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  1. PNG entry Visa can be bought on arrival. They only take 100 kina. If you don't have kina immigration will let you through to change money. But it would make things a lot easier if you had the kina on you, it is easy to get kina if you are passing through Australia. Cant't help with the sunday question sorry.
  2. Not a problem Reubencahn, glad I could help!
  3. Reubencahn I have noticed you bringing this rates issue up on several dive forums and I think you are obviously not familiar with how the industry works. So I will give you a little help First of all did you know that currency values change all the time? Everyone in the industry would have provided rates for 2009 to agents etc by late 2008, at that time the Australian dollar was almost equal to the American dollar, so everyone was paying the same. Now a certain person called George Bush ruined your economy which went on to impact the rest of the world. The value of the Australian dollar then collapsed, so the Australian rate would have been cheaper if converted to US. Now . . . . Americans like to have their prices in USD and guess what Reubencahn . . . . Australians (PNGs biggest market) like to have their prices in AUD! So if you looked at todays exchange rates the Australian dollar has strengthened greatly so now Americans and Australians are living in harmony again with roughly equal rates. I have been to Walindi many times and love the place and the diving. If you are so worried about cost why did you go? PNG is an expensive place, you won't find 5-star dive resorts in PNG, but what people go for is the quality of diving. Walindi has never claimed to be a 5 star resort, if you want 5 dives a day, cooked food on the boats then stick to liveaboards and don't go to PNG! Hey Drew what exactly did the Aussies do in PNG? Personally Americans should pay more especially after what they did to the Native Americans / Iraq / the world economy . . .
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