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  1. I've had a P2000 for about 18 months and have found it excellent. It will download about 4GB of pics between charges; and I have no problem viewing RAW files with it.
  2. Add another vote for the Nikkor 12-24 in the If I Had Only One W/A Lens competition. Its also a terrific topside lens - which the 10.5 definitely is not. I used the 12-24 a lot underwater until I bought the 10.5! It can produce some cracking results once you get used to working out how to avoid the distortion - which is perfectly do-able underwater where straight lines are unusual. A picture of a diver approaching a wall reef - see attached - demonstrates this nicely. I must have been 18" away from the fan coral. But if I had to have only one lens, it would be the 12-24
  3. Uwatecs with Inons or Nikonos: no problems for me over 6 years.
  4. I use the 18-70mm underwater and quite like it. But the 18-200 VR for topsides is very nice!
  5. I've had three Subal housings over the last 6-7 years: one for CP5000, the D100 and now the D200. No problems at all with latches. Like Luiz, I find they take some effort to depress and twist.
  6. Thanks Martyn! I've had this problem with my Inon 220s and NiMh batteries. Its been driving my crazy. Thanks for identifying a fix.
  7. Yeah, I agree with Lndr (I still havn't made it to Jervis Bay: shame on me!) start with a 12-24 using the Subal DP-FE2 port and gear ring (which makes the zoom work). If that works well, take a look at the 10.5 which, I agree, is harder to use but can produce some spectacular results. That uses the DP-FE2 too without an extension ring and no gears. So one port, two lenses.
  8. Hi Graham I'm selling a Subal D10 housing and two Nikon D100s. All in perfect condition.
  9. Yep, I've used Rawshooter Elements and liked it so much I upgraded to Premium. Its excellent. But Pixmantec have sold out to Adobe and Lightroom Beta is the result. Like others have found, its fun to play around with, but I can't say I have got into it. And there are presumably features I cannot find - like how do you move things offline for storage and still be able to search on keywords? An as Acroporas says, manual, what manual? Three pretty useless lines. Gotta say I was disappointed. I thought Rawshooter was terrific. And I thought I would get something really good from Adobe. Maybe the final release version will be better.
  10. I use a big soft cooler bag too - about $20 from an outdoors shop. Fill it up with water, slosh it around for a while then pour the water away - then, yep, stick a damp towel over it all to drive home. Seems to work just fine.
  11. I've had my two Z220s for about 2 years and they have been terrific. No problem lighting a 10.5 in lightish water. I'm not so sure about the deeper, darker bits. Has anyone found that getting the strobes to start charging can be a bit of a challenge if they havn't been used for a while? I keep wondering if its maybe slightly dirty/greasy contacts- but I can't pin down the cause. It usually takes me several attempts and changing/polishing batteries to get the strobes up and running - then they are as good as gold.
  12. Hey guys I'm ready to go with my Nikon D200 and Subal D20 housing. But I'd appreciate advice on my Inon Z220 strobes. On my old Nikon D100/Subal D10 systems I was able to get the Inon Z220 modelling and laser light to work as advertised by connecting the strobe through the housing 5-pin option (rather than the 3-pin connection which fired the strobe but did not allow the operation of the modelling light and laser). However the Subal D20 housing manual has dire warnings about not using the 5-pin option with anything other than S-TTL strobes: which the Z220 is not. Has anyone explored this - and overcome the issue without frying their D200 electronics? Thanks!
  13. Count me in too as a spare body carrier. It has always seemed to me that the cost of a second body compared to the cost of most dive trips is good insurance. And, as several people have pointed out, having a second body for topside shots sure beats trying to tear a camera out of a housing to catch the shot of a lifetime.
  14. My vote would be for the Nikkor 12-24 as well. Its expensive but is an excellent lens - for topside too. Its hard to light an area as wide as the 12-24 will cover with only one strobe. Although a Magic Filter (from Alex Mustard) might do the trick instead of a strobe.
  15. Hi SD I've managed get PSE4 to read the D200 RAWs in the Album mode by using the free RAW plug-in 3.2. However the program doesn't show a thumbnail for my PSAlbum images which I have moved offline! So if its not one problem, its another. I'l check out iView too. Thanks.
  16. Oh yeah!!!! Thanks John, great idea.
  17. Hi Nige I agree! Drop an email to Carey at Seaoptics in Adelaide (!). carey@seaoptics.com.au They have a nice line in chunky neoprene covers. I bought one for my DP-FE2 which is just the job. I doubt they cost much to mail to the UK from Aus. The other Subal thing I love is the plastic rear cover for the ports. Once you have got that baby on the DP-FE2 it is a real joy to remove. Do they self-glue to the port?
  18. Hi! I have the 10.5 and 12-24. The 12-24 is easier to use than the 10.5 and you will probably get pictures that you like more quickly. The 10.5 is trickier to use but can produce spectacular results. And the 12-24 is much more use topside. Its a cracking lens- and I would suggest you start with that. The 60 and 105 are a bit the same. The 60 is esier to use but the 105 will get some pretty amazing results; and I would vote it as the lens of choice for those pygmy seahorses - and small critters. The 60mm is great for fish portraits. Again, I started with a 60mm and added a 105mm.
  19. Hey Guys I'm selling my Subal housing for the Nikon D100 - having moved to the D200. The housing is about three years old, in perfect condition and has never been dropped, knocked or flooded. It looks like new. Comes complete with spare o-ring, port cover, Subal handles (not fitted in the attached picture) and manual - and has been lovingly looked after. I also have two Nikon D100 bodies with battery packs for sale too. Negotiable price.......
  20. Hey guys, this might be old news to many, in which case apologies - but I must have taken my eye off Adobe for a moment or two: Photoshop Elements 3 and 4 are (sort of) successors to Photoshop Album. Both incorporate the indexing elements of Album. A plug-in is available (free of charge) which will handle Nikon D200 RAW files.
  21. Thanks guys. I will check out the programs you suggest; and Paul's suggestion on the DNG. I've just spoken to Adobe tec support who tell me they don't support Adobe Photoshop Album! How bizarre is that?
  22. I've used Photoshop Album happily for the last 3 years or so to index and keep track of my 11,000+ Nikon RAW files. But PSA doesn't seem to recognise D200 RAWs - and I understand there is no update on the horizon. Has anyone found a workaround for D200 RAWs and PSA? Or can anyone recommend a photo album program which provides indexing and backup to CDs/DVDs?
  23. Yep, I use the 10.5mm Nikkor on a Subal housing with a fish-eye dome and it doesn't need an extension ring: in fact that would result in the image being clipped.
  24. I stayed at KBR in January and it was fantastic. A really nice resort, well run, friendly, excellent food, relaxed and DMs with 60-20 vision. Yep, it is run by EcoDivers (Jim and Cary - great people). I really want to go back.
  25. Yep, really good rinse; periodic rinse out of the inside (otherwise it gets stinky!) and dry the suit inside out; reverse it once dry and wax the zipper. I remove the wrist seals if I am not using the suit for a while - and store them in my freezer. And talc the neck seal. I roll my suit for storage but this is the recommendation of DUI - great suits!
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