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  1. Ok, will pass on your link for him to contact you. :-)
  2. Anyone know of anyone with Paper Nautilus (Argonauts) footage in 4K? Was just contacted by a museum putting together an exhibit about them and ocean health... let me know.
  3. Thanks Eric, had iDiveChick post a few on the Plankton Forums and took care of "her." Bloody spammers... the ban list just keeps growing and growing....
  4. Been using Dreamweaver since it first came out, it has a great search and replace function that's flawless... might try it, can download a trial at http://www.macromedia.com/cfusion/tdrc/ind...uct=dreamweaver The full product costs about $400 but, to me, its worth 10 times that (I maintain and create lots of web sites...). I also create quick photo galleries using Photoshop (7, CS) and then in seconds using Dreamweaver I can update and match them to any site I like.... Dreamweaver also comes with tons of tutorials, etc. and its online support community is amazing. Good luck!
  5. Curtis, Suggest you not allow your site's directories directly to be browsed via the web - it's a server setting (ask your host), or you can add default pages (again depends upon the server's settings - either index.htm, default.htm, index.php, etc.) in each to keep people from accessing your files directly. Nice photos!
  6. Just did a 2 week photo expedition in Bonaire in August for http://MarineBio.org, after much research and trial and error here's what worked great for us (three photographer/divers, three different cameras, 3-5 shore/boat dives/day, 1700 photos taken): Max high-speed CF cards for all cameras (128-512MB multiple cards/camera) - usually used one max card per camera per day. Rechargeable batteries for the cameras - longer life ones made a big difference. Main downside we found out to cheap digital cameras is short battery lives and having to use external rechargeable batteries... internal rechargeable battery-packs are a must. 1 Winbook - http://www.winbook.com/ - 512mb RAM, 60GB HD and CD-burner (CDs are cheap and burn fast)... End of night we would download each cameras photos to the laptop, review them in full glory and discuss them which helped us plan..., clear the cards and recharge the cameras for the next day. This stage took most of the guesswork out of it and was the highlight of our trip. End of trip we burned all photos to CDs as backup in case laptop was stolen or lost.... Back in the office, used laptop to transfer all photos to multiple systems for post-processing, worked like a charm. Hope that helps.
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