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  1. I wouldn't disagree with John's thinking. But do bear in mind that it's quite likely you would need to hand hold a reflector - leaving you with only one hand to hold your system. It's not that easy and may well require a good bit of juggling!
  2. Surprise, surprise the glass is available from Amazon! As is the Delrin. I'm assuming Bill made an L-shaped stage. The base has the glass and the upright has the blackout material. With CupofCoffee's idea, you could use a mirror rather than the glass. Or, hey, have both! Interchangeable. This would make a great surface and save @CupOfCoffee having to use madame's mirroir. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Coghlans-Camping-Mirror-Unbreakable-Stainless/dp/B000ECQ80U/ref=sr_1_3_mod_primary_new?crid=12QQSIQTJV0EX&keywords=camping+mirror+unbreakable&qid=1678565589&sbo=RZvfv%2F%2FHxDF%2BO5021pAnSA%3D%3D&sprefix=camping+mirro%2Caps%2C261&sr=8-3
  3. Thanks, Chris. I thought that was probably the case but just wanted to check.
  4. Thanks David. I'll give him a shout. A couple of things I found on DPReview indicate that, no AF doesn't work on the Nikkor or Sigma FEs.
  5. Guys I'd welcome a bit of guidance please - I'm trying to help a friend with a Nikon Z7 in an Ikelite housing. He's using a Nikkor 16mm FE via the FTZ adaptor but reports focussing issues. Am I right in thinking there is no AF with the Nikkor 16mm FE on a Z body? If so, is that the case too for the Sigma 15mm FE? Is anyone aware of any current FF FE that will AF on a Z body? Many thanks!
  6. Hey Guys I'm looking for a Subal Type 4 EXR50 if anyone has one they are no longer using. Preferably in the UK or EU. Many thanks
  7. Impressive customer service to actually call you and talk through the issue.
  8. Utter bummer. I'm really sorry. I hope they were insured.
  9. Thanks - and fair enough. I wasn't going to question it, I just wondered what your thinking was behind it. Topside with insects and cropability I totally get. Good luck with the choice. Not easy!
  10. That sounds more like a fashion/style issue...... bit like white tube socks in sneakers
  11. Susa Can I ask why you think you need to go to full frame? What do you think full frame will give you?
  12. Wow, Wow, wow. Do the curtains hang ok in the water?? And fancy getting a frog into the image too. Wow!
  13. I must admit I don’t really like the idea of moving critters around but if one feels the urge to tread the boards….. Bill, can you post a pic of the stage? (Best laugh I’ve had today)
  14. Hi Fabian Nice pic! The idea of getting the nudi to cross a mirror (is that 7 years of bad luck?) was a very cunning plan although I'm sure there are purists who would not approve . The effect is lovely - well worth the cold wait. A couple of very minor thoughts which are really counsels of perfection: - I'd be tempted to lighten the body of the nudi very slightly. There are lovely colours there which I think could look a little brighter. Maybe a slight adjustment to the Vibrancy? - Secondly I think I'd have a go at lightening up the shadow a bit behind the rinophores. Not easy but maybe doable with the Lightroom Shadows slider. But like I say, these are counsel of perfection. The composition is super and your patience was rewarded.
  15. I've traveled with a Manfroto BeFree carbon tripod in Europe and beyond and have never had a problem. They are quite small. But, as hellhole implies, so much is down to the individual check-in clerk. Maybe a slightly discreet concealment! I've never heard of them being stopped by security.
  16. Yeah, I'd agree with this. I suspect Sony will just saying Nothing To See Here, Folks.
  17. Do read this right and you are trying to plug two fibre optic cables into one bulkhead? If so, Inon have a rubber bush that fits the standard fibre optic bulkhead but allows two fibre optic cable ends to fit into it. Would that be a simple solution? Here's a link to them at Reef Photo: https://reefphoto.com/products/inon-double-hole-fiber-optic-plug-rubber-bush-plug
  18. Paul I suggest it would also be worth trying to recreate the issue topside without the housing. This would then help you eliminate whether it's a housing issue or a camera issue. Slightly fiddly for sure but worthwhile. You don't need to worry about focus lights and I would think it unlikely that it's a trigger/strobes issue.
  19. No worries. Just shout if you need it. Miso at Vivid is really helpful. Have a great trip!
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