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  1. Hi all, Thanks for all the replys and comments. I went ahead and kept the 5060 and although i havnt got a housing yet, i love the camera on land! S macro is fantastic! insects are keeping me real busy right now and i got some great ones of bees....bla bla bla! anyways, ill post this question again seperately cos i bet no one reads it on this old thread but, does anyone know of a good US web trader that could sell me the Ikelite housing for less than what i can get it for here in the UK (£400) Ive been looking but after tax and shipping i dont really save alot. $400 sounds about right to my wallet! cheers all and happy diving! by the way, that photograph above is fantastic! strobes are next on my list definately!
  2. Thanks for the quick replies! So its just the wet lenses that people are complaining about. Ikelite housing with dome port and oly wide lens should be better than pto2o set up due to flat port. I think ill go for the ikelite housing then purely for the ttl. not too worried about add on lenses anyway. well not yet! Do you know if there are optical issues with the camera using either housing without wa lenses? Dont understand why olympus dont just make a dome port for the pt 020 since this is clearly a known issue anyway, I feel a lot better having read your coments All the best Simon U.K.
  3. Hi, i been doing some research on the net and in magazines and found that the oly c5060 was highly recomended for underwater use......until i found this wonderful site. It seems that the 5050 was the cam of choice for the beginer and that the 5060 aint as good. please tell me why! because I already ordered it! should i send it back and get the 5050 for less money? I was using the stylus 400 with pt016 housing and i found that auto cams dont really cut it underwater. i want to be in control of shutter speed especially, hence the 5060. any comments/advice would be appreciated. All the best, Simon
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