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    Canon G9
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    Ikelite G9
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    Ikelite DS-161 + Ikelite DS-160
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    Epoque DML-2 and Inon UWL-100
  1. Hi there, I am looking for a D7000 housing with optical bulkhead (not the camera), preferably with ports and vacuum system. Ports for Tokina 10-17, Nikon 60 and Nikon 105. Other accessories are welcome too of course. Thanks a lot, bgfspeedy
  2. Hi there, I am looking for a housing for my Sony NEX-7 camera, preferably with 16-50 lens port as well as an adapter for a 67mm wet lens or a housing for my Nikon D7000 (with Life View option) with optical bulkhead, preferably with a 60mm port and 67 adapter Thanks, Ben
  3. Hi there, I am looking for a housing for my Sony NEX-7 camera with 16-50 lens as well as an adapter for a 67mm wet lens. Thanks, Ben
  4. Hi there, It has been 2 years now and I have only gone diving once. I have 2 kids (2 year old and newborn) and it is time for me to get rid of my best UW friend, my UW camera set. It was serviced by Ikelite 2 years ago and because I only dove once since, I will not sent it back for service. Always rinsed and well taken care of. Please find all the details of what I am selling below. Canon G9 + charger + 2 batteries Ikelite G9 housing #6147.09 (with diffuser and red filter) Ikelite dual handle and tray assembly old type Ikelite single handle and tray assembly old type Inon UWL-100 achromatic wide conversion lens type 2 67mm Epoque Macro Lens DML-2 Flat Port for Canon G-Series #9305.92 Ikelite DS 160 #4060.3 with smart charger #4066.1 Ikelite DS 161 #4061.3 with smart charger #4066.1 Ikelite dual sync cord #4103.52 Ikelite single sync cord #4103.51 (new) Ikelite single sync cord #4103.51 (used) Ikelite-to-Nikonos N5 TTL Sync Cord #4104.6 (new) 2x Inon Mega Float Arm M (5dives on it) Fantasea Nano Focus Light Clamps and other accessories I still have the original boxes for almost everything. Price 2000USD OBO for the set + Paypal costs not including shipping (Shipping costs from HK are very reasonable) Cheers, Ben
  5. That looks very very nice! Thanks a lot for that!
  6. Hi Ryan, Thanks a lot for that. Those are pictures from Edward Lai from Nauticam. I saw those too. However, he talks about a pre production port, but the post was from early February. I was just wondering if there had been any evolution. Thanks, Bgfspeedy
  7. Dear all, Just wondering if the new Sony 10-18 f4 e-mount lens will be the new WA flagship lens for UW photography with the Nex series (especially the NEX-7). Any UW reviews? Also, has anyone seen the Nauticam port for it? Cheers, bgfspeedy
  8. Apeks, HOG or Hollis! You can't go wrong with those brands!
  9. Good question.....can you enlighten me too please?
  10. Hey all, I have finally decided to buy the Ikelite housing for my Nikon D7000 (cannot afford another brand and I currently own a DS160 and 161). However I went to a Nikon centre yesterday and tried out the 60mm f2.8, the 85mm f3.5 and the 105mm f2.8. My preference goes for the 85mm but everyone is raving about 60mm. My concern is that using the 60mm for the macro that I want to do, I need to be at 5cm (2inches) from my subject whereas with the 85mm, I can be at double that distance from my subject. Now, I do not know very much about photography, but if I add a wet Subsee +10 diopter, will I be able to get a few more cm (or inches) away from my subject if I use the 60mm? I will most probably be buying the Ikelite dedicated flat port for the 60 or 85mm. Is there a 67mm thread on those ports? If not, what diopter holder would you recommend? I don't really want to spend 500USD on a diopter holder. Thanks so much for your support. Ben
  11. Alex are you also suggesting that the 3.5 dome could work with the Pana 8mm? Because if you look at the Nauticam website, is says that you can use the Nikon 10 f2.8 in the 3.5 and the 4.3 dome, so could the Pana 8mm also work the 3.5? Cheers,
  12. Thanks so much for your reply Alex, I was actually going to PM you. So from my understanding, you have a slight preference for the OMD over the D7000, correct? If I take the OMD good lenses would be the 60mm macro f2.8 and the Panasonic 8mm or the Olympus 8mm f3.5 for WA ? I will most likely go for the Nauticam housing, what port to do you recommend for that lens then (Cant afford ZEN port though ) I will have to sell my two DS's and buy the Z240.... Thanks a lot again
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