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  1. Hello Jason, (I didn't get a notification that you'd posted, so apologies for the delayed reply!) You will certainly 'get away with one' of these because at 24mm your angle of coverage is about 85degrees, and this FIT outputs a beam of 120degrees. So in terms of an even coverage of your frame you won't have any problems there. This is why your dive torch looked like a laser beam, a very narrow beam At 2400lumens it really is very, very bright, but as I rarely dive outside the UK I can't say if it's bright enough for daytime use in, for example, the Red Sea. At night, no problem at all, it's awesome. I also use this as my primary dive-torch on night-dives; as the 1000lumen spot setting is narrow, it is a very intense beam indeed. Don't forget that there are three light settings for each mode (wide/spot) which give 100%/50%/25% outputs and subsequent increases in battery life. Quoted burn times at 100% are 1hr for flood (2400lumen) and 2.5hr for spot (1000lumen) which are pretty accurate. In the UK I rarely use this torch at 100% because it's like turning your headlights on in fog! I hope this helps - you certainly won't regret getting this light, but I can't comment on it against the I-Torch as I've never used one. I would recommend you get a spare battery too. Dan
  2. We discussed the FIT 2400 here: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=50759
  3. Alex T is right, I got mine from www.uwvisions.com I've just posted a short collection of clips on youtube that (subtly) shows the power of the light: It may not look like it's doing much, but in clear water in full sun and only 6m down the FIT is giving all the colour to the scene. Turn it off and everything goes green! Shot (while snorkelling) on Olympus E-PL5 with Oly 9-18mm lens
  4. It will certainly do all three things for you: - video light for sure as it's 120 degree beam has no hot-spots and 2400 lumens really is very bright - focus light, you'll probably want to use it on its lowest power setting otherwise you'll scare things away (it also had red light too) - main dive torch, yes this it covered too, the 15 degree spot beam is very bright at 1000 lumens It is very well made, the switches are useable (and have a nice positive feel to them) even with 5mm gloves on, and it's small. A light, hand-held torch with this much power is a great tool to have. You may want to get a 2nd battery as it took over 3 hours to recharge mine from flat
  5. Above and beyond the build quality is the quality of the light. In a word; "stunning". Ok, so I may be a bit biased because this image won me a category prize on the British Underwater Photography Championship, but truly the output of this diminutive torch is nothing short of Bloody Brilliant. Apologies for the British overtones there
  6. I've just picked one up and will be using it in anger in the next few days. I'll post back about how I get on with it. As a product it certainly looks very well made, robust & simple to operate.
  7. Thanks E_viking. You assume correctly; I use an Ultralight Tripod clamp with 3x 8" arms for the legs and a standard UCLS ball on the top. Instead of screwing the camera directly to the tripod I use a 3" arm to clamp my handles to the tripod which gives me lots of flexibility for positioning the camera just how I want it. And a couple of ankle weights to stop the whole rig being dragged down-stream by the current.
  8. Thank you all, glad you like them. The water was 4 degrees C and some recent rain meant the vis was down to about 5m but gave the water the 'smokey' quality that's come through in the images. Andy the E-PL5 has a custom timer where you can set time to initial shot (I use 30 seconds), then set the time between up to 10 consecutive shots (I use 5 seconds), a very useful function. The initial 30 second timer gives me a chance to go back to the surface & breath-up for the 50 second series of 10 images.
  9. Thank you for your kind comments. Joti I'm glad they moved you to dig out your login credentials They are shot using the Panasonic 8mm fisheye
  10. It's been ages since I've posted in Wetpixel (but I do regularly enjoy this forum for the awesome images that get posted), but the images I took yesterday have moved me to share them. I'm still getting to know my new Olympus E-PL5 having upgraded from the E-PL1 two months ago, and yesterday showed me just how good the dynamic range of this little marvel really is. These are self portraits in my local river in Dartmoor national park, it's a wooded valley so you actually get more sun in the water during the winter while there are no leaves on the trees. For light I used a single, YS-D1 with a custom snoot. Enjoy
  11. As much as I'm on the side of the conservationists some of their rules do seem a bit draconian... it's a shame you won't be able to do this in the future: Snorkelled into the cave at King Springs & waited for the right moment to come along - I promise no manatees were stresses/harrased in the taking of this photo I think Alex is out there this week so I hope they manage to get some more great stuff again, I know Birds Underwater will look after them really well!
  12. Hello Folks, Just got back from my 1st dip in with the S90 in the canon WP-DC35 housing. I've been spending some time before getting it wet prepping my motley collection of lenses to work on the Dyron 67mm adaptor for this housing, and happily I can report great sucess with all three of my lenses :-) The fisheye I'm using is the FIX UWL-04 with their 67mm thread: yes you've got to zoom in a notch or two but it works like a charm & is reasonably sharp at the edges too: (This chap was almost tapping on the lens) My wide angle is a home converted Sea & Sea DX-2G wide angle which I unscrewed their bayonet mount & put on a standard 67mm stepping ring, works really well (though you need to zoom in 1 notch): and Finally, and to me the most exciting find, is the macro lens. All you MMII lovers out there get ready to dust off the old kit! Remember the Sea & Sea 2T macro lens? Well, if you unscrew the bayonet mount & add your own 67mm stepping ring you've got yourself a superb macro lens that is easily the equal (though I reckon actually better) than any modern macro lens. With the S90 in 'normal' focusing mode you'll get a lens-to-subject distance of about 80mm, and in proper macro mode that'll drop to about 40mm when the camera is at full zoom: Not the best photos I know, but hopefully illustrative of what I've been able to achieve with a bit of d.i.y. - now just need some decent vis to play in! If anyone's interested I'll post photos of the lenses on the housing later. Take care, Dan PS: The vis was 2 - 3m, and this was a snorkelling trip
  13. Finally got it all working; so I now have 2x10m fibre optic sync cables for my YS110a's. There are pros and cons to having to deal with all that cable underwater, but it's only 2mm wide so should be easy to keep out of the shot. However that's probably worth the hassle to get a 100% sucessful fring rate. And because I'm not relying on an exposed flash to trigger them through the water column I don't have to worry about backscatter from the master strobe - which is nice for info; here's what I've come up with: The 'plug'end to fit in the YS110a The plug fitted Proof that the 10m cable is working (works with my Ixus 100, DX-1G and Canon 1000D)! Now I just need the weather & sea to calm down a bit
  14. A little update... I've got my 20m of fibre optic cable & there's no problem with light-transmission from my camera's flash to the YS110a's sensor :-) It's fires every time - sweet. Now I just need to make up the 'plugs' for each end & I'll be off into the brown, cold stuff that we call the sea in UK during the winter.
  15. Hello All, This is a great thread & I thought I'd join in because I'm the diver in the with/without strobe shots of Alex's and watching the master at work has provided me with the inspiration to try & think of how to trigger my YS-110a's off-camera. I've just spent a couple of days searching the web & have come up with a really cheap supplier of fibre-optic cable similar to that which Sea & Sea use in their over-priced L-type sync cables. I've got 20m of the stuff for £35 uk.farnell.com I've also ordered the necessary bits n bobs to make connecting to the housing/strobe a synch. I'm awaiting delivery at the moment but hope to report back soon. There's some large rockpools near where I live & I want to do some evening-time long exposure 50/50 shots with the pool lit with a number of remote strobes. Of course, this could all fall flat if there isn't enough light transmission to trigger the strobes! Alex, if you're interesting in coming down to have a play just let me know. Cheers all, Dan
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