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  1. Fantastic James - looks like you had a brilliant time! Great to have you back.
  2. I got my mum the Fujifilm F30 and she loves it. Very low shutter lag and the high ISO capacity that is actually usable, means she gets decent looking shots in environments where none of her friends can. I think there is an F40 now (slightly higher MP?) and also an F31d (facial recognition?). You might want to check those out too.
  3. Looks GREAT Leander!!! Huge congratulations. It looks like a fantastic exhibition and it a real validation of your work to get orders like that. Well done
  4. Amd in related news, the Nisshin Maru caught fire yesterday. It sounds like one of the crew members might have died which is sad, but hopefully it might hamper their abilities to continue whaling this year. The fire was on the factory ship.
  5. Looks good to me mate. Have you considered the 10.5 or 15/16 instead of the zoom? Up to you, but I have the zoom and tend to only really use it topside.
  6. Yeah, 3/2 mm full length was toasty for me. Sometimes too hot, but then on the boat in a storm one day, I was glad for the extra wind protection. 7 mm would be overkill.
  7. Great stuff Alex. Happy Birthday to you. It would seem that you are a couple of months older than me. My fav is the first pic of the arrow blenny - lovely!
  8. The historical practices of Shell, particularly those in Nigeria, have been nothing other than reprehensible and I certainly don't wish to defend those, but I was doing some research the other day and came across this site: Global100.org. Now I'm still deciding what level of credence to accord to this assessment, but the methodology is interesting nonetheless. According to the 'Global100' folks, Shell have made it into the a group of the 100 'most sustainable' companies in the world. Now granted the assessment is skewed a little more towards economic factors than I would prefer...But frankly, given that environmental/social factors are included in the assessment, I'm astonished that Shell got a guernsey at all. Interestingly Shell edged out BP in this year's assessment which had previously been an industry sector leader in sustainable practices (yeah, I was as surprised as anyone when an oil company even contemplated such things). Then again, Friends of the Earth make an assessment of both companies for their greenwash and conclude that investment in renewables is still little more than window dressing. The FOE suggestion I think is a good one. Submit images that highlight the damage done to wildlife by oil and gas companies, including Shell in the 'World in Our Hands' section. Unfortunately, the drive for increased profits for shareholders encourages Shell to emit more CO2 than many countries and although both BP and Shell are recognising public concern and investing a little in renewables and WPOTY image enhancers, it makes me think of my own impacts. How many of us offset our greenhouse emissions for the international flights that take us to the amazing destinations where we get our images. Forget the digital/film environmental impact debate - this one is an order of magnitude more significant. Now, I can't necessarily endorse these companies - do your own research. But initiatives like Carbon Clear in the UK, Native Energy in the US and GreenFleet in Australia might be a good way for us to practice what we preach... So as Darren says, it is quite complex, but I reckon - enter images that highlight poor practices (as well as beautiful ones to remind us what we are saving) and then perhaps think about ways of minimising our own impacts. [/rant]
  9. Espen - well done again on spotting the fan. It is satisfying to know that diving on Sipadan is not resulting in damage to these beautiful creatures. David Barrio - thanks for your comments. I always wait eagerly for your next showing. I love your stuff. Thanks Kory! Lens is 10.5, but it might have been easier with a 15/16 if I had one... Great to see you are heading off there again Alex. Can't wait to see your photos. Where are you staying this time? I remember last time you were on a bit of a whilrwind tour. I must confess, I didn't find the lionfish on my own. I hadn't realised it was so rare though - too cool! It was actually spotted by my own sensational observer and girlfriend Michaela. I was busy shooting something boring like a grain of sand or something and she came and grabbed me and dragged me over to see it. It was moving quite fast and I only got off one shot. I didn't think it was very friendly to chase after him for more...Beautiful fish though.
