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  1. Thanks guys! I'm trying to get a 105mm even as we speak. Yep, Pulau Weh is just 45 minutes away on a ferry. I'm working on that for next weekend and am told it is quite good. I'll post a report once I have been. Security should not be a major problem now - but I don't know about tsunami damage.
  2. Nice pics, Craig! Pieter, if you get time check out the dive store I used to use, Scuba Dubai, which is about 100 yards down from the Fairmont on the opposite side of the road. Really nice people and very helpful - although I'm not sure they would have your focussing light. They stock Scubapro though - and prices are VERY competitive for small bits and pieces compared to Europe. All those quality clippy-things we all need cost very little. Say the British bloke from Afghanistan says hi! They always gave me a really nice discount....... (I think they felt sorry for me)
  3. Hey Guys I plan to take advantage of working for a while in Banda Aceh by spending a weekend diving at KBR. Any advice on lenses and gear? Anything to watch out for? Thanks!
  4. Hi! I was in Moorea in June and found the Nikkor 12-24 best and then the 18-70. The sharks (greys and blacktips) circled us continuously during the dives but always keeping a pretty discrete distance. Viz was good at over 75' - and the water was bright and well-light especially in the morning. It tended to cloud up a bit soon after lunchtime. I got some good pics below the sharks shooting upwards against the light - sorry I'm not at home and can't post any. I'm not sure about Tahiti, but certainly the topography underwater in Moorea was not that interesting: gently shelving reefs with extensive coral growth but very low in height. But lots of life - and certainly lots of sharks. Many of the smaller fish - snappers especially - seemed to follow along during the whole course of the dive. You could look back and there would be a whole gang following along just behind your shoulder: very cool. I'm sure you will have a great time. Check out the black pearls. I figured every pearl I bought for my wife was an extra lens that I could think about investing in Or a D200
  5. $3500 - give or take. Check out www.xe.com
  6. Hi Photobeat I started with one strobe using a Coolpix 5000/Subal housing and was pretty happy with the results. I switched to a D100/Subal and two strobes just over a year ago. Two strobes makes quite a difference especially in terms of your ability to balance lighting. You can decide which side to light most - but then balance the second side so that it is not fully in the shadow of the main light. Of course its twice as fiddly too. In addition, you have twice the power available and can use this to light either a broader area - or put more light into one area. But yes, its another suitcase full of $$s and more gear to lug around. But then you also have more built-in redundancy. Something doesn't work right on one strobe - at least you have a second eh?
  7. Hi Yzer I've been using my 60mm on a D100 in a Subal housing very happily for 12 months or so. As I have written in another thread somewhere, I find it an excellent "get used to the dive site" lens - not too big as a housing/port combination (compared to WA), pretty good for fish portraits or getting close. And very sharp. I have not found any particular problems using it: the AF is fast. Like many lenses it can hunt a bit if trying to pick something up in a gloomy corner - but generally it is very good and I have got some excellent results. I have found the focussing light on my Inons very useful in helping the lens; and I have just bought an additional ULCS clamp to attach a UKL light on top of the housing to provide that bit extra. I'm sure you will enjoy using it. And a business trip to Dubai eh? Tough, all that marble, all those so-so restaurants....... I used to pass through there about every 2 months working in Afghanistan. Luxury. Have you tried the Spectrum on One restaurant at the Fairmont? Just wicked.
  8. Slightly off-topic I guess, but I was interested to read the differing views on whether the 105mm was useable with AF or not. I'm thinking of buying one for my D100/Subal - soon to be, quite possibly, a D200. Does anyone have real problems with AF on a D100 using the 105mm?
  9. I really like to start off a dive trip with the 60mm. In the Subal housing it doesn't feel so much to handle as a wide-angle port. Once I am comfortable with the dive environment I will bring in my trusty Nikkor 12-24 - which I really like; and then the 10.5 - especially on wall dives. Again, once I'm happy with the environment I might also try an 18-70. But, I'm not sure why yet, I never feel quite as happy with it as the other lenses - although the results are usually pretty pleasing. I can feel a 105mm coming on.......
