop if you have one (are there any left in the UK?) and see if they have a lens gathering dust on a shelf.....
  3. Good call, sinetwo - especially compared to the big dome option. One thing you may come across, the Nikkor 60m has been very hard indeed to find recently. I bought mine around May time and couldn't find one in Europe, the US or the UK. I ended up finding one here in Sint Maarten (doh!). The shop had two of them and I was almost tempted to buy them both and stick one on eBay! (Thanks on the shark pic! Classic image here in Sint Maarten)
  4. Hey Wolfgang. I've had one version or another of the Sentinel for maybe 5-6 years starting with, I think the V2 - its now the V5. I've had to change the battery maybe twice. Since V4 it has been possible to switch the system off after setting the vacuum - and then switch it back on, eg, the next morning pre-diving. So the system is not left switched on overnight - so saving battery life. Hard to put a number of dives on it but I'd say 150 no problem. It's an easy to find battery and, with the XB version, very easy to change. It was slightly fiddlier with the V4 unit - but not that difficult.
  5. Hi sinetwo I'm using a 60mm on a D500 (and a 105 too). I've found this good for both macro (very good indeed) and for fish portraits. Can't compare it to the 17-70 though. But the D500 and the 60mm has, for me, been a great combination. Some examples:
  6. Hi ido Check out the Vivid Leak Sentinel. Lots of us on Wetpixel have been using one of the various models for some years and really trust them. The boss at Vivid, Miso, is really helpful and provides superb customer service. The link is here: https://www.vividhousings.com/leak-sentinel.php There is a version 5 too but I'm not sure why the website does't show it. If you google around you'll find lots of references to it. I've got the V5 "XB" version. I can heartily recommend it. In that version the electronics and battery are inside the housing rather than all contained in one unit like the V4.
  7. Hey Michael Congrats on the new gear. I can heartily recommend Inon Z240 (now second hand ) or Z330 or the Retra Prime and Pro. If you have the cash, go for the Retras! I had Inons for almost 20 years and rated them highly. I then bought Retra and find them superb in terms of quality of light, ability to manipulate the light with snoots, reflectors and masks - use rechargeable AAs and are easily portable. I rate them well above the Inons.
  8. Err, yeah, that sounds like it's the strobe. Argh! Hope the rest of the trip goes well.
  9. Possible misalignment of the camera in the housing - with pressure being applied to a button? Or maybe a jammed housing button?
  10. Some thoughts next to the items. Usually I reckon you have done very well if you get about 40% of new. Strobes, arms clamps can sell for maybe bit more.
  11. Alex, if it helps you or anyone who contacts you, I've got a Retra LSD mount for the Inon Z240/330 series available.
  12. LOL, yeah, I think many of us where there at one time or another! But I've seen the iPhone SeaLife housing being used many times and it is very impressive.
  13. SeaLife also make a good iPhone underwater housing which seems to fit pretty much all iPhone models. I've seen the results which, yep, seem pretty impressive for video - even stills in shallow-ish water.
  14. Super - thanks, Cris. And, again, to you and the guys, apologies.
  15. Simple. Easy. Underwater. Photography. There’s 4 words you never read in one sentence. Good luck with it, Stenella. You know where to come if you need more conflicting advice.
  16. No worries, John. We’ll resurrect this as soon as poss.
  17. Hey ashic The Inons have a great reputation over the life of the Z240, the Z330s predecessor. I had Inons for more than 15 years and thought them great (that was the Z220 then the Z240). As you say, compact, reasonably powerful, use AA batteries and work very well with Eneloop rechargables. All I've read of the Z330 so far has been extremely positive. (Let me just re-state I have now switched to Retras) Personally I'd be slightly wary of the YSs given the number of issues I've read about on WP with the D2 version. Maybe that's not such an issue with the D3. It's always possibly of course you can get a rogue model of any gadget. But, from all I've seen, read and experienced, I'd give the Inons a Big Thumbs Up.
  18. Guys I'm so sorry but this has crash-landed for the moment. Despite the best efforts of Bill and I, we can't guarantee the cable reaching me before I leave for the UK next week. There's not much point in it arriving in Sint Maarten just after I left - which has become an increasing possibility. I will be making the same trip though in a couple of months. Once dates look clearer we can do a quick whizz round to see who remains interested and take it from there. So apologies - and many thanks to Bill for the offer and support. We should be able to revisit all this a little later.
  19. About time, John! Welcome aboard. Good to have you with us. Finally.
  20. Oh right thanks. Yeah, I remember this now. Yeah, he wasn't using a Retra strobe.
  21. Oh right - I don't remember seeing that. Thanks. Oskar from Retra often looks in so can always comment.
  22. There is a convertor for the Retras to enable electrical connections. You can see it in the Retra website.
  23. Really sorry to hear how COVID has impacted on you. I hope you are able to recover before too long. Not an easy time, I'm sure. Good luck with the sale. The Z330s are in demand so you should be ok. Best wishes
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