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  1. On 2/13/2023 at 12:13 PM, JohnLiddiard said:

    Prior to getting a second strobe, for macro you can use a white card to reflect some strobe light and help kill harsh shadows. 

    I wouldn't disagree with John's thinking. But do bear in mind that it's quite likely you would need to hand hold a reflector - leaving you with only one hand to hold your system. It's not that easy and may well require a good bit of juggling!

  2. On 3/8/2023 at 7:55 PM, Kraken de Mabini said:

    Why dichroic glass and where does one buy it?

    Surprise, surprise the glass is available from Amazon! As is the Delrin.

    I'm assuming Bill made an L-shaped stage. The base has the glass and the upright has the blackout material.

    With CupofCoffee's idea, you could use a mirror rather than the glass. Or, hey, have both! Interchangeable.

    This would make a great surface and save @CupOfCoffee having to use madame's mirroir.


  3. Guys

    I'd welcome a bit of guidance please - I'm trying to help a friend with a Nikon Z7 in an Ikelite housing.

    He's using a Nikkor 16mm FE via the FTZ adaptor but  reports focussing issues. Am I right in thinking there is no AF with the Nikkor 16mm FE on a Z body?

    If so, is that the case too for the Sigma 15mm FE? 

    Is anyone aware of any current FF FE that will AF on a Z body? 

    Many thanks!

  4. 10 hours ago, bvanant said:

    It is packed for Australia, but it is a 6x6 inch (150 x150 mm) delrin block (5 mm thick) with legs that fold up and one side has a piece of dichroic glass on it, the other side has a piece of black felt (telescope stray light catcher) for a completely black background. Here is a local nudi sitting on it 529014728_runningawaycopy.thumb.jpg.18d60a10c9a65729362b18930747cbdb.jpg


    Cheers BVA

    Fabulous image, Bill

  5. 59 minutes ago, Susa said:

    This decision to go for fullframe is already made. 

    Thanks - and fair enough. I wasn't going to question it, I just wondered what your thinking was behind it. Topside with insects and cropability I totally get. 

    Good luck with the choice. Not easy!

  6. 17 minutes ago, bvanant said:

    put a slug on the stage


    I must admit I don’t really like the idea of moving critters around but if one feels the urge to tread the boards…..

    Bill, can you post a pic of the stage? (Best laugh I’ve had today)

  7. Hi Fabian

    Nice pic! The idea of getting the nudi to cross a mirror (is that 7 years of bad luck?) was a very cunning plan although I'm sure there are purists who would not approve :blink: . The effect is lovely - well worth the cold wait.

    A couple of very minor thoughts which are really counsels of perfection:

    - I'd be tempted to lighten the body of the nudi very slightly. There are lovely colours there which I think could look a little brighter. Maybe a slight adjustment to the Vibrancy?

    - Secondly I think I'd have a go at lightening up the shadow a bit behind the rinophores. Not easy but maybe doable with the Lightroom Shadows slider. 

    But like I say, these are counsel of perfection. The composition is super and your patience was rewarded.

  8. I've traveled with a Manfroto BeFree carbon tripod in Europe and beyond and have never had a problem. They are quite small. But, as hellhole implies, so much is down to the individual check-in clerk. Maybe a slightly discreet concealment! I've never heard of them being stopped by security.

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