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  1. The Christian communities mentioned in the interview probably can be found in the region around Poso in Central Sulawesi. In this part of Sulawesi there has been a very violent conflict since 1998. However, this region is calm now after most of the leaders have been either killed or arrested. The main goal of a terrorist is to spread terror. It is a pity that he was given the opportunity to spread more fear through this interview. Any interview will be used as a weapon by these killers. By the way, I feel safe here living in North Sulawesi with my wife and 14 months old son.
  2. Some good news from Lembeh and the near town of Bitung. Bitung just received the price for being the cleanest city of Indonesia. Yes, that much have changed since only one year ago. No, the Lembeh Strait is not as clean yet as she should be. But also on the surface and in the water the difference is visible. Diving is great at this moment. Paddle flapped scorpionfish, Lacey scorpionfish, 8 different frogfish in one dive, bobbittworm, Hairy frogfishes, Harlequin shrimps and so on. If you look for information about Lembeh Strait you could have a look at the excellent site: http://www.starfish.ch/starfish.html#fact Much information about the dive sites, the 8 (yes eight!) resorts around Lembeh Strait and incredible complete info about frogfish. Enjoy your trip, Rob Sinke, Divers Lodge Lembeh
  3. You can find a lot of info on http://www.starfisch.ch rob
  4. Mandarin fish guaranteed on our house reef in Lembeh Strait, North Sulawesi. Never more than two divers with one guide. Even in the high season. Burn you own cd's for free. Divers Lodge Lembeh, All the following all in rates are based on two persons per bungalow. The prices are included transfers, bungalow, all meals, snacks and non alcoholic bottled beverages, two dives by boat per day and tax. 4 nights, 3 days diving: Euro 289,50, non limit diving Euro 59,- extra. 6 nights, 5 days diving: Euro 444,50, non limit diving Euro 89,- extra. 11 nights, 10 days diving: Euro 787, - , non limit diving Euro 198,- extra. http://www.diving-on-sulawesi.com we show you the best of Lembeh in the best way. Seeing you, Rob Sinke
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