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  1. Just bought a Sony RX100 vii and Nauticam housing from @Drkevbo. Very easy buying experience. Quick communication, paid Sunday night and carefully packed package arrived today in good condition. Can't wait to get underwater with it!
  2. Thanks. I think I have just about talked myself into going with Inon Z330s instead.
  3. I may be interested. Why are you looking to sell? Just an upgrade or was there anything you didn’t like about them?
  4. Thanks Drkevbo! Looking forward to all the fun of setting up and learning a new rig.
  5. I am very interested. I was just looking up this exact setup and starting to price it out. Any particular reason you are selling it? You can email me at my username at swbell dot net. Thanks!
  6. I have to agree with Scubag. I think that in order to get a system you will ultimately be happy with, you are going to have to spend significantly more than your target budget. You could make compromises on the camera and housing to get into the water with it now, but you will eventually end up spending alot more money to end up with a system you really can grow with. You are better off buying a good camera and housing now, along with a decent sized memory card, and a copy of PhotoShop. Learning the limitations of the internal flash, and working with lighting will make you a better photographer down the road when you can afford to upgrade the system with one or more strobes. My wife and I bought each other a 5050 last year for our anniversary and have been using it land only for the last year. This year we are getting an Ike housing and double handle tray, and have upgraded our flash memory from 128mb to 1gb. Maybe around christmas we will have enough to go for the DS-125 that we want also. It is taking a while, but the time to work with each piece and get used to it before adding on, will in the end hopefully make us better and more flexible photographers. YMMV...
  7. The one reason I chose the 5050 over the 5060 is the ability to use AA batteries in the 5050. The 5060 requires a proprietary Oly battery pack. I know they make smart chargers and all that, but I could just picture getting to some dream destination a thousand miles from anywhere in the south pacific and finding out that my charger didn't work. It would obviously be expensive at such a far flung location, but EVERYBODY sells AA batteries. So even if I can't use my rechargeable AAs, at least I can buy a bunch of packages and not lose an entire dive trip worh of photo opportunities. TxAgs92
  8. We are ready to buy an Ike housing for the 5050 and I wanted to find out where people have gotten the best prices combined with reliable warranty and customer service. Right now I am looking to get the housing and the double handle tray. For those who have the housing, is the base worth the $20 for the base and adapter, or is the housing stable enough without it? Also, if we are going to be using the internal flash for the time being, is there anything else we will need to buy with the housing? I am already planning to get a couple extra o-rings and some moisture absorbent packs. Right now, I have seen the best price at B&H Photo, but I am leaning towards UWCP, since I met Ryan at SeaSpace and I have a face to match up with vendor (I know nothing about B&H). The UWCP price is a little higher, but I am willing to pay a little more if there is any question about B&H's willingness to stand behind the product or assist with warranty service if necessary (heaven forbid). So does anybody know anything about B&H or UWCP? Any positive or negative stories about customer service or warranty work? Are there other vendors that I should be considering? Thanks for your input and assistance. TxAgs92 P.S. Also, any input on affordable 2nd slot media? I have a 512 CF right now and would love to have a 2nd card in the other slot, but the XD card prices are pretty outrageuos. For the price of a decent sized XD, I could just upgrade to a 1 gig CF instead. Would like to shoot RAW without having to download too often. Every time the housing is opened is an opportunity for me to screw up and flood the thing.
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