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  1. Huge CONGRATULATIONS Alex on your Antibes accolade! It looks like a superb book and I'm very pleased to see that we'll be able to get it downunder soon too (Dec).
  2. Hehe You'd know mate!! Kidding also of course! Thanks for the suggestion of Bali. We actually stayed at that very place last year! Kinda looking for somewhere different for the honeymoon if we can. Not sure about the diving weather in Bali in January. Also really like the idea of over-water accommodation. Should also mention some other things I thought of on the train to work: vegetarian food options are important we really like warm water
  3. Hey folks, Michaela and I are getting married this coming January and we are thinking about our honeymoon. We are both divers and Michaela is a talented underwater videographer. We are thinking about a 3 week trip at this stage. I'm looking for suggestions that combine the following: decent diving conditions in January/February (either cool critters or great viz - both would be a bonus) beautiful topside accommodation (we both fell in love with the Kapalai over-water bungalows. They were the most beautiful place we have ever stayed - mainly because they were over the beautiful ocean) private secluded balcony for romantic afternoons not crazy expensive - we'd like to buy a house one day and some of the prices we've seen for Tahiti and Maldives would blow our deposit in a few nights perhaps other activities available in addition to diving? So far we have come up with the following options: Maldives - looks superb - we have always wanted to go, but prices seem out of this world to us. Sounds like mantas would be around in Jan/Feb. Rangiroa or Fakarva? in Tahiti - prices look similar to above and mixed reports on value for money have us worried. Hammerheads might be around in Jan/Feb? Fiji - whalesharks? No idea where in the country to go. Also sounds kinda rainy and a bit like a cyclone in Feb? Micronesia - Yap/Palau - Mantas and possibly other very cool stuff? Looking for beautiful accommodation - not sure of options. Bonus would be we get to visit Mike V. Galapagos, Seychelles, Cayman, Domenican Republic, Sudan, Mexico - all for really cool stuff and maybe whales. All SUPER expensive to get to from Australia. Perhaps we have been spoiled by accommodation at Kapalai, Ubud and Sanur. Is it too unrealistic to hope for something like these options anywhere else. I'll be extraordinarily grateful if someone can help us out with this. We're really at a loss.
  4. Hey congrats Wags!! I turned it on fully expecting to see you and Kelly playing around with the sharks, but they only had that reporter bloke. I'm pretty sure I could tell which was your footage nice and steady.
  5. All fantastic James, but I have to say that I like the final one best.
  6. That's a great pic Drew! Can I borrow it?
  7. Hi Mods, This is an interesting thread with heaps of good pointers about networking and RAID - any chance of splitting it into a new topic?
  8. Crikey! Luckily it won't be too far for me to go to one of my favourite local dives then! Ozone - here we come! Thanks Drew - how ya been anyway? Recovered from the Run?
  9. Sorry Eric - I didn't mean to let the cat out of the bag. I just thought I must have missed something. And Dean, good luck getting back in!
  10. There I was taking a quick peak at some of the spectacular Kodiak bear shots Eric had on his flickr stream and then I came across this... http://flickr.com/photos/echeng/1220644436/ Have I missed something in the forums - what is this about a Wetpixel Quarterly?
  11. Congrats Dean - great to see someone has recognised the talent!
  12. Excellent news! Your combined knowledge will add even more value to the discussions on wetpixel. Congratulations to you both.
  13. Huge Congratulations Leander - they all rock! Must have been a challenge to avoid backscatter on that whip coral shot and your macros are superb as usual.
  14. You lucky bugger Drew! An honorary boffin! Keep us posted won't you?
  15. Some of the most interesting wreck photos I've seen in quite a while Johnny. The first image in the first portfolio with the diver holding a light and the green light shining through the cracks of the wreck is absolutely superb!
  16. Welcome Dongah and ATJ - good to have a few more Aussies kickin around the place.
  17. Me too. Email seems to be a pretty reliable way to contact them.
  18. Good luck Drew - may the weather and viz be on your side mate!
  19. Great news Shawn! And I agree with wags - I reckon Labor might actually make it this time around.
  20. Congrats Dean! Great to see you getting into the big time - well deserved.
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