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  1. I got the same problem with my sea & sea ext & macro port base. Last time i need almost an hour to separate them. I think i have to buy one more ext LOL
  2. Hi Matt, How it the Inon 45 Viewfinder on D3? Can it restore the whole frame like viewing it on land? Stone
  3. I tested my MKIII housing yesterday, really love the controls! You really need the semi-dry, around 17 C yesterday. Cheers
  4. 1.3 crop is a problem! Using FF fisheye like sigma & canon 15mm becomes less fishy. Anyone tried with tokina 10-17 FE on 1DII or 1DIIN? Here is the link with tokina 10-17 on a 5D: http://dc.watch.impress.co.jp/cda/review/2...11/17/5039.html
  5. 0.8x interchangeable pickup viewfinder ( Product number 46104) We recommend this viewfinder for near-sighted users and for photographers who want to make sure the focus is clear in the center of the image during macro photography. You can interchange this viewfinder with the standard pickup viewfinder to best suit your needs
  6. Sea and Sea has a new TTL converter which is compatible with YS90Auto.
  7. Matt In Aquatica's page you will find a lens chart under the catalog of D70/S housing. You will see what kind of port and rings you need. stone
  8. Hi Matt When you screw in the dome into the housing/entension ring, hold on the dome, DON'T just hold on the dome shape. stone
  9. You are right. But this multi-controller allow me to change focus point in just ONE click. stone
  10. I used to dive with Sea & Sea, actually the port systems for both vendors are just the same. For sea & sea, basically you only need the fisheye dome and a flat port, to fit different glasses, you only need to apply sutable extension rings. stone
  11. Just a few points 1) There is an Athena Dome port which is made of glass for Sea & Sea housings. Aquatica dome port are plastic, and dome shape is just HOLD on the port. 2) Sea & Sea housing has port locking and marking, Aquatica has NO locking and NO marking for ports. 3) Sea & Sea 5D can access the jogdial, Aquatica CANNOT. 4) Sea & Sea 5D can add an external TTL coverter to use TTL. Aquatica bulkhead only has one pin, not possible for TTL.
  12. A bit offtopic, Canon 5D + 15mm FE also produce 180 degrees, right?
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