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  1. I am just happy to share.... http://www.scubadiving.com/photography/pho...ctober_2005%29/ François
  2. Hi, my wife and I will be in BALI for a few days next month. We planned 2 diving days and can't make a decision to where we are going to spend them. We read a lot, everything seems to be really hot, but what to choose. Can anyone tell us what are the MUST DO dive sites? BTW, we can't complain about being in BALI for only a few days since after that, we are going to do a 11 days live aboard... Thanks François
  3. One of our instructor took this picture last weekend. http://album.total-diving.com/tdz/20040912...s/IMAG0060.html It really look like we had a bad processing but guest what.. he used a digital camera from SeaLife's ReefMaster (the DC310). Since all the other pictures came out OK, we think that the camera is doing fine. Anybody have an idea of what could have happened? Thanks
  4. Thanks tp all of you. Would really to see your pic.
  5. Who can help telling me what is this. Picture was taken in Bonaire a week ago. Thanks
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