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  1. We have been living on Tetepare island for the last 18 months. The diving in that area is superb. We dived around Gizo and were far less impressed. Liveavoards are nice, but also suggest basing yourself with Dive Munda for spectacular diving around the western province.
  2. Good question Mariozi. When you put a teleconverter behind a fisheye, it multiplies the focal length by the teleconversion factor. This means that a 10 mm lens with a 1.4 teleconverter becomes a 14 mm lens - ie. slightly less wide. Why would you want that? Well, the really nifty thing is that the minimum focusing distance remains the same as the original uncoverted lens. The result is that the magnification you can achieve of a subject really close to the lens is greater (in this case 1.4 times greater) than the 'naked' lens alone. You can use the combination of a teleconverter and a fisheye to shoot really really close 'close focus wide angle' photos. As an example, think of something like seastar roughly the same size as your average still camera. You can now pretty much fill the frame with the seastar, but still get some of the background environment in the shot. Sure, you can make this same shot with a naked 10 mm, but with a teleconverter, your seastar can be 1.4 times bigger in the frame. Hope this helps.
  3. Thanks for the reply Tim. Which 1.4 Kenko was it? Is it this one? Cheers mate, Anth.
  4. I'd really like to mount a teleconverter behind my Nikon 10.5 DX fisheye. I remember I tried one of the new model Kenko's once with the 10.5 and my D200 and it had trouble focusing so I sold it again. I'd be so grateful if those of you who have tried any teleconverter could let me know which makes and models you have had success with. It would be awesome to know whether anyone is using it behind the standard Ikelite fisheye 8" dome extension. Thanks all.
  5. Beautiful images Mike. Love the snake angle. Very nice work.
  6. Hi all, I'm very keen on buying a Gates HC7 and HC9 housing. I'd be particularly interested if it has the manual white balance control installed. I'm in the Solomon Islands at the moment, so email is difficult for me to access regularly. Please send email to anthplummer 'AT' gmail.com Thanks, Anthony.
  7. Hi Steve - welcome to WP and congrats on taking the excellent advice of that good friend of yours
  8. Well, as it happens, we are flying into Honiara in late April and should be at Tetepare around a week later. When are you in Gizo/Munda? And btw - now you are following us!
  9. What a great suggestion Darren! Thanks so much for that. Will definitely look into it. Thanks for the tip Marli. Really looking forward to it. Love your cleaner. Thanks Leander - really appreciate the kind words and the suggestions. Those ripcurl watches look cool!
  10. Wow Marli! That is fantastic that you have been there! Will have to ask you some more. As I understand it the island suffered during the tsunami, so that may have been what you witness. Apparently it is on the mend now, but we should be able to report in more detail soon. Would love to see more photos if you have them. Certainly haven't seen anything as beautiful as the two you just posted. Got any UW shots? Yes, will see if Brad can lend me his fancy Rolex. BTW - how would we go about getting stuff on the KOKOPO? Yep. Two in fact. One with a 15hp and one with a 40hp.
  11. Umm - probably more lardo than svelte I'm afraid. Honeymoon decadence may have got the better of my waistline. Dry box is a great idea. Some sort of plastic food storage box would probably suffice I assume? Thanks Alex - looking forward to seeing more of your Aussie stuff when it gets into print. From what I have seen so far, you've tackled Australia with your usual unique eye and perspective - very cool. Thanks loftus - will ask docs about Cipro and Bactrim when we go - I think we've already got some Cipro from previous adventures, but probably better to get some fresh. Thanks Paquito - the SolarRoll does look the part... I wonder whether anyone has any comments comparing it to the Solaris 26? The Solaris puts out more watts, but it is unclear whether it is as robust and weatherproof as the SolarRoll. Nobody seems to sell them down here, but I haven't looked to hard yet... That reminds me actually... Anyone got a suggestion for a watch? I currently use my mobile phone which obviously won't be much use on Tetepare. Would be nice to have something waterproof to cope with all the rain. Something reliable, maybe dive capable and not too pricey?? Wow! That is so cool Darren! Thanks for such a great idea. We'll keep it mind. We'll probably end up paying mucho excess baggage fees already, but I'm tempted to try to squeeze on of these in. The price might be a bit of an issue for us though Still, it is great to know solutions are available. Thanks.
  12. Excellent results Pakman - thanks for sharing. I love the ghost pipes!
  13. They look good Drew - thanks for that. Freediving eh? I'm working on Enzo's build - at least around the tummy!
  14. Thanks Wags! - Yeah, I reckon the diving could be pretty awesome. Not sure whether we'll have any capacity though. I doubt there is a compressor anywhere nearby and there probably aren't hire shops around the corner either. Perhaps you could come and visit in your private yacht with a compressor and an extensive kit of dive gear! Seriously though - would be great to have a visit from you and Kelly. Saw you both on the tv the other night actually - can't remember what on - we were channel surfing. There was footage of you (holding the EVO or something I think) and Kelly saying something about sea snakes. Cool stuff, but we only caught the end of it.
