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  1. 17 minutes ago, bvanant said:

    put a slug on the stage


    I must admit I don’t really like the idea of moving critters around but if one feels the urge to tread the boards…..

    Bill, can you post a pic of the stage? (Best laugh I’ve had today)

  2. Hi Fabian

    Nice pic! The idea of getting the nudi to cross a mirror (is that 7 years of bad luck?) was a very cunning plan although I'm sure there are purists who would not approve :blink: . The effect is lovely - well worth the cold wait.

    A couple of very minor thoughts which are really counsels of perfection:

    - I'd be tempted to lighten the body of the nudi very slightly. There are lovely colours there which I think could look a little brighter. Maybe a slight adjustment to the Vibrancy?

    - Secondly I think I'd have a go at lightening up the shadow a bit behind the rinophores. Not easy but maybe doable with the Lightroom Shadows slider. 

    But like I say, these are counsel of perfection. The composition is super and your patience was rewarded.

  3. I've traveled with a Manfroto BeFree carbon tripod in Europe and beyond and have never had a problem. They are quite small. But, as hellhole implies, so much is down to the individual check-in clerk. Maybe a slightly discreet concealment! I've never heard of them being stopped by security.

  4. 3 hours ago, Mags said:

    Thank you - yep he tried it and failed with me :drink:

    Babs has Zoom ring Nikon 18-55 for Subal housing for sale in good condition Here’s his email babsgeorge01@gmail.com

    THAT IS A SCAM! It's the same guy as Patrick Hussre

  5. On 3/25/2021 at 10:18 AM, Davide DB said:

    I've just bought one.

    Now I'm in the mess of post Brexit custom workflow. I did not pay any VAT and now I should pay it in Italy. What a mess!

    On behalf of the British Nation, I apologise unreservedly for the utter ***up of Brexit. I spent a 35-year career promoting Britain in the EU. I could weep.

  6. Yep, for macro, closer isn usually better.

    I don't have the Canon lens but on the Nikkors, you can use the slightly longer minimum distance setting switch to speed up the AF function - that is if you don't need the closest focusing point for a particular shot (or maybe at all!)

  7. Curious that you had a similar though less frequent problem with the A7III.

    Makes me wonder whether there is a button in the housing that is pressing too hard on one of the camera buttons. Can you maybe recreate the problem topside? If you can, try noting what buttons you are pressing.

    This does sound, to me, like a housing button alignment problem especially as you had the same problem with the A7III even after a repair.

  8. 2 hours ago, phxazcraig said:

    I have one OK example to show.  I suspect it nears the best performance I'm going to get with this combo.  It was shot at F14 and shows a lot of lettuce coral from edge to edge.

    Thanks, Craig. That's really useful. Look pretty good, I reckon. That ICL is a chunk of change though especially in addition to the 230 dome.

  9. Hi John

    This is a subject that must be discussed every three months. Definitely worth doing a search and you'll find every combination: Pelican cases, back packs, soft shell cases, hard shells, charm, bluster, switch to Business, pay excess baggage, stuff a fishing jacket.

    For years - actually decades - I've gone with a Pelican 1510 plus a backpack or big shoulder bag all in the cabin. That contains pretty much all the camera stuff (housing, a couple of ports, couple of camera bodies, lenses, strobes..... ) minus the arms which are with my dive gear in the checked bag which usually weighs 22-23kgs. I don't think I have ever had to pay excess baggage. 

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