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  1. Fascinating story Fredrik and amazing work on the pictures. It must have been a real challenge nailing compositions like those while fighting the chill and the splashes! Well done! I really enjoyed looking through the images and the message of the article has real merit. Congratulations on a job well done.
  2. There are so many incredible images here. What an amazing community we have, it is such a privelige to be a part of it. Thanks for sharing all your photos, I've really enjoyed looking through them. I'm reluctant to single any images out as favourites so far, but I can't resist mentioning these superb shots which really took my breath away: Luiz's opening jelly (with those beautiful sunbeams); Wil Chen's mantas; Jenny Huang's beautiful and personality-filled boxfish; Bruce Yates' moody shark; Supermodel's humpback; Ralphy's dolphin and wreck; and Arnon's haunting crinoid and diver - wow! Mike - I would have thought your arm would be extremely muscular as a result of your imbibing excercises! I love your little mohawk man and it was clearly worth holding the camera vertical for all that time! And before I link to every other post in this thread, I'd like to thank Andre for sharing his leopard work - simply incredible mate! Finally, I refuse to link to Dave Burroughs's orcas because... well because I'm just too jealous! OK, now for my favourite. Bit hard to decide... and even though this is a nemo, it brings back memories of a great trip - our first diving holiday where I had a camera I could actually take underwater with me! This underwater game requires a whole lot more gear than my normal topside stuff, but boy is it fun!! 10.5 mm with Magic Filter
  3. Can we borrow the Phenom? Seriously Wagsy - what do we need to do?
  4. I wish I could see it Larry - doesn't work on a mac tho.
  5. Cool Jon - didn't know that shortcut! I love shortcuts
  6. Hi Wags, Huge CONGRATULATIONS to you both. Michaela and I wish you all the best. We do, however, echo Dean's suggestion - go give Kelly some attention!
  7. As I understand it Arnon - the specs only apply on land. Once you get in the water the guide number and the angle (if not behind a dome) are significantly reduced.
  8. Damn it! I hate it when I don't know about these hip new things. Thanks Eric.
  9. Ahhh Thankyou very much. I think I have a way to go to approach your underwater skills.
  10. Sorry Joe - don't have a dog at the moment - although we would love one. Excellent work you are doing there - much kudos! Hopefully others can be more helpful.
  11. Do any of the housings provide for MWB with the HV10 Drew?
  12. Cor said it well. A sad loss - he will be missed.
  13. Hi Matt, To my knowledge he never really elaborated on this statement in the thread below: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=14992 If you manage to figure out some more ideas on the matter - it would be awesome if you could share them.
  14. I've long been an secret admirer of your work on flickr Jenny Very pleased to see you over here too. Fantastic set from Lembeh and really looking forward to seeing more of your stuff soon. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Anyone heard any updates on this? Sounds like a pretty cool idea - particularly for over-unders. http://wetpixel.com/i.php/full/backscatter...-filter-system/
  16. Yeah I'm with Arnon - both are superb. Really great lighting too Larry. Looks like an awesome location.
  17. I use the cooler bag too for the same reasons as Paul.
  18. Mike, I'm short, bald and poor too. James has hairy arms, but I've noticed a paucity of hairy arm shots lately. And Drew's hair is too long.
  19. Hi Pedda - very sorry to hear about your flood. I sincerely hope the insurance comes to the rescue. I had a minor drip in mine on an early dive with the 10.5 and 8" dome. I think it is because I hadn't screwed the port extension all the way into the dome. Have had over 20 dives since with no incident since I took to screwing the extension in til it stopped.
  20. Because you wanted to give us a comprehensive report on all the lovely new video toys that have just come out mate. And anyway - Kosta was there to get some lovely pictures. Geez, viz does like nice though - doesn't it?
  21. Good news Drew - look forward to the announcement.
  22. Huge Congratulations to you and Kelly mate! Best wishes for the day and I look forward to seeing the photos.
  23. Very nice work Arnon - well worth a visit and I'll be back for some more later. Love the photos and the design works for me too.
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