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  1. See http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=50854
  2. anthp

    FS: Subsee +10

    Selling my Subsee +10 diopter and Ikelite modular flat port adaptor for 551X.XX series port. Looking for $300 for the lot (new cost is $455). Used on only one trip. I've since had a baby and can't dedicate the time to underwater photography. Someone else may as well have fun with it. Glass in great condition with no scratches. Has original top and bottom covers. One mark on thread from where the Subsee adaptor connects to the lens. See third picture. Item located in Melbourne, Australia. I'm happy to ship to US or Europe at buyer's cost.
  3. Nick It is the +10 version described here http://reefnet.ca/products/subsee/ It says it works on full frame cameras. PM me?
  4. Hi mate I have a new subsee x10 (used on one trip) with an Ikelite mount, so you'd need to buy a Subal mount. I'd be willing to part with the diopter without mount for AU$190. Shipping would be cheap for you (I'm in Melb). Let me know? ReefNet apparently don't currently have any stock. Cheers, Anthony.
  5. FOR SALE: Genuine 67mm UR/Pro underwater color correction filter -$65 ono plus shipping. A brand new copy of this filter will set you back $130, so why not grab one for half price? This filter is very handy for shallow water shooting without flash. See the Wetpixel review: http://wetpixel.com/i.php/full/ur-pro-shal...-filter-review/ The filter ring has marks as shown in the pictures, but otherwise is in good condition with clean glass. The filter comes with the original UR Pro case.
  6. I use class 10 from Sandisk, Team and Kingston. They work for RAW and video. Classes 4 and 6 are slower than class 10...
  7. Huge congratulations Alex - great spread! We got it downunder too. See here: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/galle...6-1226054260597
  8. Excellent work Mark. Really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.
  9. I watched this the other day Richard. I wondered who had shot it as it seemed far better than the usual news footage. Excellent work. You got some really nice shots of Valerie and certainly helped tell the story. Well done!
  10. Great shot Andrew! Must have been a challenge to get the lure so nicely placed in the frame. You are doing some brilliant overunders lately.
  11. Thanks loftus - looks like I'm the lucky one then. Strangely, the lens works fine with the D200 still. Off to the lens Doc...
  12. Anyone else having this problem? My D7000 doesn't appear to recognise that an AF lens is attached when the Tokina 10-17 fisheye is mounted. I think I might be alone in this though because Alex didn't mention any issues in his review. Other lenses (Nikon 10.5, 60 AFD and 16-85 VR) don't have any problems focusing. Perhaps it might be a trip to a lens doctor for the Tokina? Keen to hear any other experiences. Thanks all.
  13. Hi Keri The King Solomon is fine. Rooms are reasonable, some have views. Resturaunt is ok. Other alternatives are the Honiara Hotel which is much the same as the King Sol, but slightly cheaper and the Mendana. The Mendana probably has the nicest rooms and views of Iron Bottom Sound. Rooms in the new wing are best. My favourite resturaunt by far in Honiara is the Taj Mahal if you are a fan of Indian food (taxi ride half way to the airport - well worth it). The pizza at Iron Bottom Sound Hotel is reasonable, but next time I'll be trying http://www.4pizzasandafuneral.com/ run by Grant and Turia who started the legendary Fat Boys in Gizo. Cheap lunches can be had at El-Shadai, but I can't recommend the bain-marie, go for fresh cooked. The Lime Lounge does good coffee, cakes and breakfasts. Aussie is on the money. Honiara isn't Cote d'Azur. There are however, plenty of things to do in and around Honiara. You can explore the centre of town in less than a day and there are some great waterfalls, beaches and WWII sites nearby if you can get a car or take a taxi. It is worth popping into the Honiara Central Market too. Follow the usual adage of agreeing to the taxi price before you hop in though. There are several wreaks nearby that the local dive ops can take you to. Ask Bilikiki for a recommendation. Drop into the Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau for a run down on all options. Another great option is to pop across to Maravagi Resort or Savo Island for a night or two. If you could squeeze another day or don't mind a short trip, I'd strongly recommend hopping on a 1 hour flight to Munda and doing some dives there. Well worth the effort. The Roviana Lagoon and surrounds are superb. Way better than manky low-viz sites around Honiara.
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