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  1. Hmmm, I'd like to say Yes but, honestly, it's not certain. 10 years old is 2012 and it was around then that there was the option. I don't know when Subal turned that off. Maybe they didn't for the production run of the ND800 and then the ND810 was Type 4 only? For sure the ND500 was Type 4 only and that was around ?2016. If you take a look on the Backscatter website they are selling an ND800 housing with a Type 3 port. I didn't see mention of a manufacturing date.. I'd suggest if you are looking for an ND800 you need to specify that it's a Type 4 you want; and get the seller to confirm it is that specification when it's offered. There have been one or two for sale on the WP Classifieds in recent months.
  2. Hi! I think the change was made about 2012. If I remember rightly, the D800/800e housings were at the point where you could choose to have Type 3 or Type 4. I've seen both ports sizes for sale on ND800 housings. The only way to be absolutely sure is from the width of the port opening. The Type 3 is smaller than the Type 4. The Type 4 came about as the circumference of lenses was increasing.
  3. I wanted the challenge.. ;-) 16 hours on the road and I think we passed maybe 20 cars, a couple of road trains and some very lonely gas stations.....
  4. I bet! I thought Ningaloo was a challenge to get to - driving from Perth - but Rowley is something else! Good for you, mate
  5. Many thanks, waterpixel. I've dropped EHT an email.
  6. Nice, Chris! You make it look very inviting. The soft coral shots are super.
  7. Sure, quite understand. I'd need someone to bring a group from Port Ghalib to Luxor. And then a day touring Valley of the Kings. I'd guess about 12 seats.
  8. Could you let me have details?
  9. Hi toque Curiously I was about to post a similar question. I've organised a liveaboard trip for 24 people next August that leaves from Port Ghalib (the port close to Marsa Alam). A number of the group (me included) will be flying into Cairo with the intention of an internal flight to Marsa and then the 40 mins or so drive to Port Ghalib. An alternative would be to fly to Hurghada and then about a 4 hour drive to Port Ghalib. Previous experience of this kind of trip with Egypt Air has never thrown up any problems of moving dive gear and cameras - but I've not looked at the latest baggage guidelines - and most things there are "negotiable". I'm also exploring how best to move a group of people between Port Ghalib, Luxor and Marsa Alam and was going to ask if anyone can recommend a reliable bus/limo operator. I've done this without a problem some years back but my info is out of date.
  10. Just done 2 dives this morning in awful (for Sint Maarten) viz caused by swells. 70 images recorded and camera showing 62% charge left with my oldest battery - an EN-EL15 (not an a, b or c model) Here's the settings: Mode: M Shutter: Between 1/40 and 1/125 ISO: 200 Aperture: f11 or f13 AF-C (not AF-S) XQD = RAW SD = RAW WB Auto0 DX Single Shot Notes: Only very short image reviews; No LiveView; Lens Tokina 10-17 so no VR; Standby Timer (c2) 6secs; Matrix Metering Like I said, nothing unusual in any of that.
  11. Woooohooooo! I remember it well. That was also my first real underwater camera - in a Subal housing although I almost went for the Tetra. Welcome SDGH!
  12. Interesting thread in that link. Thanks. Hmmm, makes me think a couple of things: - make sure the Wifi/Bluetooth bits and bobs are switched off - turn off VR - maybe reduce the standby timer to as little as you really need. (I know Mags was keen to increase hers) - it made me wonder whether using a WA lens (rather than macro) also reduces battery power usage. The 682 images I took on less than one full battery were all using a Tokina 10-17. So minimal - almost no - focus hunting or shifting. That said I have used either a 60mm or 105mm (VR off) loads of times and have never really noticed a battery drain that caused me any kind of concern.
  13. Sure, but they were nothing special. Focus set to AF-S; mode on Manual,; varying shutter speeds from around 1/60 to about 1/400. UWT trigger (which allows high speed sync (HSS) with my Retra strobes); fibre optic cables; f stops between f8 and f22; No Liveview; minimal image review between shots; camera switched on throughout dive with sleep on default setting; focus centre-weighted. I plan on diving today and will be using the same settings so I can check further. But, as I say, really nothing special or unusual. Apart from using HSS a bit , I use pretty vanilla settings. I must admit I was surprised by the battery life. I usually change batteries at the end of each dive day but pushed it as an experiment to see just how long it’d last. I used my setup just as normal not taking any special efforts or changes.
  14. Interesting thought. I've only got VR on the Nikkor 105mm and never use that feature underwater.
  15. No, I was puzzled and came close to deleting it. I guess "Mr Bud" is a gift from Auto-Correct
  16. Hope you have time to get down to Giza for the pyramids. The main Cairo suq is a very cool visit too. The Tutankhamun section in the Cairo museum is amazing; and the new Grand Egyptian Museum is due to open next year too.
  17. I believe the Wagner Barracks may no longer be available. Renovation?
  18. I've been loads of times but not in recent years so don't want to suggest a hotel. Things may have changed a bit of course given "recent events", but the 1990s sleepy fishing village of Sharm became Sharmsagrad since then.
  19. Thanks Jock! 2 years, 22 years… it’s in the ball park, right?! I’d seen the ULCS guidance in those first two paras but, curiously, not the part you highlighted in bold which is super helpful. Thanks! The original ones might need explosives to remove them. They are SOLID!
  20. Hi Christoffer Just to confirm, as I explained, your Classified post wasn’t deleted - just suspended until you had made the three appropriate posts required under the new members policy. Best wishes Tim
  21. Brilliant!!!! Thanks ever so much. Ordered!
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