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  1. Hi Steve, Thanks! In Bali I stayed at a hotel just NE of Denpasar. A friend of mine, Leon Boey, runs a dive shop out of the hotel: http://livingseas.asia. We drove to Tulamben (a bit of a drive) and Padang Bai (not too bad) each day. It worked out great though I might imagine that a resort closer to the dive sites would be more convenient though not being tied to any one area meant we had lots of options. The pier at Padang Bai has loads of potential as a muck diving site. I'd love to spend more time there. Wakatobi is very nice. Healthy reefs, lots of nice coral and colorful reef fish, super easy diving. The resort is fantastic and has one of the best camera rooms I've seen. Maybe a bit of a tough place to shoot. It's great for pygmies (we saw them every day and 3 different species) but not a critter hotspot otherwise. (The guides tell me the Pelagian live aboard has some better muck sites but I can't confirm that as we were only at the resort.) For wide angle there are definitely subjects but the sites (mostly walls) have a bit of sameness to them. Not a big animal place at all. Still, I had a great time and would definitely recommend it. Clinton
  2. Nice work. I also especially like the Ghost Pipefish shot. Clinton
  3. Headed back from a fun trip to Indonesia diving Bali (Padang Bai and Tulamben) and Wakatobi. Full gallery is here: http://www.baue.org/images/galleries/v/travel/Indonesia2015/Underwater/ Highlights below. Clinton
  4. Kind of wondering what happened to the thread this year?!? I know people like to post to FB nowadays but I'd much rather look at images here where they haven't been auto compressed/sharpened/adjusted and you know you are looking at the whole set and not just whatever FB's algorithm du jour has decided for you. I look forward to this every year so hopefully people will participate. Here is my buddy Rob learning that it is in fact possible to get too close and too low to an underwater photo subject.
  5. Like everyone else in the UW Photo world apparently I was in Isla Mujeres last week having a blast taking pictures of whale sharks in great vis. We were even visited a couple of times by sailfish. Kudos to Berkley White and the Backscatter crew for organizing a super fun trip. Full Gallery Here: http://www.baue.org/images/galleries/v/travel/IslaMujeres2014/ Clinton
  6. Hi Steve, Thanks. I don't have any additional data at the moment (Though I think Exif data is there for exposure, etc.). When I get a moment I'll try update the descriptions with more location data. The tropical stuff is from 2 trips to PNG (Milne Bay for the first and the Bismark Sea - Kimbe, Witu, Kavieng, Fathers - for the second) plus a trip to the Solomons. PNW stuff is mostly the north end of Vancouver Island while Alaska stuff is all over SE Alaska. Think the other galleries are pretty specific about the locations (Monterey, Cordell Bank, Puerto Vallarta). Cheers, Clinton
  7. After years of neglect I finally got around to re-building my personal website. Have a look, lots of California, BC and Alaska stuff but some too from the tropics. http://www.metridium.com Clinton
  8. Pretty certain this was a different octopus. The other encounter was in Bluefish Cove 3-400 meters west of where we were. It's possible an octopus could move that far in a week but the one that made the news appeared to me to be missing a chunk of one arm which wasn't the case with this guy. Clinton
  9. Very nice. Especially the first one with the blue water background. South Australia is definitely on my bucket list. Clinton
  10. Thanks! That's the port cover for Rob's Camera. I think it's clipped to one of his strobe arms. Clinton
  11. Fantastic dive sunday with my buddy Rob. We sat 4 Giant Pacific Octopus at Point Lobos State Reserve in Carmel, CA. One of them was quite interactive. Full gallery here: http://www.baue.org/images/galleries/v/local/BetosOctopus/ Investigating my camera. My buddy Rob's View Rob gets the treatment Giant Pacific Octopus More Giant Pacific Octopus Clinton
  12. 2013 got off to a bang for me photographically and after January I was pretty sure I knew what my entry this year would be. If you dive long enough eventually a whale will swim right in front of you when you least expect it. Fortunately I still had the camera out and was able to get a shot. My dive buddy Allison tells the story better than I ever could here: http://coldwaterkitty.blogspot.com/2013/01/whale.html Of course it wouldn't be this thread if I didn't feel tempted to cheat a bit and post a second image. The other big event for me this year was finally getting to dive at Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary. It's deep, offshore and a total pain in the neck logistically. But it's also insanely beautiful. It's an amazing thing when something you've dreamed about actually ends up meeting your expectations. (Kudos to Matt V and Jim C for making this happen). Happy Holidays all! Can't wait to see the rest of the thread. Clinton
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