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  1. I have a complete Seatool Underwater Housing System for Canon EOS 40D/50D. Aluminum housing. Port bodies, adapters and extension tubes are Delrin. Condition is Used. Does show signs of use, but never mistreated. Never flooded. I am the original owner. Fiber optic connection only -- no electronic strobe bulkheads. The port system is M-Port, which I believe is still used for Recsea brand housings. Recsea and Seatool are the same company -- the Seatool name is now used for video housings. Includes: SDH-C40D Housing -- fits both Canon EOS 40D and 50D -- with port cap and Olympus neoprene hand strap. INON 45-degree viewfinder with cover (this is attached to the housing) M Port 30 Base -- SLPMB-30 (threads onto dome port or wide flat port for attachment to housing). Flat wide port SLWPM-135 (for lenses like the Sigma 17-70 (when used with the 30mm port base and 35mm extension)) -- requires port base (above) to attach to housing MPort 35mm extension (Delrin) -- SLPME-35 MPort 170mm glass dome port -- SLDPM-170F with neoprene cover -- requires port base (above) to attach to housing SDH-40D SLGL-100U Flat port for Canon 100mm macro lens -- with cover MPort SLGB-100U focus gear for Canon 100mm Macro lens SLGB-S-17/70Z zoom gear for Sigma 17-70 lens SLGB-TF10/17Z zoom gear for Tokina 10-17 fisheye zoom lens Custom zoom gear for Tamron 12-24 zoom lens Port adapter AD-PM67 -- allows attachment of 67mm macro lenses to 100mm flat port A collection of spare O-rings Will take any reasonable offer for the whole thing. Might be willing to discuss parting it out as well at this point. PM me with any questions.
  2. I go every year. Lettuce leaf slugs are common. You can find others on the sponges at night. That being said, in July I found two purple crowned sea goddesses on our last dive at Something Special. You never know!
  3. So. I made the decision to simplify and "downsize" from my nine year old DSLR housing to a LX-10 housing and wet lenses. The trade-offs are there, but one of the selling points on this whole deal was the ability to carry the wet lenses along. The WWL-1 is a beast (as are most of the wide angle add-ons, quite frankly) and i am having trouble parking it. Give the form factor of the housing, two 5" arms on each side, or a 5" and an 8" arm on each side seems about right. I have the double lens dock, however, the WWL-1 with buoyancy collar challenges even an 8" arm once in the dock. Anyone else have solutions for this? Thanks, Mike
  4. I just decided to simplify and moved to an LX10 from a Canon DSLR setup. I used the new rig for 10 dives last week. To answer the first question -- you can save a lot of money by going with the INON UWL-100 with our without the accessory dome. Image quality looks a bit worse from the reviews than the WWL-1 but maybe not much. You can get both the UWL-100 and the dome for $700. Having said that, I went with the WWL-1 mainly because of the bayonet mount feature. Way back when I used to shoot compacts with the 67mm threaded lenses and found threading them on and off to be a bit of a pain. To use the WWL-1 as bayonet mount, you need a separate bayonet mount adapter on the housing. The Nauticam housing comes with 67mm threads. If you get the WWL-1, I recommend getting the buoyancy collar, though that makes it even bigger. The buoyancy collar also complicates trying to nest the WWL-1 on an arm mount. With the collar on, an 8" ULCS arm is barely long enough to park the lens there. I cann't imagine trying to take the WWL-1 underwater without the collar, however, unless the intent is to leave it on the housing the whole time. To answer the macro question: The camera, itself, does not excel at macro. If macro is all you want, maybe consider the TG-5. I got the CMC-1 wet lens, but did not play with it much. It requires yet another adapter to attach to lens so you can attach it to the housing adapter to be bayonet mount, but it is worth it to me to only have to turn a quarter turn and have the lens lock into place. In my limited test drive, found the camera to be fairly responsive, though switching from a DSLR is a learning curve. I was impressed with the wide angle capabilities and the video seems very clear, though I need to get up to speed on white balancing. Macro is much different than with a DSLR and 100mm lens. That will take some getting used to, as will going back to having shutter lag, even if it is relatively minimal. However, I was able to leave an entire suitcase home this time because I didn't have to carry lenses and ports. That is keeping me happy. I will be even happier if I can find a better way to park the WWL-1 underwater. It is a beast. I also need to get a bit more buoyancy onto the entire rig. I am using Stix floats but the lens caddy takes up a lot of space, displacing the floats. According to the retailers, they are selling quite a few LX10 kits so they have to be out there somewhere.