  10. Highly likely Espen It's probably one of the most shot fans around eh? Thanks for looking! For some reason, my nemo above appears to have disappeared. Here it is again: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/156/3349884...ee698.jpg[/img]
  11. G'day Sven, Thanks for your kind comments on the pics. They did impose limits on boat dives of 45 mins, but it was variably enforced by the different guides. Some were very strict, whereas others were still down there with you after 60 mins. That said, in most cases, we didn't find it a problem. A lot of the time our computers were telling us that we should surface soon anyway. Would I have sometimes liked another five mins here and there? Probably, but I certainly wouldn't let that stop me from going there. It is a magical place out there on the sandbar and under the water. We came overland to Semporna from Sandakan the day before, so we just wandered down from the hotel in Semporna to the dock and hopped on the boat out to Kapalai. I remember that the Air Asia flight doesn't get you there in time (you have to overnight in Semporna), but I think you can make it with one of the early Malaysia airlines flights. There was a fantastic market on in Semporna the night we arrived and I enjoyed staying there, but next time we might try to do it all in one hit. Typical day involved two boat dives on Sipadan and then back for breakfast/lunch (depending on how early you started). I normally took this opportunity to change cards and charge batteries (both mine and the camera/strobes ) We didn't do the 530 dive very often because it seemed to be too dark for video for Michaela and I found it dark for stills. It may vary depending on the time of year though. After lunch there was a boat dive on either Mabul or Kapalai. Lots of great critters to be found and I enjoyed these dives too. I normally did another dive in the evening just off the shore of Kapalai. You can get a guide if you ask very nicely. It is good to give a tip if you do this because the guides would much rather be resting. The Mandarin's are worth the wait if you haven't seen them before (I hadn't). Other than that, I'd highly recommend the place. Then again, as I mentioned, this was our first big diving trip O/S, so maybe I'm easily pleased It is a pretty amazing spot though. Hope this helps.
  12. Superb as usual Jenny! You have really mastered those wide angle shots. The lighting is very nicely distributed and the compositions are great. I always look forward to your new sets.
  13. Glad to hear you're going ok mate. Have fun on safari - sounds awesome!
  14. Thom Hogan has some good recommendations on his site. I haven't used the Think Tank gear, but Thom's assessments are very considered and normally reflect my experiences if I have used the gear.
  15. No worries Chris - I've got two now mate. Probably can't justify a third
  16. Chris is a reliable seller. I have purchased gear from him before.
  17. I'll chime in and add myself to the list of Darren's fans, but I'd also like to endorse his sentiments about Justin. Pretty cool thing you did Justin and the world would be a whole lot nicer place if everyone shared your mentality. Hopefully we can make our own little Utopia here.
  18. Looks great Justin - really enjoyed them! Excellent work on the exposure and lighting.
  19. Thanks Shawn - your video helped pique his interest in the first place. I'm looking at organising some press coverage of the Shark Fin resturaunts in Melbourne. Does anyone have some good references to support these assertions: Shark fin soup contains mercury. Sharks concentrate mercury in their fins. Singapore and HK residents have high levels of mercury. Shark fins are derived from illegal/unsustainable sources. Any assistance would be gretefully appreciated. Thanks.
  20. Chris just sent me a copy of the email he sent to Amazon - let's see how they respond:
  21. Hi guys, This is the response from the ACF compaigner: I responded with this: I could really use some help with this question: Can we assume that the products are made from illegaly harvested fins. Now I think we can assume, but I'd really like to have some evidence to support this assertion. Anybody got some data?
  22. Well - a few hours on and the Australian Conservation Foundation are making the right noises and will hopefully do a press release tomorrow. Fingers crossed that it gets picked up locally and makes a few more people aware of the issue. The Humane Society International told me they'd pass it on to their US Counterparts - so maybe someone over there could encourage them to generate some media. Anyone in Washington? The Humane Society of the United States 2100 L St., NW Washington, DC 20037 202-452-1100 HSI Australia see it more as a US issue, although I tried to get them to see the local angle - plenty of Aussies buy from amazon.com - oh well. I'm still working on the AMCS... Anyone have other ideas?
  23. Hey folks, I telephoned and spoke to the local marine campaigners from the Australian Conservation Foundation, the Australian Marine Conservation Society and the Humane Society International. All groups have pretty good media traction down here. I sent through a follow-up email asking them to consider a media release on this issue. Here is a copy of the email. The media are much more likely to pick up this issue if they already have background and a comment from a local conservation organisation - to give it a local angle. They may try to get comment from Amazon, but even the details on the wetpixel page demonstrates the apathy they are likely to encounter. I'll keep you posted on what happens... Keep up the good fight guys - well done on the success so far. If we can get this up in the media, we'll reach beyond the wetpixel community (which has already had some great successes) and have more ammunition against amazon. Let's get em.
  24. Extremely cool Claude - WELL worth the effort!
  25. Very sad news. His loss is clearly felt by many people around the world. Condolences to the younger Brigham's - we are thinking of you.
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