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  1. Dear Loftus do you still have the strobes?
  2. A great set of images. I really like them.
  3. your Pictures look great. I think you could have tried to get closer with a few images so that the lighting is a bit stronger. But I really like them!
  4. Great encounter.... I would love to see them.
  5. I have used the 105 with the Nikon x2 and the AF worked. So, I didn't have any problems.I agree with Adam that there is a difference between the site and real life.
  6. Nice colours. I haven't seen on of those myself yet.
  7. I agree with the latter part " Have you removed the plastic rear display cover from the camera body, and the rubber eyepiece too". I never had any issue with my S&S housing but from the beginning i removed the plastic cover and the eye-piece.
  8. I have always been using the acrylic Fisheye Dome Port 240. Underwater i can't see any problem, however when taking split level shots all the small scratches become VERY visible. So, if you are a fan of split level shots...you might reconsider.
  9. Hi David, I went a couple of times with shark diving unlimited. http://www.sharkdivingunlimited.com/ They operate from Gansbaai. I would definitely recommend Gansbaai over Simonstown if the only thing that you want to see are Great whites. Of you also want to dive (without a cage) with the sevengills, I think SImonstown is fantastic. In that case i would recommend shark explorers http://www.sharkexplorers.com/ Enjoy
  10. I actually like the top one....it shows a bit the number of stingrays that are always there
  11. You were lucky. We went there about a year ago and unfortunately the hammerheads were on holiday (just like us) :-)
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