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  1. Hey Silvana Curiously I have a spare one. Mailing from Sint Maarten is not very reliable but if you let me know where you are, I’ll try and work out a way to get it to you.
  2. THAT IS A SCAM! It's the same guy as Patrick Hussre
  3. On behalf of the British Nation, I apologise unreservedly for the utter ***up of Brexit. I spent a 35-year career promoting Britain in the EU. I could weep.
  4. LastAdventures They are both scammers. Don't respond!
  5. Yep, for macro, closer isn usually better. I don't have the Canon lens but on the Nikkors, you can use the slightly longer minimum distance setting switch to speed up the AF function - that is if you don't need the closest focusing point for a particular shot (or maybe at all!)
  6. alcina I agree with the guys, if you are determined to stay with the Inons (and why not?) keep checking the Classifieds. Both Z240s and Z330s are cropping up quite often. You should be able to get one or two. Having said that, I switched to Retras about 2.5 years ago. Love them!!!
  7. Curious that you had a similar though less frequent problem with the A7III. Makes me wonder whether there is a button in the housing that is pressing too hard on one of the camera buttons. Can you maybe recreate the problem topside? If you can, try noting what buttons you are pressing. This does sound, to me, like a housing button alignment problem especially as you had the same problem with the A7III even after a repair.
  8. Thanks, Craig. That's really useful. Look pretty good, I reckon. That ICL is a chunk of change though especially in addition to the 230 dome.
  9. Hi hbfilms Would really recommend you upload the pics as JPGs and not HEICs. A lot of members cannot access the latter.
  10. Yeah, that's what I figured. Maybe for fast moving seals or dolphins with wide-angle
  11. I used to use the Sigma 15mm on a Nikon D800. I really liked it and it was my go-to wise-angle lens for the full frame camera body.
  12. Hi John This is a subject that must be discussed every three months. Definitely worth doing a search and you'll find every combination: Pelican cases, back packs, soft shell cases, hard shells, charm, bluster, switch to Business, pay excess baggage, stuff a fishing jacket. For years - actually decades - I've gone with a Pelican 1510 plus a backpack or big shoulder bag all in the cabin. That contains pretty much all the camera stuff (housing, a couple of ports, couple of camera bodies, lenses, strobes..... ) minus the arms which are with my dive gear in the checked bag which usually weighs 22-23kgs. I don't think I have ever had to pay excess baggage.
  13. How much action tracking goes on in u/w photography? Just asking…
  14. I'm talking to both of you...... As Chris has said, let's stick with the subject and not start to have a go at each other. It's not necessary.
  15. Gentlemen! Please, let us revert to the usual polite exchanges between us. WP has been a haven for moderate and calm discussion. Let's keep it that way.
  16. My experience in the last couple of decades is that it's wise to decide what you plan to photograph on a dive and then pick a lens accordingly. If what you planned to shoot doesn't show up, accept the decision of the underwater gods and don't fret it. Just enjoy the dive. And like @Pomacentridae posts, yes, I have chosen a macro lens and eg. an eagle ray or shark has turned up. S'life, eh?
  17. No worries. Have you got the "Reef Creature Identification" book? By Paul Human edited by Ned Deloach. Covers the Caribbean - ideal for Bonaire. ISBN 1-878348-019
  18. If you're still looking, that photo is a juvenile banded coral shrimp - or barber pole shrimp: Stenopus hispidus
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