  15. Thanks Cor for asking Julie. I reckon that might be it!! That is a new high res image on google - last time I looked they only had the low res. I think that only one of the buildings is ours, the others are probably the eco-lodge and the kitchen for the lodge.
  16. Geez, I knew you were good mate! But signaling whales to swim towards you - now that is a SKILL!
  17. Thanks everyone for your helpful thoughts. We have plans to consult with the local tropical medicine centre regarding malaria and other medical contingencies and I will double check the evac policies as suggested. Thanks for that. This is where we will be: http://tinyurl.com/yqmbs3 @Eric - thanks for the attachment stripper! Looks like a great adjunct to sat email. @Mike, Tim and pakman - valuable input guys thanks ;p @Cor and Julie - we certainly will take you up on your offer. Thank you! I was hoping you guys would see this thread. Thanks again. Have a few more requests to add... Any recommendations on good online sources for tropical vegetable seeds (I think there is already a garden there, but it would be good to supplement). Any recommendations on waterproof duffle bags? Any recommendations on LED head torches? Thanks again and keep the thoughts coming.
  18. Suspect I'm probably off the recruitment list now...
  19. If Thuraya 3 satellite gets up and running by March as scheduled, perhaps this might be a good option: Wiki It sounds like a Thuraya phone could be a nice product being so small and light? Anyone used one of these in Europe? How about connectivity to a laptop? Just been doing some more research... sounds like using a Thuraya phone for email might be problematic if this page is anything to go by. http://www.thuraya.com/content/usb-data-cable.html Has anybody used one with a PC?
  20. I contacted Globalstar and they sounded a bit nervous. I wonder whether one of their satellites fell out of the orbit since you were there? They suggested I go with Iridium. Apparently Globalstar's coverage has recently been very patchy for areas outside the orange bits on this map. They strongly recommended against using their service for Solomon Is unfortunately. They went on to say that Iridium normally only get around 2-5 kbps for data, so perhaps Mike V can provide advice on how useful that sort of speed is for emails. Not sounding too promising at this stage... Any thoughts?
  21. Thanks Bryce - much appreciated. I'll try to keep everyone posted here.
  22. Thanks everyone for your quick replies! @Steve - thanks for your suggestion 'testing' - I'll follow it up. And the idea of the book. Sounds like a great and I love the idea of keeping it small. At this stage leave date is late April. @TheRealDrew - great suggestions re medical stuff. We are planning to visit the local travel docs soon and will see if they can help us source some of your suggestions - all excellent ideas. Thanks also for the solar link - following it up. @Drew - as always - full of very helpful info - followed by a good dose of ribbing ;-) I'll miss you mate. Will follow up the Globalstar stuff, hopefully those Mac compatibility issues are sorted and we'll take your advice and keep the phone off most of the time. Re field panels - you are absolutely right about the power hungry laptop/phones. As I understand it, there may already be some panels on the island, but I'm haven't yet been able to find out their capacity. I was mainly thinking about supplementing them and having portability. Will report back when more info on local equipment becomes available. Sounds like 24W is the minimum if local panels are already fully utilised.
  23. Hi Erwin - just to add to Matt's (oneyellowtang) comprehensive information above, we just returned from Namenalala on our honeymoon in Fiji and ended up leaving the island earlier than planned. The other islands we visited (Navutu Stars and Taveuni) were superb and we loved them. The diving at Namenalala certainly had huge potential and the Nai'a was diving the same sites we were diving from the island. Unfortunately Cyclone Gene ripped through Fiji while we were there and the water was really murky. However, the soft corals and marine life were superb. We saw turtles and sharks and had some great experiences, but the particulate matter in the water and the currents, which were topsy turvy as a result of the storm, made photography a challenge. Another point worth mentioning is that for honeymooner's, Namenalala probably isn't the most private experience you can have. The bures are certainly well separated from one another (by several hundred metres), but for meals, there are immutable scheduled meal times and the owners eat with you on the same table . Now I enjoy a chatting to people and resort owners as much as anyone, but on your honeymoon, sometimes it is nice to have a little quiet romance. We ended up requesting some romantic dinners alone and I think they thought we were wierd, but at least they obliged. We still had breakfast and lunch with the owners each day, but I would probably have preferred not to watch as bits of food escaped from their mouths while they talked with their mouths full...but maybe I'm a bit sensitive... On a lighter note - we found Navutu Stars in the Yasawa's to be a fantastic place. The italian owners ran a resort with superb service, beautiful rooms and a friendly relaxed atmosphere. Meal times were flexible, there was no obligation to eat with the owners and they treated their staff with respect. The diving probably isn't up to Namenalala standards, but there are other considerations... We also loved Taveuni Island Resort - not as rustic as Matangi, but amazing bures consisting of several rooms and beautiful views. I'm sure Vatulele would be wonderful too if you can afford it. Good luck with your decision. Feel free to PM if you need more info.
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