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  1. Hi Leander and Steve, Thanks for looking at the pics and replying positively. And thanks to you both for answering my many questions before we left. A few years ago we did a very short trip in the Similans and I had time for one dive in Belize on a recent trip. All those trips were pre-housing, so all I have are topside shots. Other than that, we’ve both only ever dived temperate. We’re now seeking recommendations for future trips, although be warned, we’ll find it a challenge to resist the stunning water village at Kapalai. Visibility probably averaged between 10-15 m on Sipadan and 3-6 m on Kapalai/Mabul. There seemed to be a lot of particles in the water at all locations and it took me a few dives to get around the backscatter issues (you’d think I’d be used to it). I still had to do the occasional clean up in PS. We had a fair bit of rain while we were there, and until the last day, didn’t see the sun. It was temperate dark and I found I ended up at ISO 400 on some dives to maintain 5.6 or better and a reasonable shutter speed. However, the marine life was just superb and all new to us (other than pictures we’d seen on here and in books), so we still had a great time. It was always a risk going on the shoulder like that. I’ve no regrets at all. It was truely incredible. We did the 530 am dive once, but found it way too dark for decent images. We encountered plenty of bumps and ‘couta on later dives anyway, so couldn’t really see the point. Of course now someone will chime in and explain that we could have seen whale sharks, hammers and blue whales if we’d cared to get up. Leander – as you predicted vegetarian options were limited, but were certainly better than most other places we visited in Malaysia. Classic quote from a restaurant who had prepared us a ‘veg meal’ in the Perhentian islands….â€But they’re only little fish…and prawns aren’t animalsâ€. This was after a prior explanation from me listing fish and prawns as in the no-go zone. I find it difficult to justify eating the very critters you are there to see - but don't begrudge folks who do eat them – they are very tasty. I dived myself silly and squeezed 30 into just over a week. Ears were less than happy at the end, but seem to have recovered now…. What’s that you say?... Must remember to bring ear drops next time. Is it just me, or do others find this an issue? Resort had home brew remedy consisting of some gin/vodka concoction which seemed reasonably effective. At first I followed the recommended method of application via ear canal, but efficacy was greatly improved through oral administration… Say Leander - we were thinking of doing a drive up your way in Feb - wouldn't be worth bring our dive gear would it?
  2. Right that’s it!! I’m gonna get my flag wiggling…Stewth mate, I reckon you’ve gone troppo Drew! I suppose if you are just measuring appendages mate, then leafies might take the cake, but weedies have waaay better colour IMHO and are FAR more charismatic. One man’s treasure is another man’s tedious if you ask me. I wouldn’t want to be so presumptuous as to second-guess Paul’s preferences of course… Now, the reason I’m posting shots by others is because I’m at work (ahem – and working extremely hard I might add) and not because I don’t have some in my collection at home. Kelvin will be pleased with the link to his site I’m sure. Now to continue the theme (albeit now potentially somewhat more risqué), please enjoy one of Mr Achetel’s shots from http://www.aliensofthesea.com to illustrate the gorgeous colours on these critters. I’m sorry, you can’t tell me they aren’t cool! Of course another reason for me to defend little weedy is because he is Victoria’s Marine State Emblem. And I can’t help it if you have a problem with chimeras with a pachyderm resemblance. Kelvin certainly loves them… quote: “The Elephant Fish must be the most spectacular of all the cartilaginous fish.†Kelvin Aitken. Now I may have to concede that water temperatures in Victoria are generally ever so slightly cooler that South Australia. But when Paul is planning to visit, temperatures around 18 C are common at the dive sites suggested. I certainly wouldn’t like to think that you were questioning Paul’s manliness. For a little diversion, this clickable map from CSIRO has current water temperatures across Australia. On the cephalopod front… Yeah sure, so if you’re into squid, the pyjama’s are pretty cute, but what’s wrong with our own little Euprymna tasmanica dumpling squid which are common under St Leonards Pier in the evening. As a juvenile, this little fella catches light producing bacteria inside its mantle. At night it finely regulates the bacterial light emitting from its underbelly to match the starlight/moonlight shimmering above. All the better to hide from the flathead predators. Now how cool is that??!! Now, I’m not sure what your sources are - in fact I’d love to know so that I can tease them about it - but whoever said that leafies are easy to find at the Prom or Flinders?? I don’t believe I ever nominated Flinders as a leafy hotspot, but it sure is great for weedies. Drew, I’m delighted to note that you concede we have some pretty decent food and delightful sheila's. Surfing is definitely worth doing here…although SA gets a look in with that too. Further afield in central coast South Australia - Cactus Beach has some pearler waves if you don’t taking a line around the great white sharks…I guess that GWS isn't uncommon at Phillip Island either where the you share the surf with the penguins. Seriously now - if you are coming down in Jan - I’ll be waiting for ya! Find it hard to believe that you’d skip the run for anything though mate.