  5. Hi Bruce! Go for it. I flew EVA the last couple times I went to Indonesia, including our honeymoon. I found it to be about almost as nice as Singapore Airlines. The bump up to "Premium Economy" (whatever they call it now) is well worth it. It compares favorably to "Executive Economy" on Singapore Airlines. Not sure how the leg from TPE to Manila works, but their flight from TPE to JKT was a 747 when I did it. Being in a premium class of service allowed you to select seats all the way up in the nose of the plane for that leg and it was very quiet -- the view out of the window seats at the very front was great. Note that they used to do seat assignments online and open it up exactly one month before departure -- so be on the lookout for that if they still do it. Now TPE is not as nice an airport as SIN. However, there is a place where you can get a shower and change clothes, etc. Mike
  6. For most people, the current sensors are more than adequate. And if you want a big step up, you can always go to FF. I'm more interested in improvements in mirrorless autofocus, C-AF, in particular. A bump up in the ability to track moving subjects would be appreciated. We will see what the MKII can do.
  7. See comparison photo in this review. Very unlikely that it would fit. Review: The Olympus E-M1 Mark II
  8. If the E-M1 MKI was gonna make me jump, I'd already have a used housing for it. I, like you, will be watching to see if the MKII is worth the hype. I will stop my "bitching" now . . .
  9. Yes, of course. More importantly and to the point, though I switched over to the E-M1 and Olympus pro lenses for above water photography (gotta say the 40-150 with the 1.4x tele-extender is wonderful), the E-M1 wasn't enough to make me switch over from my Canon 50D for underwater, given the extra cost of swapping housings and the fact that I dive less than I used to. In that regard, the price point of the E-M1 MKII gives me pause. I suppose I get that Olympus is pricing this as a "pro" level camera. If a Nikon D500 is $1500 and a D810 is $2499, why not try to price it between them? As to whether it offers capabilities that lie between them, I don't know. As for underwater, I will probably wait until reports are in on how much better the autofocus is, then figure out what my priorities are.
  10. Maybe overpriced toys are part of the game, but I could get a G7x and the housing for the price of this new Olympus body and maybe not be far off the EM1 MKI. Maybe my perspective is off because I got my EM1 MKI for $525 when refurbs went on sale . . . Will wait a while and see how it compares once more get out in wild.
  11. However they did stick with the stupidity of pricing the EM1 MKII at $2000.
  12. I think it depends on the trip you do and where you dive. Raja Ampat is, perhaps, best known for wide angle opportunities with its schools of fish -- not sure I'd say it is all walls. That being said, I wouldn't sell it short for macro. Several very good macro and night dive sites. I do agree that if you go with a compact camera, you want a good set of wet lenses to cover your bases.
  13. I have been waffling for some time on this, probably because my current family situation doesn't allow me to dive much. I am experimenting with M43 on land, mostly because of the crazy deals on refurbished bodies and lenses lately direct from Oly (EM-1 body for $575 and an EM-10 body for $275). I really like size of the system and the lenses -- not sold on the cameras. Actually, I take that back -- the EM-10 with the 17mm F1.8 makes a pretty darn good point and shoot for pictures of the kids. By far the biggest concern is that I can't convince myself that the autofocus on either camera body is better than (or even equal to) my old Canon 50D, even with the pro series lenses. I may need to stick with the 50D as the underwater camera for a while longer anyway so maybe the whole thing is moot.
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