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  1. Let me reffer you somewere, I bought mine from this site and was very happy. Good price and fast delivery, no high presure sales techniques. BTW I got myself Panasonic PT-AE700U Home Theater LCD. Check these guys: out:http://www.saveonprojectors.com Let me know how it turns out. I love my new toy!! who hoo
  2. I got six of these small stock agencies in my collection now, interested? all I ask in return is to use my ID when signing up lol lol
  3. Anyone here in to stock photography?? I have a nice ammount of photos sitting in my hard drive, thought I'd give it a shot, any suggestions? I got this one ShutterStock do you have some other oportunities? yes, I know my ref id is in the post if you don't like it, cut it, I won't get upset lol let me know please. Thanks Alon
  4. hi, thanks for the reply! Yes, I'm the admin of the site. And now I understand what you talking about.... sorry for bothering you guys! keep shooting! Regards! Alon Brik
  5. ...consider "Photo a Day" Project. A lot of fun! The rules are simple: One picture a day, let's say for a year... See if you can do it! more info here: http://www.photoaday.net P.S. - It's a non-profit site, so please don't acuse me of trolling or abusing the forums Thanks for your time! Alon Brik -------------------------------------- http://www.photoaday.net
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