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  1. Thanks for your answers. The only thing is that I'm a little bit afraid that the ultrasonic cleaner will "take away" to much of the material so that the o-ring will seal bad. Regards Peter
  2. Hi, I'll get my spare parts soon, so I'm on the way to take my Ike housing apart for service. I've got some oxide on a couple of the push-buttons and wonder what the best way to remove it is? I assume that it's not such good idea to put the buttons in the ultrasonic cleaner? Any suggestions? Vinegar? What about greasing the small o-rings for the buttons? Do you use the same amount as on the port and housing o-ring? Regards Peter
  3. Hi, I hope that there is someone on this forum that can help me to identify this small slug. The pictures are taken at 4 meters depth at Grand Hotel lagoon in Hurghada, Egypt Regards Peter
  4. Here is my contribution to funny fish faces. // Peter
  5. Hi Larry, I've used the Tokina 12-24 f/4 AT-X PRO DX lens for this shot. Exposure settings: f/14.0, 1/250 seconds // Peter
  6. I was on my way up the line to do my safety stop at 5 meters when I saw that my friends where perfectly aligned in the middle of the sun. We had really strong current so they had nothing else to but to hang on to the line and passively watch me take some pictures. The current was also perfect for me since that made my bubbles drift out of the way I hope you like it.
  7. Thanks for you help, but as you said it's not enough time for the snailmail to reach Sweden. / Peter
  8. I found a picture on the internet of the part that I need to get hold of. / Peter
  9. Hi, After my dive in the pool when I rinsed my housing in the shower I realized that one of the push buttons where sticking out longer then it should. When I looked inside the housing I could see that the metal part (don't know the English name for it but in Swedish it's called "springryttare") that is keeping the button in place have split into two pieces. I have no idea how it could happen but now I'm in big trouble since I leave Sweden for work in Egypt in two days with a whole in my housing. I'll try to look around in my local hardware stores tomorrow, but since I live in a small town my hopes to find a new one before my trip is unfortunately low. Can anyone else think of what kind of shop except a hardware store that might have what I'm looking for? The button that came out is the lower on of the four that controls the D200 joystick. // Peter
  10. Well, now it's my time add some input to this thread. I've the same problem with my Gamma as Alex had on his Alpha. First it only worked in full power and then it stopped charging and then broke down completely. Subtronic received my strobe the 2/8 and 20 days later and some mails to them from me, I finally got a reply from Subtronic saying "sorry for our late answer, there is much work at the moment. We send you quotation new few days." and that was over a week ago. I'll try to call them toady to see if there is any chance that I'll have the strobe with me to Egypt when I go there first of October. Maybe Subtronic could send some of their staff over to Ikelite for some lessons in customer service...
  11. The photo was taken at a dive site called Eshta here in Hurghada, Egypt. Regards Peter
  12. Thanks for the comment. All the pictures is taken in the southern part of the Egyptian Red Sea.
  13. It has no rhinophores or gills. To me it looks like a pseudobiceros stellatus but without the white dots.
  14. Hi, I found this flatworm during a nightdive that I can't find in our id-books. So please can someone help me with the id of this flatworm. Thanks Peter
  15. This was some really sad pictures to look at. Just a couple of weeks ago some tech-divers found a dying hammerhead entangled in a fishnet on 60meters on one of the most popular dive sites here in Hurghada. Peter
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