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  1. I've just embarked down this road and have had readers (+2.0) installed by Seethesea in a new Cressi mask. Today was the first dives using it. Seethesea recommended installing the readers in the bottom of the mask. The reasoning, with which I agreed, was that for much of a dive long vision is in use - and mine is really good. The readers come in well for checking settings especially the camera Menu and Info displays and making sure I'm using the right housing control (!). They are also good for checking the rear screen display after an image has been taken (I don't use Liveview). For the actual optical viewfinder display, I'll continue to use the diopter setting control. I found the mask took a little getting used to - especially the slight line which is noticeable where the readers effectively divide the mask. The difference in being able to read the screen displays and controls was highly improved. I can see that the mask would be terrific for, as holloways suggests, reading underwater, eg doing REEF-type surveys
  2. I always found annoying the Z-240 button that you had to twist to keep the focus light on - and then untwist to turn it off. Almost impossible I'd have thought with gloves. Happily as a warm water, non-gloved diver, the pre-pulse button was never an issue. I can sure see the problem though!
  3. My moderator colleague, Chris Ross, and I commented recently on the joys of aging and the impact on vision..... After a couple of years of using reading glasses I decided recently it was time to do something about my mask. Reading REEF survey sheets and, on occasion, camera controls was becoming something of, shall we say, a challenge. On a recent dive trip I heard about the US-based company See the Sea who could do all sorts of prescription tricks with masks including supply your own for lenses ot be fitted. I decided to take the, err, plunge, and sent them a new Cressi mask and a prescription for reader lenses . Hey presto, a couple of weeks later the mask arrived back, beautifully fitted out with reader lenses bonded in the lower area of the mask. Holy smoke! I can SEE! The difference is incredible. I can heartily recommend See the Sea. Great service, great produce, great price. https://seethesearx.com
  4. Brilliant! Good one Dann-Oh! Not too hard to make a little diver cage too....
  5. Sounds like some bitter lessons learned there, makar0n. Long-time Wetpixel members are the way to go when it comes to buying and selling. I've been really fortunate and had some really nice buyer/seller relationships with Wetpixel members over the years - a number of whom I remain in contact.
  6. Yeah, I agree with makar0n. It’d be a sad loss if they disappear. Watch this space, I guess. Or the Inon website…..
  7. Hmmm, good question. On strobes, as you don't know much about them I'd suggest you give an indication of age, cosmetic condition, any discolouration of the flash tube, any dents, dings or scrapes especially to control buttons; confirm the strobe chargea up and post photographs. If the strobe has a battery compartment for disposable or removable rechargeable batteries, I'd include a pic showing the condition of the compartment, ie, no leaks, no damage from leaking batteries. The other gear: if it's not stuff that would be damaged by a leak, (eg, EXRs, zoom rings, arms, clamps), I'd suggest photo(s) showing the item and draw attention to any defect. For the housing I'd take photos from all angles and a couple of shots of the interior of the front and back. Highlight any scrapes or cosmetic damage or discolourations.
  8. Good news! Thanks for letting us know
  9. Yeah, it's worth a try. You never know. Subal is great stuff but maybe not quite so popular now with Nauticam seemingly the most in demand system
  10. Yeah, that is always a tough one. Nice for sure to sell the whole package and maybe you could find someone interested. The D7200 with a Subal housing is an attractive package. But, by my experience, selling a whole package is rare and it usually ends up being sold piecemeal. Why not advertise as a package and see what responses you get? Then take it from there.
  11. I’m in the same position, Mags. Onderwaterhuis in the Netherlands is also chasing them for me. Maybe extended Xmas break? Il’l let you know if I hear anything.
  12. Gave up on that one Dann-Oh. I bought Lego Technics to keep myself amused on those dark Amsterdam nights..... The Land Rover Defender is fabulous! Not tried it underwater. Yet.
  13. We aim to please..... You should see this too - sterling work by Kraken de Mabini (take a bow, Elias!)
  14. That's really odd. The first time I watched it there were subtitles for sure. Just checking it now in light of Chris' comments, and there are now no subs and, as Chris says, they are shown as unavailable.
  15. I can imagine! I did think about a rebreather but then having studied the various guides and the like, I thought I'd couldn't pay enough attention to monitoring the system whilst taking pics. Super images though, Davide, and terrific production. Hats off to you.
  16. Terrific Davide! I loved the pacing, editing and accompanying music. Great images and a story well told. Thanks! I just gasped at the amount of gear you guys need. Wow.....
  17. The SeaLife iPhone housings have become very popular with folks who use the dive operator I dive with in Sint Maarten. They are almost taking over from GoPros. With a relatively small light attached, they are easy to use and easy to travel with. Image quality is good. The big difference though is in their flexibility and control. With the Canon G systems there is a good level of control over aperture, ISO, shutter speed and strobe use. This is way more limited with an iPhone housing. I’d suggest herein lies the choice. If you’re looking just to take snaps of what you see underwater, the iPhones are amazing. But if you want a more creative approach with the ability to vary camera controls and lighting to produce specific effects and outcomes, the Canon type systems are clear winners.
  18. Isn't it an Orang-utan Crab, Elias: Achaeus japonicus?
  19. Hey Samir If it isn't I have one and could get it to the US for you. Drop me a PM if you'd like to pursue. Tim
  20. Agreed. If you have the budget though, check out the Retra Pro X or Prime X too. I switched to them. They are terrific - more expensive than the Inons but really good with excellent coverage, a lovely quality of light and various tools to shape the light. I find them easier to use too than the Inons - the controls of which can be a bit fiddly.
  21. Totally agree! (But then with u/w photography, does the moneypocket ever recover?)
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