  10. I replaced my 10-year old Cressi Frogs about 4 years ago with a pair of open-back, black Scubapro Twin Jets. They are excellent. However because of increasing concern over the amount of gear I now seem to be taking on my trips, I have switched to my lighter "pool fins" for warm-water trips, full-foot Cressis. These weigh about 2lbs less and I don't need to take boots either. Does anyone have any experience though of Force Fins? I have a couple of mates (not photographers) who swear by them even though they look really weird - and they are expensive too. Tim
  11. Hi Alastair It took me a little while to get the D100/Subal and Inons working together properly. The issue was getting the correct plug connectors (there are four which lead to the two bulkheads) plugged into the correct PCB sockets in the housing. Once that was done, and I choose the correct switch setting on the actual strobe, I have never had a problem. With the Subal for the D100 the 4 sockets are in two pairs on the housing PCB. One pair for each bulkhead. One socket of each pair is wired for 5 connections; the other for 3. I can't remember now if the Inon focussing and laser worked properly off the 3 or 5 wired socket - but I can open my system up to check if it would help you. They do work really well and both the laser and focussing light are cut off when the shutter is fired. I have had no intermittent problems. Lucky me eh?
  12. Hey Ellen I've been using the Nikkor 12-24 for about two years both above and below water; and have recently added the 10.5mm having seen some of Alex Mustard's excellent pics using that lens. Like you I love a challenge and using the 10.5 underwater provides it. Results can be amazing or, errr, not amazing. However above water I have found the 10.5 less effective. But here the 12-24 comes to the front. I use this lens almost as my primary above water lens and have found it fast, versatile and very high quality. I haven't used the Tokina - and James knows his onions. But I can say for sure that you would not be disappointed with the Nikkor 12-24 above or below water.
  13. Now sold through eBay - sorry, guys. Another missed bargain......
  14. The Coolpix 7900 looks pretty good with a 7MP (!) JPG file and very neat; and the Coolpix S1 for size and sex appeal........
  15. I've found using the focussing light built into the Inon 220 a terrific dive light! And the UKSL4 works well when fitted on its ULCS bracket attached to the camera with a similar ULCS ball/clamp set-up as Frogfish uses. Interestingly the light costs less than the ULCS ball/clamp.....
  16. Hee hee, that problem you have? ..... you are not alone
  17. Hi Mathis I'd certainly be interested to know how you get on. I guess I have probably only used my 10.5 down to about 20-25m. I'm not sure it has gone any deeper. Enjoy Bonaire. It's one of my favourite places for photo-diving. I was thinking of going there myself this month - but business is taking me out to Indonesia. Its a tough life.
  18. I used a CP5000 for about 2 years with a Subal housing. I found its plus points were its size (and travel portability), image quality, RAW availability, good close-up, manual settings, 45-degree LCD with the Subal housing, the wide-angle convertor. But you are dead right: shutter lag and slow RAW write time = missed images. I switched to a DSLR (Nikon D100/Subal) about a year ago. WOW! Instant camera-on, much faster write, lens options, highly flexible. And now I travel with tons of gear..... Tim
  19. Hey Mathis Question: when you put the dome port on with no ext ring, do you find that some fo the controls are harder to move (because the dome port touches them?). I seem to remember that happening to me, but only at depths ... i think. Nope, not found that a problem. I checked the dome port/lens proximity - and they do not touch.
  20. I got mine from Seaoptics in Oz when I was living in Kabul - and they were fast and reliable. They are on the web. Tim
  21. Hey Mathis I have the same set-up as you and have no problems with the 10.5 in a Subal housing with the DP-FE2 and NO extension. As both Alex and Rocha say, the lens is excellent and is capable of producing awesome images. But it is not straight-forward to use and needs practice. The 12-24 was my "standard" UW WA - but I am starting to use the 10.5 more and more. I find the 10.5 less-good topside and the 12-24 remains the best on dryland. Tim
  22. This is now selling on eBay at: http://search.ebay.co.uk/search/search.dll...-105&category0=
  23. Many thanks gentlemen. Its worth pursuing then.......
  24. Thanks James. I have the Subal flat port for the Nikkor 60mm. Do you know what extension I would need to house the 105 with that port - presuming that is practical? Are there any AF focussing issues with the 105/D100 combination? Thanks Tim
  25. Does anyone have any experience of the Nikkor 105 on the D100?
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