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  1. Well done Colin, great photo
  2. Just back from a trip to Palau, did my diving with Sams Tours, they run a very professional outfit and come highly recommended. Here are some pics
  3. Was lucky enough to do a trip on the Mike Ball Boat out of Cairns to the Cod Hole, here are a couple of pics from the trip The trip was great and I would recommend Mike's boat to anyone thinking of doing the Ribbon reefs and Cod Hole Regards Gary
  4. Have never used an extension ring with my 10 -17mm and pic come out ok. All the u/w wide angle shots on my web site www.garlin-photography.com are done with one Regards Gary
  5. Hi guys, I'm off to Palau from the 12th till 22nd October and was wondering if any Wetpixelers are going to be there around then? I will be diving with SamTours. Regards Gary Brennand
  6. Happy birthday, hope its a good one
  7. Hi Pete, Took most of the ones in question overseas and down at the Yongala, while on holidays. There are a couple that I took when I was doing contract work (I was not an employee and was contracted to take passenger photos, not animal/fish ones) using a rented camera. So the copyright on these also belongs to me. Aengus, thanks for the links, they will come in handy. The situation at the moment is, I sent them an another invoice, via registered post, for the royalty free use of them, I have since been threaten by the people involved and told that they "will chew me up and spit me out" if I try to take it further. So its nasty time, a letter of demand goes out next week. It is a blatant violation of copyright, which is a criminal offense over here ( the art law society is a good place for free advise), I have nothing to loose. Regards Gary
  8. Only given some to friends, but not sure how they would have gotten any from them
  9. I have the problem of a underwater photo company, selling my pictures in one of there " buy x number of your pictures and we will included this cd for free" deals. Of the 30 pics on the cd 25 are mine. I noticed this when i went on a dive on the boat about 2 years ago, and nicely asked them to remove them, they were very apologetic and said they would remove all the pictures I identified. I went for another dive on the boat the other week and found that not only were a large number of the original pictures still there but they now had new ones of mine on there cd. I decided enough is enough and sent them a bill for the images, I have heard nothing back. What is the best thing to do now, I am rather annoyed about this and don't want them to get away with it, they would be selling 20-30 of these cd a day!!! and have been for the last 2 years Any advise would be appreciated Regards Gary
  10. As a general exposure rule, shutter speed controls ambient (background) lighting and aperture controls what the flash is lighting. If the light is too much increase the setting number (eg: F8 -> F11 or 1/80 -> 1/125) of the relevant control, if it is too dark decrease the number (eg: F16 -> F11 or 1/160 -> 1/125), keeping in mind that aperture also control depth of field (how much of your picture will be in focus, higher the number the more of the picture that will be in focus) and the shutter speed reduce movement (higher the shutter speed less motion blur). The spreadsheet mentioned above, is a worth a look at.
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