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  1. Awesome clip Wags - your bad viz kinda reminds me of a seriously good day under piers over here - but hey, it's all relative isn't it? That slo-mo stuff is very cool. Does anyone know whether it is possible to do the same sort of thing on a mac?
  2. I love to share the exatraordinary diverstity that non-divers miss. I love the challenge of shooting in conditions that would make most topside photogpraphers cringe. I love the amazing creatures that we share our time with underwater. I love the reactions I get from showing people the things I see.
  3. Now you'll be famous worldwide Wags and Kelly!! Glad to hear it.
  4. Great shot Arnon - excellent sharpness and good competition. Exposure seems ok to me.
  5. Great stuff Ripli!! Really good job balancing highlights with your strobe - particularly on the CFWA. Still on using the 5060? - great work. I'm not bored yet - any more will be appreciated.
  6. Great work Herb - really impressive balls!
  7. Works nicely with Opera too Eric - and yes - it is cool
  8. Great gallery Jeffrey - well done!
  9. Michaela, who is very talented at researching, located this article entitled An Analysis of Marine Animal Injuries Presenting to Emergency Departments in Victoria, Australia which outlines a study reviewing presentations over a five-year period. Interestingly, spikes, spines, and barbs caused 40% of the injuries in the study, although the authors suggest this may be an underestimation. The study is also from a temperate rather than tropical environment. Also interesting is that dolphins have fallen victim to stingrays - search for "barb" on this page from the WA Museum.
  10. Would a simply optical slaving system (ala Ikelite) work for your project - or are you too far away from the strobe?
  11. Thanks Alex - now how about the details
  12. Where did you see the video Drew?
  13. Look out for those rays mate - or you might end up like Steve! Great images - I love the colour one - such beautiful blues, but the over/under is very cool too.
  14. Here is a picture of Alex's new rig - sans housing... Only joking - this is really Matt Meuller's setup which allows images like this... I must admit though, I would have thought extension rather than a teleconverter would be more likely to result in the images Alex has made - which btw, I think look fantastic. Can't wait to hear what crazy combination of contraptions you have come up with Alex!
  15. You might be right SD. I guess I was just assuming that because the D70 iTTL housing has been out for ages and we haven't heard of any issues like this with the conversion circuitry, the issue might be isolated to the D200 alone.
  16. Sensational as usual Drew!! It's actually amazing how different it looks each year. Fascinating to see those other species schooling too. Still can't believe you nailed those humpbanks. Bloody perfect! W E L L D O N E !! !!
  17. I understood the note from Ryan to apply specifically to the D200. I wasn't aware of the same issue occuring with the D70...
  18. Man - that's the weirdest looking Pavlova I've ever seen - and it's in a champagne saucer?? Must be some strange Exmouth thing Anywayz - happy birthday again.
  19. Already have the housing, but would definitely be interested in the monitor back if you are prepared to separate.
  20. Thanks heaps for getting everything back up and going again Eric! Must have been a real pain to get it all working again.
  21. Glad to hear it is resolved Alex and John - you guys have had a really bad time of it.
  22. Thanks Dave - appreciate the insight. Looking forward to your DSLR photographs
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