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  1. All else being equal, the current answer would be yes. Of course you could always generate the same advantages by using boot camp or paralells to run a Windows version of CS2 on the mac, but I probably wouldn't bother. Another alternative might be to wait for the UB of CS2 to arrive early next year. It might coincide with Apple dropping the new 800 ghz FSB chips into the MBPs which would give you a double whammy. Yet another option would be to try a faster UB RAW converter like Bibble which is the only thing that makes my G4 seem quick at the moment. I'm holding off until next year for the hardware upgrade. Software is cheap.
  2. Of course Nikon is better than Canon Mike - geez - whatever had you questioning that. Seriously though, nothing intelligent to contribute from me. Look forward to answers.
  3. You looking to be the first Red Downunder Wagsy? I too was wondering about recording time. I imagine it wouldn't be very long...
  4. Would love it if they did Darren, but my guess is that compared to the market for topside gadgets, this would still be a very niche product for Nikon. Not that they don't do niche (FM3a), but underwater just seems to be below their radar at the moment... Fingers crossed though.
  5. Congratulations Gary - you must be very pleased. Some great pics in there!
  6. I'll say you have to be happy mate! You can do all the showing off you want with friends in such high places. Very very nice work. I'll second Wagsy's nomination of inviting her to join Wetpixel.
  7. Hi Stephen, I notice it too. I find it a problem when using the automate > web photo gallery which seems to really drop the saturation out of pics. I couldn't figure it out either having already converted to sRGB like you. So you aren't alone, but I don't have a solution either.
  8. Hi Larry. I think it is Nikon being cagey. If you have an Ike housing (which I know you don't) you can get a version of TTL which works pretty effectively in my experience. Also, Ikelite was talking about building the conversion circuitary into the sync cord which would make a nice solution for non-Ikelite housings... I wonder what the progress has been on that front?
  9. WOW - even the stills are incredible!! Can't wait to see what you do with it Mark. Very exciting.
  10. Very interesting Eric - thanks for sharing.
  11. Definitely email Ike as suggested by Bob. This statement is ambiguous and suggests that you might be able to use the housing's manual strobe output control buttons/dial to drive the strobes. This would be extremely cool, but may just be wishful thinking on my part. It can proove very handy and is certainly something I love about my dual DS125 and Ikelite housing combo. Only one dial adjustment on the housing is required to control both strobes - sweeeet.
  12. oooops....Sorry Mike. Fixed now....
  13. I really love that second one Paul. That shot is gorgenous. One of the best wreck shots I've seen for ages.
  14. Good to know Darren - they sometimes have very cheap flights to Tassie... Only GF has a drysuit - so I'll just have to freeze. Did enjoy my last dive at Bicheno, but that was almost 10 years ago now... Geez - getting old...
  15. Hi Toby, Welcome to WP. Great to have another marine biologiist around the traps. You aren't a luddite mate. I was in an almost identical position to you around 18 months ago and might be able to offer some advice. You are already thinking along the right track... The good news is, you'll still be able to use your 100a's, sync cords and wide ports on whatever ikelite digital housing you decide to choose. You won't get TTL flash anymore, but with digital, that isn't really a huge issue as you guessed. In fact you'll find most shooters actually prefer the repeatability and reliability of manual flash, particularly for wide angle shooting. This thread TTL Anonymous provides more insight. Only thing you might find is it is handy to get some diffusers so you have more strobe output choices. The other good news is that your 90 macro (provided it is AF) should work ok on a D70. If it was a Nikon 105 AF I could guarantee it would work on the D70, but there have been a few quirks with Sigma's and the newer digitals, so best to run down to a store and try it out. To be fair though, I have an older Sigma 70-200 HSM which works fine on my D70. If you find it doesn't work, look out for a used 60 mm - they can be had for good prices and are equiv in focal length to what you are used to. They make a great topside lens for portraits too. Unfortunately, you are spot on regarding the loss of wide angle with whichever system you elect to move towards. Both systems result in a 'crop factor' of either 1.5 (Nikon) or 1.6 (Canon). So your lovely 20 is now a less useful 30 mm lens. The Sigma 15 is very well regarded as an underwater lens, both because its fisheye design tends improve corners behind a dome, and because it focuses very close (which is handy when focusing on the 'virtual image' projected by the dome underwater). In short, it is a great choice and will actually provide a similar (slightly wider view) than your 20. The one significant advantage that Nikon has in the price range you are considering is the superb 10.5 fisheye which, in addition to the points discussed, is significantly wider still - 180 degrees in fact. To get equivalent width in other systems, you have to buy a 'full frame' body (5D or 1D series) and fisheye, or someone might get the Tokina 10-17 fisheye to work underwater - which would be another alternative. As you have probably discovered, primes are generally sharper underwater and this influenced personal my choices. So as you predicted, my recommendations would simply be to endorse your d70 or 350d in an Ike housing. You may be fortunate and find one in the classifieds here. There have been some appearing as other folks jump on the D200/D80/400D bandwagon... If you actually win the lotto (I seem to keep getting emails saying I have) you might consider looking at the D80 as well. It has slighly better AF and more megapixels than the D70. To be honest though, it is great time to be looking for D70s with everyone else upgrading. Plenty of great shots have been made with D70. Mike Veitch's cover on Australisian Scuba Diver of a mantis shrimp is a classic. Good luck and I look forward to hearing how you go and seeing some of your shots.
  16. My comments apply equally to your space too Wags! Can't wait to hear the updates from you both about your successes!
  17. Great shots Damien - and well worth having a look at the gallery too. I'm very fond of your batfish and this shot is a pearler! Hope you don't mind me embedding it... Is that a volcano getting busy in the background of one of your surface images?
  18. Hi Lee, I'm sorry to hear that you had a minor leak, but pleased to hear that it is all sorted out now. I haven't heard of this specific problem occuring before, but there is always a first. Even one drop of seawater is highly corrosive and it doesn't surprise me in the least that this was the source of damage. I have seen instances where corrosion has occurred on sync cord contact just from salt spray which was less than the drops you mentioned. Salt water is very potentent stuff.
  19. Congratulations Darren! Looks like a great space and should help you corner the market. I'll certainly be dropping in if I'm ever up your way, I'd love to see your ANZANG whale shark pic 'in the flesh'
  20. I took Drew Wong's suggestion and tried out a pair of Vortex V6 on our recent trip to Malaysia. Having only used Mares Quatros before it was a revelation. There was a whole lot less resistance on the foot, but after a couple of dives I had the flutter kick down and I was moving faster than I ever did with the Quatros. Even chasing schools of barracoota in a current that had all 8 divers in the group going backwards (yes even those with Jets), I was able to keep up and nail a few shots...
  21. That is a superb montage Mark! Very impressive work. Sorry to hear about the practice - it sounds most unfriendly.
  22. Looks to me like we need quad core MBPs Drew! Sounds to me like results were mostly processor/core limited, although as you say RAM is a significant factor.
  23. Interesting idea Darren. It certainly is a trend I've noticed too. In fact, I'm off to get one of those 'blads right now!
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