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  1. Well done Milli! And Larry of course
  2. Just went and looked at his schedule and none of future trips work well for us... He sure sounds like a bloody legend tho. Will keep an eye out.
  3. Looks like a lovely tiny camera... But it won't be much use UW or topside with my kit. All but one (12-24) of my lenses are screw-drive, so no 10.5, 35, 50, 60, 85, 105, 80-200, 300... Geez - I've got waaay too many lenses!!
  4. Well deserved I have to say. Reading his trip report on Antarctica (see the news section of his site) is interesting. Would be particularly pertinent to anyone planning to visit themselves.
  5. Sorry Gary. Nothing is loading for me. Would love to see them though. Perhaps try uploading to flickr and then following Eric's instructions stickied at the top of this forum (Photo and Gallery Showcase). Unless it's just me that can't see them...
  6. OK boys play nice! Mike - that ROCKS! Such beautiful footage of that special pair. I was reluctant to open this at work, but I'm so glad I did. I just love it when the both 'fin' in unison - wow! Thanks for sharing.
  7. Wow is all I can say Larry. Each time I thought I'd seen the best shot in the gallery - up would pop yet another pearler! Awesome wide angle's - incredible colour. And really great macro too. Very impressive. Looks like you had quite a cooperative model in a lot of them too. Thanks very much for sharing. Made my day!
  8. Hey Drew - it would be really interesting to hear exactly how you set it up. I would imagine there are all sorts of clever little tweaks you know about that make the machine much rip for video/photos. Any chance you might share some tips with us?
  9. For shipwrecks in near Melbourne, Heritage Victoria has a great little site including descriptions, history, GPS and dive notes...
  10. Great work Matt! The pygmy shot is a pearler and the others all have excellent composition and colour.
  11. I had a good chuckle Herb - thanks
  12. Excellent work John and a funny story about the ornate pipes! I really enjoyed all the macros and the wide angles were great too. Fascinating ?anemone? thing (0981) - never seen anything like it! You did really well with the pygmys too! I saw one at Kapalai recently, but didn't get any good shots as I was reluctant to encourage the DM to bend the gorgonian and poke the poor bugger more than he already was for the other photogs...I'm sure yours were sitting pretty though and just required MUCH patience.
  13. I've had very good luck with Mahas - they have good charge cycles that seem to be battery friendly.
  14. I think your results are fantastic and I actually like the lighting you have acheived, pariticularly in 1-3. I'm also very fond of the second last one - great expression! I would like to add my voice to the endorsements you have been receiving and to the suggestion that you keep what you have until you can afford a DSLR. You are doing great stuff now and it would be a waste to get another compact.
  15. Doh! I knew that would happen. Temperatures sound the same to me Paul - plenty of folks go the semi dry option downunder in Melbourne too. But I've found them to be more accurately described as semi wet - and no warmer for me than a normal wettie. Perhaps I'm just wierd.
  16. Stop teasing Wags! Final Cut Pro Now howz that zooming work? Where's Drew when you need him? I must have done my dash in the dust up over melbourne in that other thread...
  17. Congrats Wags - you must be shooting just about every piece of UW footage in Aus at the moment! I heard about the awards on the radio the other day. Sounds like an interesting and very worthy project.
  18. Just discovered this thread Mike! Huge congratulations on the cover. It is incredible. Those eyes look like they extend out of the page! I'm gonna head off to the newsagent tomorrow and grab myself a hard copy. Very very nice. And Matt and Eric - congratulaions on your portfolios. Very much looking forward to seeing them them for real. They look sensational.
  19. Just discovered this thread - wow! Incredible shots Eric. You must be really pleased! And I think I second Dean - I wanna be you too.
  20. Very good Paul! You can adjudicate - provided you can present compelling evidence that you aren't in a certain someone's pocket. In all seriousness - both SA and Vic are great. But I did have to bite at the blanket 'forget' statement. I'm sure you'll have fun if you decide to drop round here.
  21. 7 mm in Antarctica?? You're more of a man than I thought Mikey!
  22. In Malaysia: Sipadan in a 2/3 mm long in October was perfect for me. Palau Perhentian was way too hot in the same suit in the same month. In Melbourne Australia: 7 mm top and bottom with 14 mm over the chest and a hoody. 5 mm is OK too. In the middle of winter, a dry suit might be nice, but only folks with no ticker need look there. Oh whoops.... Might've shot myself in the foot re the other thread I'm having a discussion in.... And here was I thinking this thread would have a photo of Alex sans wettie and hood! Hehe.
  23. Ahhh yeah - so there's a typo. At least I know how to spell coloUr mate! And if you're gonna get in a tizzy about this language thing, then let's get one thing straight... Ozzie is an ostrich or perhaps a bloke that puts birds in his mouth, depending on where you are from. An Aussie, on the other hand, is a bloke from downunder. So I can only assume you are talking about the ostrich and not me. As for coloUrs - all the ones I've seen looked exactly like Pawel's I will have to ask about Mike Parry though...now you've got me wondering. Double teaming - I've no idea what you are talking about?? Really truely. And as for footy - I think I might've been to a match once. Isn't that the one where the ball isn't quite spherical? And finally we agree: Paul - you've got to tell us where you are going. Don't let this wuss-bag Drew scare ya with his blackmailing. He's all talk.
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