  3. Now Paul - I don't wish to start a dustup with this Drew character, as he can be a valuable resource. But, in this case he is feeding you a furphy. There is no doubt that Adelaide, KI, Rapid Bay and Picaninnie sinkhole are fun - but certainly don't forget about Melbourne! Oh the sacrilege of it all. Now this will probably sound parochial, as I've been diving Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne for 15 years, but it really is a great location. In addition to worthy suggestions by Peter and Matt, I can recommend Flinders Pier where weedy sea dragons abound (and it doesn't take 8 hours to drive to like Rapid Bay). In fact it is only 1 hr from the centre of Melbourne. Also recommend doing some dives in the Rip between Port Phillip Heads where you'll find colourful sponge gardens and fish including the blue devil, the bizarre elephant fish, blue ringed octopus and lovely nudibranchs which may all be new and interesting for you. More than 90% of the marine life in Victoria is endemic and can't be found anywhere else. Nepean and Lonsdale walls are some of my favourite locations. Like the Rip, Pope's Eye in the southern end of the Bay has been a protected area for decades and also has very healthy fish populations. Further afield - the giant kelp forests in the Bay and at Wilsons Promontory are similar to their counterparts in California. If larger marine life takes your fancy, you can very easily snorkel with seals from Queenscliff (just over an hour from Melbourne) or seek out the famous Australian giant cuttle - the largest cuttlefish in the world! I have encountered them on shore dives at Cottage by the Sea (60 mins from Melbourne) and know they occur at Rickett's Point (less than 30 mins from Melbourne). If you decide to come down this way - drop me a PM and we might be able to head out together. While I'm on the contradictory bent, cheapest flights from Melbourne to Adelaide are invariably to be found on http://www.jetstar.com.au and http://www.virginblue.com.au. Qantas fares are a ripoff. Elephant Fish. Copyright Kelvin Aitken Red Velvet Fish. Copyright William Boyle
  4. Great stuff PC Wags - is that the end or do we get more? We had a good ol laugh.
  5. Great stuff Luiz - I particularly like the first and last images - really great work. I would also be interested to hear more abourt the research.
  6. Hi Bart, I'm honoured to have my work compared to such beautiful images - thankyou. Regarding the damaged reef. We did dive in the area and, whilst there was some damage, I feel that there was some overeaction to the incident on the web. It was certainly regretable that any damage occurred at all, but the damage was restricted to a relatively small area and will recover in time. If anything, it has had the positive effect of preventing further development and similar incidents in that beautiful place. Thanks again for your kind words. Hi Wags - thanks heaps for the accolades! Michaela might be writing to you for some video tips any day now. This was her first trip with a vid and although we missed the MWB option, we are finding you can do a fair bit in FCP. Your idea sounds awesome and it might even inspire me to actually produce a book so that I can have something for you to sell. Prints would be way cool too. Now all we have to do is organise a trip to come and visit you guys and shoot something from the 'loo. Seen some great stuff from there lately actually. Thanks again and I love your idea.
  7. Hi Marli. July/August is pretty chilly in Sydney. Not snow and ice, but certainly not tshirt weather. Brisbane on other hand will be considerably warmer with maybe a light sweater required in the evening. Both cities are worth a visit. Sydney obviously has more well known sights (Opera House, Bridge, Harbour etc.), but Brisbane has a beautiful river, some lovely resturants and is close to some gorgeous beaches and tropical rainforest. Up to you really. Hotels I can't help you with.
  8. Hey Giles - thanks for the kudos man! I certainly endorse your suggestion to head on over.
  9. Thanks Gary. I was pretty pleased when I saw it pop up on the back of the camera. It's actually a magic filter shot with the 10.5FE
  10. Bugger.... I knew I wouldn't get everyone when I started singling people out!! So sorry Mike - yeah I know - you are my Life Coach and there is no way I could have done it without you. I thought we agreed to keep our arrangement secret though? But if it helps at all.... I'd like to thank MikeV for Life, the Universe and Everything. Seriously Mike - thanks for your comments and for the U. And I particularly appreciate you looking when it must have taken ages with your connection. Now how did you go in the Phillipinnes? We were thinking of you over the sea there. Thanks Arnon - much appreciated. Means a lot from such an accomplished photographer as yourself. And yes, we had a ball!
  11. Thanks Dean - very kind of you. Hope your mozzie bites have improved!
  12. Hello everyone, Thankyou all for answering my many questions on where we should spend October. We have just returned from a sensational trip to Sipadan and Kapalai. Having not been on a diving holiday before it was a real eye opener. We have fallen in love with paradise and just adored Kapalai water village. Michaela had fun with her new video and I had a blast on my first holiday with a housing for my DSLR. I can't believe I have waited this long to get one. Topside photography is nowhere NEAR this much fun! For more images - visit www.anthonyplummer.com and click on the New Malaysia gallery. Nemo www.anthonyplummer.com Gorgonian www.anthonyplummer.com Turtle www.anthonyplummer.com Thanks for looking guys and any suggestions would be gratefully accepted. In particular, I would like to thank Lndr, scubadru, zeamonkey, SimonSpear and xtremediver who fielded many PM's and were extremely helpful.
  13. Rockwell had been talking about the D200 coming soon for more than a year before it came. I wouldn't place too much creedence in his 'predictions'. I admire his skill in attracting hits though. Who said being controversial doesn't attract a readership - even if those readers completely disagree with you.
  14. Huge congratulations Gavin! What an honour.
  15. Software looks like it might be a Photoshop CS2 flash gallery TIA
  16. Very sorry to hear it Kasey - most disappointing. Let us know how you go.
  17. Hi Larry, We'll be in Kapalai from 10-19 Oct - can't remember if that overlaps. Would love to catch up if you are over on Kapalai... email is anthplummer at yahoo dot com Cheers mate.
  18. SENSATIONAL Paul!! Very impressive sunburst if you ask me. Do you have any other photos from Sipadan?
  19. I agree with Dave - really great pics. We will be there in a couple of weeks, although we might hit monsoon. If my pics are half as good as yours, I'll be very pleased.
  20. Congratulations Leander!! - Well deserved. Looking forward to seeing the hard copy.
  21. Awesome photo Todd - huge congratulations!! The coloUrs are sensational - and it looks like the sun is coming through the anemone.
  22. Great stuff James! I like the wide angle too. You should use it more!
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